Nikki's Bahamas Sailing Birthday

Pink Beaches and Bubbly, Nikki’s Harbour Island Birthday

I’ve had some fantastic birthdays over the years but, the idea of sitting on soft pink sands while looking out over turquoise waters sounded too good to pass up!

Harbour Island is posh to say the least and touted as the Bahamian playground for the rich and famous.   It’s certainly not a big island at only three and a quarter miles long and a half mile wide (at the widest point).  And, while we didn’t have any Hollywood encounters (their birthday party invitations must have gotten lost in the mail) we did spend a fair amount of time on the most famous beach in the Bahamas.

Not a bad way to celebrate living another year, right?!  As I think back on the last year or thirty-five of my life, it’s hard to believe it’s been mine.  I was always a big day dreamer growing up but I never once envisioned my life as it is today.

Many of my friends grew up to be exactly what they said they would be in third grade…nurses, farmers, lawyers, and teachers. I know, because I graduated high school with almost the same exact class.

I grew up in the tiny, land locked farming community of Hart, Texas. It felt even smaller growing up than it really was (population 1,121).  I was raised by my grandmother who drove us to the post office on the lawnmower and flooded the flower bed so I could pick out the worms for fun (she was awesome).  Traveling around the country, much less sailing around the world wasn’t something I ever dreamed I would do.   Yet, here I am celebrating my birthday in the out islands of the Bahamas as I live on a sailboat!

Life is a series of choices and mine…one by one, have lead me here.  There are many days I take a look around and think wow, how amazing my life is!  I plan on living to at least 100 which means I still have a lot of life left to live.  I may not have had big, wild, take on the world dreams when I was in third grade, but that’s only because I didn’t know how big the world was then.

Birthday Wishes

So, in the spirit of big dreams and celebrating life…my wish is to sail across an ocean before my next birthday.  And, if you are in the giving mood, I would love to hear what your big wish is!


If you are looking for the recipe for my big chewy chocolate chip oatmeal cookies, you’ll find it here:

Harbour Island

Harbour Island is the island and Dunmore Town is the town on the Island (it can get a little confusing).  Dunmore Town is one of the oldest settlements of the Bahamas and was named after lord Dunmore, who was governor from 1786 to 1797.

The town is bustling and it’s one of the busiest places we’ve been aside from Nassau. Tourists and locals alike zoom around on golf carts (main mode of transportation) from sun up to sun down.  Hustle and bustle aside, it’s certainly has its charms.

harbour island eluethera

harbour island bahamas

The eastern shore of the Island is where the famous two and a half mile stretch of pink sand beach lies.  The foraminifera are the microscopic organisms that have the pink shells that turn the otherwise white beaches pink (albeit a very pale pink, but pink none the less).

nikki's harbour island birthday

While the woman at the tourism office was incredibly nice, she didn’t seem to know much about the town. She knew to circle a few spots on the map but not always sure why she was sending us there.  One of those places was the Haunted House which looked as though it was once a beautiful building.  A google search later…it’s local lore that a young newlywed couple moved into the home after their wedding.  Shortly after had a terrible argument, both left the house upset and never returned. One day some kids said they had seen two figures in white floating about the house and that’s where the haunted part comes in.  Not very haunting.  But, we gladly took advantage of the party set up.

Nikki's Harbour Island Birthday

dancing like nobody's watching

The Lone Tree we later discovered is unique because it’s a large piece of driftwood that stuck in the sand during hurricane Andrew in 1992.  Talk about sticking the landing…perfect 10!  Again the tourism lady said “go anytime, it’s beautiful.” Apparently if you go at low tide you can walk out to the tree and capture some striking images of the tree rising out of the sand without water, images we’ve seen are almost desert like!

lone tree Bahamas

Sips & Bites

This is by far the most expensive pricing we’ve seen in the Bahamas. Eating out in this town on a budget is a serious challenge. Even seemingly simple shacks were pricey in comparison to other islands.  We felt like at least with the sushi, it seemed like somewhat typical sushi restaurant pricing.  The bubbly wasn’t horribly expensive either. The coffee shop pizza night was our saving grace for not blowing the budget and leaving a little left over for desert (which we spent on pastries and coffee the next morning).

picnic on the beach bahamas

cafe harbour island

Our Anchorage at Fort Point was excellent for being close to town but the water taxis do go back and forth between Dunmore Town, Eleuthera Island (for the airport) and Spanish Wells from sunrise to sunset.  Be prepared for a little wake action from the taxis and locals buzzing around on little boats much of the day.  We tied up our dinghy each time at the fisherman’s dock as advised by the fisherman themselves. They were always happy to share their space with us and said we wouldn’t want to contend with the traffic and taxis at the government dock.  We agreed!

sailing harbour island eleuthera

sailing harbour island eleuthera

And last, but certainly not least…Thank you for all the birthday wishes!  I was flooded with warm wishes on my birthday (January 27th) and on our last post as we were sailing to Eleuthera for my birthday.  I am one lucky girl to have so many friends around the world sending love all at one time.  Big love and thanks to all of you!

Gear Used In This Video

Cameras Used to Capture This Video:

Hello there! I honestly don’t know what to say, so I am going to tell you a bunch of random facts instead. I'm a fish eating vegetarian who hates spiders and loves snakes. I almost never took vacations growing up. I wanted to be Pippi Longstocking (still do). I misspell about every other word I write and still struggle with grammar. I love splurging on a good high tea (which is really hard to find these days). And whatever you do, don’t tell me I can’t do something, because then I'll HAVE to do it!

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  • Michael Zeller

    Hi there! Love you blog and the bday idea. We are heading down with a bday group in a few weeks too. Curious, where did you all rent or charter a boat from here? That catamaran looks excellent.


    • Curious Minion

      Hi Michael. It is their sailboat and they are in the midst of a circumnavigation. You could start with their sailboat shopping series on the blog:
      Curious Minion

  • You were a snappy dresser, even in third grade. Jason, you married the creme of the crop.
    My daughter was born on January 26th (although a few years later) so I’ll remember to send you a wish next time. Hope it finds you across some ocean by then.
    My big life’s wish is to follow in some of your land-based footsteps. My wife is retiring and I work out of my home programming, etc. So anywhere there is wi-fi and cell I can work. We’ll hit the road next year in our 5th wheel for weeks at a time exploring this great country we call home (oh, and Canada too.)
    BTW – I recommend a product called Grammarly ( for writing. I’m working on a rewrite of a novel, published several short stories and write documentation for work all-day-long. It is a great product. Windows and OS versions. Your writing is great but we can all use better tools. 🙂
    I see you like to read. If you want I’ll send you some of my short stories.

  • Christin Roth

    I have been to Harbour Island more than half a dozen times – the last time for my “28th bd Plus….” two years ago and decided to go to another island this year (just got back 8 days ago) instead of Briland. Loved the video but struck by the number of cars and hustle, bustle. Seems things have changed quite a bit in only the last 15 or so years. Thank you for capturing a lot of familiar places and yes, the food prices are sky high so I think tea and cookies on the boat was the better deal and experience. I have enjoyed the splurge of the island but now what more of the authenticity of the Bahamas experience.
    Safe travels and enjoy very very much your blog and videos!

  • James rhoades

    That’s videos. Darn spellcheck

  • James rhoades

    Hi guys. Who do you finance/ insurance through? I’ve just started boat shopping.
    I enjoy your voids.


  • Rajesh Shah

    loved your youtube chanel so much that I am planing to watch all your inland and off the shore episodes again can you guide me where i can find all the episodes in series so that I , don’t go out of order watching them

    Love you both,
    Bombay ,India.

    • Curious Minion

      They easiest way to watch in order is to go to the RV section of the blog. The most recent video will be the first one you see, so scroll back until you can’t load anymore videos and start there. Then move on to sailing and do the same thing.

  • Charlie Davis

    Happy Belated Birthday. I really enjoy y’alls videos. I also grew up in a small town in West Texas. A little bit bigger than Hart but Plainview is definitely a small farming community too. I have lived in South East Florida for over 40 years. I have recently retired and bought a Class C RV. My big wish now is to travel and see what lies over the next hill.

    Your grandmother should be commended on raising an amazing young lady like you. A young lady full of adventure and spunk who has found out there is a lot more in life than “watching the cotton grow” in West Texas.
    I will keep you and Jason in my prayers as y’all sail across that ocean.
    Thanks again for the videos and pictures. Happy Birthday!


  • ricardo castillo

    Happy belated birthday, spent my honeymoon on harbor island. Not that expensive back then, 1987. You mention the sand not that pink I agree. It depended on the sun light. But island and beach beautiful. Thanks for the videos

  • Happy Birthday Nikki
    We wish you all the best and fair winds.
    Have fun….Cheers

  • Happy Birthday Nikki!
    from When In Rome Family

  • Heather Scott

    Wishing you a Happy Belated Birthday! Really enjoyed the video, thanks for sharing your day with us!

  • John Watford

    Great video, again, guys! Happy Birthday, Nikki! Amazing what can change between third grade and 35–ish! Jason caught you doing some “long term” planning a few videos ago as you were reviewing the tradewinds and a bigger map. Can’t wait to see how you guys decide to plan you future travel! Also, what was that nifty little device in which you cooked your cookies? Looked like a panini bread maker?? Cheers and Happy Birthday!

  • Happy Birthday! Looks like it was a nice celebration!

  • TOM

    Happy Birthday, Nikki and wishing you many,many more, with Jason, and Cleo, and Sitka, at your side.

  • carl newton

    happy belated birthday.. one question what was the grill looking thing they heated the cookies up with.. looks like a nice gadget to have.. was it like a george forman type grill??

  • Donna J. 13

    There is no way that you are 35! girl….

  • Just love your attitude. Keep living your dream. You do a great job showing how people can – and should – live theirs. Doesn’t have to be on a sailboat, but having fun with a partner who inspires and motivates you – and who shares your passion – is definitely the way to go. Many (belated) happy returns youngster. Fair winds from Canada x

  • Jim

    Looks like a great way to celebrate a birthday. BTW, my daughter’s is January 29th and she attends Hart Elementary school in Lucas, TX (Lovejoy ISD just East of Plano) where she is a third grader now.

  • Sharon

    Awesome video guys! What a memorable Birthday!! We can’t wait to have a “house” on the water too!

  • JL

    Happy Birthday Nikki! My husband and I stayed on Eleuthera almost 20 years ago and spent a day on Harbour Island. We do remember the sand being a very pale (but definite) pink, not just pink-flecked. I even brought some sand home with me, but threw it out when we moved 10 years ago, else I’d mail it to you so you could compare : ) I laughed out loud at the video because every meal out in Eleuthera was $60 then (with few dining options), which was A LOT, especially for a young couple on a budget. (We ended up eating a ton of canned sardine sandwiches and each lost 5 lbs.) And we also got caught in the dark-dark-dark walking the mile back to our secluded cottage after dinner. Safe but creepy!! Enjoyed the shots of the haunted house. What a great backdrop for wedding photos. Wishing you fun, safe travels…

  • Nadine

    Loved this video – thanks for your trouble (an hour!) to make the star shot. NOW, to find out just what that is that you baked(?) the cookies on. I saw you make egg sandwiches on that – is it your only cooking device?

  • Deborah Kerr

    Now that was one dreamy birthday day!! Thank you for letting us all tag along & share it with you!! The stars…oh my gosh…the stars…. can you do an all-nighter time lapse???? I have never seen a night sky with so many stars!! As always, a well-prepared video and beautiful pictures!! Nikki, so back in 3rd grade, just what did you want to be when you grew up?? I’m just “curious”…. lol, no pun intended

  • Happy Birthday Nikki and thank you for sharing it with us. Question: what is that gizmo you used to bake your cookies in? It looks like it might be a good fit for our RV.

  • pegg

    Nikki !! we share the same b day !!! tho, sadly not the same year ☹️
    my husband n I so enjoy all things wynn’s !!! thank you !!!

  • About when do you think you might make it to Turks & Caicos??

  • Nancy Fernandez

    Bubbly, somewhat pink sand and beautiful scenery, thanks for sharing your Birthday Nikki!

  • Sharon

    I would like to know what the appliance was that you baked the cookies in?

  • Mary

    I know you were looking forward to the pink beaches, sorry they weren’t!

    I think grandma and I got a call from the coffee shop? ??

    • Sharon

      Btw, I think the beach WAS pink indeed! I’m an artist and former wallpaper colorist and as such, I think I know a little about color. The bottom line is, color is relative. Every color is affected by the colors around it. So, in the video… if you look at Nikki’s white tunic, you will notice the beach is quite pink relative to the white of her clothing. It IS a pink beach!! 🙂

  • Claudio Cesar Bertoldi

    Tons of love to you, just keep the things simple and be happy…

  • Kim

    I just celebrated my 50th and I got to see the Bahamas through your eyes-I love watching you define your own path while going where the wind blows you…thanks for sharing!

  • Kelly

    I made your cookies last week and they were great!
    I agree that sometimes what you make can be the best!
    How did you do the starry time lapse – the camera really lit up the sky – the clip was short but it was beautiful!

    • Curious Minion

      It looks like that one was done with the Sony SJ Cam, which automatically does a time-lapse mode by turning itself on & off at regular intervals. The other way to do a timelapse is to take a whole hours’ worth of video and speed it up in editing.

  • John Schretlen

    Great update on your travels. Thanks for sharing.

  • Kathy

    Happy Birthday, thanks for sharing!

  • Tim

    What a lovely Birthday Nikki and thank you for sharing your special day with all of us .

  • Sam

    And ‘Lucky Jason’ gets to tag along for the ride. Thanks back to you. So many of us feel we know and love you, your personal sharing is heart warming.

  • Steve edison

    Happy and healthy returns!!

  • Lisa Bee

    You weren’t alone! We all were celebrating right along with you!
    Simple, beautiful, happy, happy!

  • Jenna

    Sorry I missed your birthday, I seem to get some of your posting late…we are in Belize, and when they say Belize Time…believe me it does exist…
    HaPPy BiRThdAY !!! NiCKy !!,
    I think you guys are inspiring, and keep enjoying every minute…
    Never stop dreaming…it’s what has taken you both to where you are now…BRAVO…

  • Pat Parker

    Hi Nikki, Happy Birthday! Looks Fantastic! Thank-you for sharing your travels… All The Best! Pat and Rita March 26,2017

  • Jenny Mader

    Happy Birthday Nikki! You look 20! Keep doing what you are doing….BTW… do your color your hair? Mind sharing your secrets? It looks amazing!

  • Bobby BaldEagle

    This is the first time I’ve bounced over here from You Tube I started following you two back when you where doing the RV thing…
    Your birthday is the day after my wife’s birthday…LOL… I’m so happy you had a good birthday and stayed in budget… My birthday budget is always about ten dollars so it’s usually Taco Bell or Wendy’s but I’m never around where the rich folk hang… LOL,LOL
    It’s good to see you kids living a dream even on a tight budget…
    The end of July I’ll be sporting my 58th birthday and I’m hoping to be sporting it across the miles on my 2013 Can Am Spyder… Due to a physical health issue I missed doing it last year. So I’m planning on hitting the open road the first part of June and staying gone until Aug. Get home just in time for my wife to get her time off work and then we’ll be on the road together for two weeks… We’ll see if it all happens…LOL,LOL,LOL

  • George Attaway

    Bless your grandma for doing an outstanding job.Bless you for doing an outstanding job.Happy Birthday.

  • Mari

    That looks like a great way to spend the day!

  • Pam

    A late happy birthday. You all are so good with your budget! I love watching your videos so much. Thanks for sharing.

  • Gerri Lilly

    Looks like a wonderful and memorable birthday. Happy belated birthday, Nikki! You guys are great!

  • Jerry Coleman

    Happy belated birthday Nikki. You could have fooled me, I thought you were 28! Hope you get to make that ocean crossing.

  • Tara Rutherford

    Hi! I am really enjoying your travels through the Bahama islands. We recently traveled to Exuma and fell in love with the beauty and the people! I wanted to comment that some of the out islands of Exuma have the same pink hued sand. According on the time of day and the amount of moisture in it, it does seem to be more pinky than at other times. Also, I’m curious after seeing the school in your video if all schools in the Bahamas are built exactly the same?? The school in Georgetown Exuma looked exactly the same!
    Keep enjoying your travels and when we’re in Exuma again, maybe we can make a day of it!
    Safe travels!

  • Yay..
    The best ending ever. Thank you for making it longer. I watch it sometimes and I just want more. Happy Birthday Niki!
    The cookies look great! Really nice video. So relaxing. I’m off to go face paint a bunch of crazy kids! This is just what I needed. Peace out guys! Trish

  • Thanks for sharing your birthday with us Nikki! 🙂

  • Sam

    I know your birthday’s over but we just wanted to wish you a happy birthday

  • Jayme costs

    Congratulations nikky
    Happy birthday
    Good wind

  • Andrew

    Lots of Aquarians and Pisceans in the vlogging cruiser community … I wonder why. Happy belated birthday and thanks for sharing these beautifully romantic moments. You guys are the best.


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