sailors playing in panama

Taken Out by a Wave – Playing in Panama

There are thousands of inspirational travel quotes floating about the world.  We find them on postcards, tee shirts, decorative pillows, pinterest boards and just about anywhere we can squeeze in the reminder that the world is meant to be explored.

I think, whether we want to admit it or not, we all have a case of FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out).  I know I do.  I don’t want to miss out on any aspects of life and I am always pushing to go go go so we can see it all.

Funny thing is, some experiences in life require slowing down to partake in them.  After all, the world is spinning so incredibly fast and yet we have gravity to keep us grounded.

The present is enormous. It’s all there is because it was once the future and will soon be the past.  It’s part of why we love this crazy traveling lifestyle, it’s all about experiences and being in the moment.  Of course, for us it’s also about sharing those moments with you.

Which brings me to the fun filled days we captured on Isla Basitmentos.  Life is all about experiences and we feel like this video is a good representation of what this traveling lifestyle is all about for us. It’s a little adventure and a whole lot of slowing down to soak up this beautiful jungle filled island.  When I first started dreaming of the cruising and sailing lifestyle, these are the moments I envisioned.

This really is what it’s all about for us.  Simple pleasures, discovering something new and making memories.

We’re always hoping that our memorable moments will inspire you to create more of your own.  To live a life so full, you’ll have the tallest tales to tell.

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red frog beach drone shot

Red Frog Beach Panama

Best Beaches In Bocas

Isla Bastimentos is home to the best beaches in Bocas Del Toro.  Red Frog is the most popular and has a fun laid back social atmosphere with a couple of bars/restaurants.  It’s where we spent a majority of our time body surfing and swimming. But, turtle Beach is just a short walk away from Red Frog if you prefer a more secluded and romantic environment.

sloth at Red Frog

sloth scratching his crotch


Walking around the island we were pretty good at spotting sloths up in the trees, but this guy was the closest encounter we’ve had.   Seeing him eye to eye two days in row was spectacular!  I think we have an hours worth of footage of this little guy working his way up the tree (We could have made an entire video of it, but I’m sure we’d be the only ones to watch it!). I never thought I would be such a sloth enthusiast but they are such happy, funny creatures.  They have a distinct grin that gives the illusion they are smiling at you, so it is hard not to smile back.  Especially when they are seemingly looking straight at you, with that grin, scratching their crotch.

adventures in panama


For those of you who might end up at Isla Bastimentos too…here is the scoop on zip-lining.  It’s called Bastimentos Sky Zip-line Canopy Tour.  It’s booked through Red Frog Resort, it’s 7 zip-lines, one wonky swaying sky bridge and with the five of us it was a hair under 2 hours total.  It’s $55 a person which is about average compared to the other tours we’ve taken.  We all had a great time but I think if we would have spoken more fluent Spanish the experience would have been better. Since we didn’t speak fluent Spanish it made communications very limited (ie. no information about the zip-line or the jungle).

adventures in panama

sailing panama

lust for travel and adventure quote

Sunsets and Starry Nights

It’s the rainy season here in this region of Panama.  The clouds roll in almost daily and can sometimes stick around for a few days.  But, when the clouds clear it is glorious.  The sunsets are stunning and the night skies look like something out of a sci-fi movie.  Watch out NASA, I might need to borrow a rocket ship for my next adventure!

Sailing Report

To see our full map with interactive pins, click here:

Sailing and diving panama

  • Dates Stayed: August 15 – 22, 2017
  • Nautical Miles Sailed: 0
  • Anchorage:  Red Frog Marina. It’s a very nice marina (the nicest we’ve ever tied up to…thanks s/v Waterbug) and no need to worry about draft or the size of slips, they can accommodate anything. There is a free Panga that runs to and from Bocas for provisions or just hanging out in Bocas Town.  Make sure to check the waypoints on Active Captain or Red Fogs website before coming in.  There is some shoaling and a reef that isn’t marked on our Garmin, iNavix or any other charts we checked.  There is tons of room around them, it’s just good to know where they are.
  • Cell & WiFi: We had good +movil cell phone service here and the marina wifi works well (which is a big deal for us).

red frog marina

Gear Used In This Video

Cameras Used to Capture This Video


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  • Deborah Kerr

    That sloth – so cute!! I never did a Zip-line – you all made it look so easy, I need to try it!! Your drone footage is amazing! I was thinking you should have a weekly show, like on the Travel Channel, but then you’d probably have too many bossy people interfering about what’s right/wrong to show on TV and all of their opinions, they would ruin it for you. You do such an amazing job of presentation and expressing your happiness 🙂 My feelings align with how you talked at the end of the video about sedentarylifaphobia (sp?), it’s the simple pleasures of finding something new, somewhere new, using all of our senses!! Just grab it and suck it in, like filling your mind with information overload!! I LOVE your milky way galaxy photo with your mantra on it…. Kudos to you – a lot of people talk about living how they want to, but you made it happen!! Keep smiling 🙂

  • Barry D Echols.

    I loved your latest video, very well done. Sorry to be a bit tardy in offering my kudos.

    I also enjoy your more extensive descriptions on this website and read all of them. Hence, a question: In the description of the zip line adventure you described the excursion taking two hours for the five of you. There are four of you and two guides which could mean either 4 or 6, the number 5 is puzzling me.

    I am a bit of a history buff and you might enjoy researching Panama’s role in the early days of sailing and piracy during the time of the Spanish treasure fleets. In those days Spanish treasure had to be carried by mule train across the isthmus to meet another Spanish ship on the other side using ports like Nombre de Dios and later Portobelo. A colorful but brutal period of history.

  • Suzanne

    Oh sheesh, you really are trying to get me to quit my J.O.B. aren’t you.

  • Don

    Do you really believe the world spinning creates gravity?

  • Thanks for sharing guys!! It’s always fun!

  • Pam

    I just love video day. This one was very philosophical and lovely. Plus I really enjoyed your DNA video. Nice to get to know more about you. I can’t believe I get to watch such adventures. Thank you

  • Marsha

    I love Sunday nights when I can relax & enjoy your videos.

  • Steven

    Thanks for sharing your lives. I’ve been enjoying your travels for years.

    One point of clarification, in your opening comments above you state “…the world is spinning so incredibly fast it creates gravity to keep us grounded…”. Well, not exactly true. Gravity is not something that is created. Gravity is a feature of mass. Where there is mass, there is gravity. Where there is more mass, there is more gravity. Your wine glass has mass. The earth has mass. The mass of the earth is, obviously, much greater than the mass of your wine glass. Hence, you are grounded to the earth (and not to your wine glass). While the spin of the earth does affect gravity, it does not create gravity (I won’t go further into that),.

    Oh, one more thing, your sloth pictures are really really cool.

  • Peggy

    Great video! We enjoyed every aspect of it.

  • Nancy Fernandez

    and…you’re rocking your way of life. Thanks for sharing.

  • Harold George Hofmann Jr

    Fortunately my drooling doesn’t get in the way of texting.
    Thanks gang for sharing your adventures. All in all as resourceful as are you guys, your life style would still happen. I couldn’t imagine doing half of what you’ve shared over the years; RVing, solar energy gathering and storage, Burning man and now Curiosity. You didn’t have to bring us all along, but you did.
    Seize the day, Live life, and keep going.
    Love, George

  • mary

    Love the drone shots. Pretty cool that it caught Nikki getting hit by the wave.

    Looks like you all are having a great time! Enjoy! We are all back home watching and making our own small adventures until we can come hang with you!

    Did you see any monkeys while you were screaming through the canopy? Looks like a great zip line adventure. Can’t believe you were all upside down. Maybe I’ll try that next time…

  • All I can say is FABULOUS!!!!!
    Love following your adventures ;))

  • Connie Woods

    Ahhhh! That was fun….I just have a quick question….bugs…many or not many? I don’t know why I need to know but y’all look comfortable in shorts and your not jumping around…I love your adventures and thank you for sharing ! Always Big love your way!
    I did get me some swag, can’t wait to show off with it and have people ask about you?

  • Anita M Feist

    Nothing says slow down like a sloth climbing a tree!

  • Cindy Tucci

    That might be one of my favorite videos of all time. I love your lust for life and the delightful way that you share the simple joys. I also love how happy you seem as a couple. You inspire me! Thank you for my Sunday smile!!


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