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Q&A – Working, Travel Plans & Wifi on a Sailboat

We get a lot of questions on our website, social media, YouTube, email, in person and so on.  Sadly, we don’t always have the time to answer them all (although we do read each one and wish we could).  This is where a good ol’ Q&A makes a lot of sense.  We created our first Q&A a couple of months ago and it seemed to go over well, so we thought we would give it a go again.

Then there’s our awesome crew members over on Patreon who we wanted to do a little something extra for.  So, we thought, why not start a regular Q&A session where our Patreon’s pose the questions but the answers are shared with everyone.

It’s super casual (meaning I ramble on) but hopefully it answers some questions you may have been pondering yourself.

And now you see why we normally edit our videos!  When I am passionate about something I could go on for hours…. or, maybe I’m just talkative in general. Yes, that’s probably more accurate.

Down below are all the questions we were asked along with a few notes and links as promised.


Working on the Road and Now on The Water

  • Susan:  I know when you were in the RV full time, you still did other jobs in various locations you visited. Do you plan to continue that, and if so, how will that look differently for you?
  • Mark:  In keeping with your nonconventional career paths, in what ways has your chosen path added to or detracted from your sense of personal fulfillment? In other words, where as many people work the 9 to 5 grind all their lives to buy a little happiness at the end, it seems that you are buying happiness now to afford a better life day after day. Would you agree?

I suppose the short answer to Marks question would have been: We don’t believe you must wait until retirement to enjoy life.  Create the lifestyle you want now and that includes work that is fulfilling.  Then, you are living for the day to day instead of grinding through waiting for someday.  Easier said than done I know, but possible all the same.

You can see our personal Make Money and Travel story here: 

Work That Travels

  • William & Rhonda:  Do you have any suggestions for websites that offer teleworking jobs? Beautiful front yard. Also, if you could keep us updated on any difficulties you have on your travels with Singa and Cleo as far as bringing them to various countries that would be greatly appreciated.

Make money & Travel – You can see all the Make Money and Travel stories here:

A few websites/companies we’ve learned about over the years (if anyone else knows of others, please do share in the comments below):

  • CoolWorks –
  • Xanterra –
  • Automatic –
  • Xcapers –


Travel Plans

  • Mike:  So, once you guys start sailing the world, is there one place you’ve been dreaming of going to the most?
  • Pam:  I have a lot of questions but most are grounded in “what’s this all like?” I’m thrilled you got out and if I recall you have to stay out of Florida for a while? Are you going to stay in the Bahamas for a while? Go more south for winter? Have you got lots of places tagged where you can tie up?
  • Joey:  How long do you plan/expect to stay in the Bahamas? Do you have any vague plans on which direction you will go from there? I know you’re not really “welcome” back in Florida for a while unless you want the tax man to come down on you.
  • Mark:  I’m just wondering if you have an itinerary that is solid beyond a couple of weeks or if you just sail by the seat of your pants.

Our Travel Map –

More on the tax situation and our boat:

The general travel plan…Bahamas and then further south down the Caribbean chain of islands, then who knows.  All with a possible return to Ft. Lauderdale for Spring 2017 for the last bit of sailboat service (standing rigging and running rigging).


Wifi on A Boat

  • Scott:  A friend of mine said he used a yagi USB antenna like the turbotenna and it afforded him the opportunity to be on hook and still grab wifi, do you have one of those?
  • Jon:  I love more info on WIFI on your Boat. Had a friend whom has a Batel ( Phone company in Bahamas ) he said he bought a Plan of Minutes and he was extremely impressed with his coverage throughout his travels in the Bahamas
  • Carmen:  How is managing the internet on the boat different then on the RV? Do you find it worse / better? If it’s worse, what changes would you do to your current internet set-up?

Our current wifi booster –
Our current cell/data booster –
What we use when offshore –  PredictWind Offshore App Through Iridium 
Our RV wifi set up – 

BTC is the local Bahamian cell carrier that we are using (purchased a sim card).  As of now, the pay-as-you-go data rate we’re using is $50 for 5Gigs.  When we run out, we simply purchase more data by sending BTC a text message.

We will go into more details on our complete connectivity solutions in an upcoming video.


Stay tuned for part 2 of this Q&A next week.  Thanks for watching and thank you to everyone who shops through our gear store, has bought a drink and/or simply offered up words of gratitude and encouragement.  Just like supporting you favorite local shop, we appreciate each one of you who stops by and keeps coming back!

Not sure what Patreon is or what all this support talk is about, check out our Thank You page for more info.


Hello there! I honestly don’t know what to say, so I am going to tell you a bunch of random facts instead. I'm a fish eating vegetarian who hates spiders and loves snakes. I almost never took vacations growing up. I wanted to be Pippi Longstocking (still do). I misspell about every other word I write and still struggle with grammar. I love splurging on a good high tea (which is really hard to find these days). And whatever you do, don’t tell me I can’t do something, because then I'll HAVE to do it!

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  • La Vida Gyspsea

    This is a beautiful illustration of your travel adventures! You guys have inspired us to document our traveling crazy lif as well and hope to one day meetyou guys out there!

    We have been living in Bocas Del Toro Panama for over 5 years and we love it. We are now moving again to live on a sailboat and are documenting our adventures in a Blog and Vlog! Check out our website!

  • Tina

    Hello Wynns! My husband is obsessed with your videos. He wants to buy a catamaran and hit the blue waters one day. I’m in as long as I can see horizon. I do enjoy your videos more than all the others out there. I especially enjoy the music you use to enhance the scenic times. Can you share your playlist or composers? I’d love to chill in my 19′ boat on our tiny lake in Austin, Texas. Thanks and keep that positive attitude. It’s so refreshing! Happy sundowner!

    • Curious Minion

      Hey Tina. At the very end of most blog posts Nikki lists the artists used (in the order they appeared in the video). That should get you started.
      Curious Minion

      • Chris Whyte

        Can you remind me the of the online music service you guys use for your videos?

  • Paul

    Have used for jobs as well as hired a dozen remote workers

  • Linda Kindig

    Hi Nikki and Jason, we absolutely adore your videos and please don’t worry that no one is watching – you have so many fans! Keep them coming – they are invaluable and help us keep our dream alive. We are shopping for our cat – you are about two to three years ahead of us – and from there, the sky is the limit! We will be sailing with our own rescue kitties too. Fair winds and following seas!

  • Leon Sebek

    In one of your videos, you were sent a portable freezer to try out (against the Dometic). I don’t think you ever did video the result. If not, which did you choose and why? If you did, could you please indicate the episode, so I can look it up.

    Loving your videos!

    • Curious Minion

      Curious Minion here, helping out while the Wynns are crossing to French Polynesia. They have not posted a comparison video, but I noticed that the Dometic is in the gear store so it must be the clear winner.

      • Leon Sebek

        Hi Curious Minion, that’s a very nice thing you are doing for them, I hope they realize how lucky they are to have such a good friend to trust while they are out of touch.

        I saw the Dometic listed in their gear store too but when I watched this video, I thought I saw Nikki go to put the ice cube tray back and appeared to be headed for what they previously said was the boat’s freezer, which they had converted to a second fridge (and were using their portable unit as their freezer). This made me wonder about 2 things: 1) What did they not like about the second portable unit relative to the Dometic, and 2) Did they decide that they really didn’t need that much refrigerator space after all and converted one back to a freezer again? If it is the latter, why did they go with that approach rather than keep the second portable freezer and have 2 freezers AND 2 fridges…

        • Curious Minion

          I guess we’ll both have to wait until Nikki can answer this one! I do know that both the portables and the boat fridge/freezer can be configured to be either fridges or freezers, so maybe the switch back & forth depending on their needs? As for keeping 2 portables, space is probably the answer to that question. Having 2 under the table is probably a toe buster. Or they may have stored it in a hull and only pull it out when they need it? I’ll see if I can get us an answer….

  • Christy

    Another website for virtual jobs is Rat Race Rebellion ( They actually screen the jobs to be certain that they are valid. Everything from full-time, part-time, ad hoc is available.

  • Odesk(dot)com is also a great site for virtual jobs. SO excited I found you guys on You Tube at this time in my life, as I’m in the process of shedding the humdrum 9 to 5 lifestyle in exchange for a more adventurous life! Your travels are BEYOND inspiring. As a fellow Aqua girl, I can totally relate to your wanderlust and creative way of living life on your terms 🙂 Kudos to your awesome husband Jason for trusting your adventurous instincts! Fair winds and hope our paths cross someday.
    P.S. I know that ice cream is a guilty pleasure of yours Nikki. Not sure how you could order this since you’re at sea. But check out Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream at jenis(dot)com. OMG… if you think Haagen Dazs and Talenti is good, wait ’till you try Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams. GIRL!!! The whiskey pecan and brown butter almond brittle flavors are DANGEROUSLY delightful! She’s a small business that’s completely blown it out of the water and has a cool backstory. If you guys decide to sail the Pacific coast and are in the California area, please get in touch. I’d be happy to treat you both to a cone or two 🙂

  • Nan

    Another website for remote jobs is

  • Mike

    Hi Wynns! Have you ever considered at some point upgrading your diesel engines to an electric motor? It would be cool to run entirely on Li-Ion batteries charged by solar + wind. Plus, the motor would be super quiet and low maintenance.

    • In heavy current cuts, especially when surrounded by reefs, power is extremely important. I don’t think we’d be able to afford the solar, battery and conversions to get enough power to match our twin Yanmar 39’s. I love the idea, just don’t think we’ll be able to do it.

      • Keith clark

        I’ve been watching your videos and find them vary inspiring I’m looking for a bigger sailboat for blue waters something in the 35 to 45 ft range to injoy life again so i thougt id let you know your videos are inspiring pepole out hear im living in FL. For now but will be living in a sailboat soon thanks for the videos have fun allwase …keith

  • Alvin Tosh

    It is great watching about the adventures that you two take. I hope to be reading about your travelling lifestyle for years to come

  • Aubrey

    Hi. First time commenting, I’ve been watching your videos for over a year. I want to say I really liked your “unscripted-ness” in this video! Not to say I don’t enjoy your regular videos but this one seemed more “real.” Thank you and happy sailing!

  • Philip

    Something has been on my mind. While I really don’t want to be a wet, that is a bummer – I wish yous twos would be a smidge more candid about your whereabouts. The web – YouTube, etc. is wide open and there might be some weirdos perhaps wanting to gain fame as “pirates” – that…
    Nuff Said. (I worry)
    Stay Well —

      • Agatha

        That is so smart! I’m a new fan of your videos and adventures and I do the same thing when I travel and post to my Instagram.

  • You mentioned T-Mobile only let’s you roam internationally for 3 months? Can you explain fore about that? We are cruishing over to the Bahamas for 5 months next year and we have T-Mobile.

  • Donald Endsley

    A Yagi is a style of antenna. Think old style over the air TV antenna, you know the one’s that were strapped to a chimney, and you had to use a turner (turns the antenna) to get good reception when you tuned into a different channel. Yagi’s are directional antennas, because of this they are able to block out more background noise, making it easier to distinguish the signal. This directionality may make them not so useful when you are swinging at anchor. Unlike a booster they are passive, so they are a good low power option for increasing range.

  • Patti E.

    Silly Question….where I can get that ice cube tray? Thanks!

    • Patti E.

      Just found it….thank you!

  • Robert & Elayne Lemieux

    On the TeleWorking front, there is a really good option you may want to add to your “Work that Travel’s” list.
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    They are also one of the best paying ones (which is always nice) where you are looking at (depending on experience) up to $24 usd per hour (tax free?|).
    Work hours are flexible and so is workload, so you can set your own hours, and, how much (or how little) you want to work.

    Anyways, if any of your followers are interested they can inquire through this link:

    Here is their Facebook page:
    and if anyone has questions I’m sure Elayne will gladly respond to whatever they may be.

    Looking forward to (jealously) watching more of your adventures (and wondering how our Wiener Dogs would fare on a catamaran…),

    Robert & Elayne Lemieux
    Montreal, Quebec (Canada)

    • Hi Robert & Elayne! I know this post was almost 2 years ago. Wondering if they are still hiring :)? My boyfriend and I are setting sail on our own adventure in October (we are from Toronto, Canada) and finding work is definitely on the list! PS – Sailing Wynns you guys are awesome thank you for all the information it has been so helpful AND we are taking our year old dog with us! Cannot wait! Thank you to whomever applies !!

  • Great information and enjoyed the uncut Wynns. Thank you! Wishing you Fair winds and following seas 🙂

  • Rich

    Congrats on your passage to the Bahamas. Overnight can be very challenging to the uninitiated.

    Rich Gilbert

  • Daniel Lemaire

    At one point in the video, you state something that could very well get you in trouble with Bahamian law and get your visa revoqued. But I don’t want to discuss it publicly. Please send me a private e-mail so I can elaborate.
    Love your work, keep on!

  • Ken

    Thanks guys, I too am living my dream. I am in a 5 th wheel off the grid in a gold mining camp near Lake Havasu AZ. I find a little Gold, but it’s the adventure I love. Never make much money doing this. I am living my dream. I want you to know that I really enjoy your videos. I have been watching since I stumbled on to you on Internet. Which rv to buy video. Well, last. Week I bought it. My wife and I will be traveling all summer ( escape the heat ) and live our dream as you have hiking and all around enjoying life. Thanks again! Your friends ken and Jane

  • Nikki Newman

    I’ve been following you via the internet for a long time now, and really appreciate the effort you put into your videos. Having done video work myself, I can appreciate what it takes to produce such good quality. Your enthusiasm is only a part of what makes them both informative and entertaining. Touching on handling criticism, my Mom gave me some excellent advice many years ago. She said when you’re criticized, check it out with some one who knows you well and whom you can trust to tell you the truth. If there’s truth in it, then change what you need to. If not, then treat it like garbage and throw it away. Put it out of your mind so that it doesn’t keep you from doing the best you can.

  • Stan Leis

    I thank you for each one of your video’s. Fun to watch, friendly and informative. I look forward to start my sailing adventure as well. Boat shopping coming soon. Be safe!

  • Nancy Fernandez

    Thanks for sharing so much with us. I look forward to every one. I Love watching you two and the tons of information you provide not to mention the wonderful scenery. Fair Sails!

  • Rick Tucker

    My wife and I look forward to your post’s. For us it’s like taking a vacation from our living room! It’s awesome that you can live a lifestyle most everyone only dreams about! Keep us posted and be safe.

  • Peg C

    Love that you both are enjoying and living your dream. Go for it! Thanks for taking us along with you.

  • Al Lipscomb

    For uploading large files with slow networks you can look at storage space on one of the cloud providers (i.e. Box) and one of the sync services that comes with it. Put a device on the slow WiFi and let the upload run over several days.

  • jenny

    Love you guys!!

  • Merri

    Thank You, Thank You, Thank You for saying it’s about living your life and finding your passion even if it’s in a 9-5 like the coffee guy! We have the job/income to full-time in the RV and hated it. Everyone’s passion and desires are different and the grass isn’t always greener on the other side. I love that you address this instead of pimping how great the travel/lifestyle is and everyone should do it. Three cheers to you!! ~M

    • Merri

      Oh and YES!! We love this sit down conversations with you! Keep them coming! It’s like sitting across the table from you, sipping a favorite beverage, enjoying the chit chat. Even the joking… LOL!! It’s ok Nikki, us girls need to repeat things because guys are slow learners, ha ha ha!!

  • jobeth

    Always nice to hear about your travels and exploration, keep them coming. Cheers!

  • Paul Boyers

    Another great website to find telecommuting or flexible schedule jobs is

    • Paul Boyers

      sorry…that should have been


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