drone view window bridge eleuthera

Sailing Eleuthera – Glass Window Bridge and Queens Bath

Perspective is everything.  Sometimes it’s proverbial and others it’s literal, but when it comes to sailing and exploring Eleuthera, it’s both.

How about that drone perspective!?! Our drone was acting up and we kept losing connection (I was flying blind), which might have been a good thing.  Otherwise, we would have ended up with days of footage and hundreds of photos!

Glass Window Bridge

The bridge itself is nothing to write home about and is not in the least bit pedestrian friendly.  There isn’t any parking either. The one spot that looks like a pullout has a large No Parking sign (but everyone pulled over and parked there anyway).  So, it’s a little weird and unwelcoming at first.  Once we started clambering around the rocks and searching for a higher perspective, it all got a lot more interesting!  Curiosity lead us from one shear rocky ledge and formation to the next, and we left feeling pretty satisfied with our explorations.

exploring eluethera

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exploring eleuthera by sailboat

dramatic cliffs eleuthera

Queens Bath

Once we found the cute “Queen’s Bath” sign off the road, we walked down the trail to the rocky shore and turned left.  It was a short 5 minutes to the queen’s bath and a couple of hours of fun.  It’s easy to get mesmerized and lost in the waves and water.  If you arrive close to high tide you should see the water crashing over the rocks and filling the baths…but don’t forget your swimsuit and towel!!!!

exploring eleuthera by sailboat

Sailing along the coast in the protected waters of Exuma sound is like sailing in a vivid dream.  The seas are shallow and gentle, the water is crystal clear and the views are uninterrupted.  We were lulled into such a relaxed state I was surprised we had the motivation to get the sails down at the end of the day.

sailing bahamas

sunset from sailboat bahamas

Ideal winds in our favor and a free million-dollar view…this may be as close to perfection as life gets.  We really savor these days and lock them into our memory bank. Life is short and unpredictable but it’s these sweet moments that will get us through the more sour times.  And this is sugary sweet!

Sailing Report

To see our full map with interactive pins, click here:

cruising eleuthera map

Dates: January 30 – February 2, 2017
Nautical Miles Sailed: 86
Anchorages: We stayed one night at Spanish Wells South: Roomy anchorage and a quick dinghy ride into town for fuel and supplies.  The grocery store further into town is much better than the one by the fuel dock.  Glass Window Bridge:  Another roomy anchorage with easy land access from the beach.  Both anchorages can be found easily on Active Captain.
Cell & WiFi: Our BTC signal was sometimes weak but we were able to connect with our booster on.

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  • Dale

    Hello Nikki and Jason!

    We are heading to the Bahamas next week, and spending the second half of our trip in Eleuthera for my birthday 🙂 Since Nikki recently celebrated a birthday there, I was hoping that you could recommend a great beach to spend the day? It seems like there are so many on the island to choose from!

    Thanks in advance,


  • Joy Graham Travis

    I so look forward to your videos. I fell in love with the Ultimate Cooler Backpack I saw Nikki with, and had to have one. Ordered! And I so appreciate the link to order it along with the other accessories. Thanks for making it easy. You guys are so awesome.

  • Doug

    I love my Kindle too, but haven’t sprung for unlimited yet. But I can still check things out from my local library. If I was out in the middle of the water, it’d probably be a lifesaver!
    Fair Winds!

  • Michael Magill

    Afternoon, just found your website by chance and so glad i did , what a adventure that you both will never forget, I signed up and look forward to getting your updates, You two are having a blast and it shows . Please becareful as the Oceans are not forgiving….Take care you two!!!

  • Roeh

    I could not get that close to the edge.

  • Watch out for the sand fleas on the beaches, especially at night. We were eaten up around the ankles trying to have a campfire.

  • Nancy Fernandez

    Beautiful! Another glorious video. Nice drone footage and editing. Jason you daredevil please be careful. Happy sailing, always waiting for the next email notification to watch the next.

  • Denise Fonseca

    I love that you find these hidden treasures for us! So peaceful!

  • Diane Sanderbeck

    So nice, I had to watch it twice. This is heaven to me. Y’all are livin’ the dream. I can’t wait to join you out there! Much love,

  • Deborah Kerr

    Now this was one of those adventures we were waiting for way back a year ago when you were getting your sea legs!! 🙂 The power of the Atlantic – wow!! And those sunsets….. beautiful!!

  • Allan Kirch

    As always another great video. Just curious. Which chart showed the shallow areas in the video and which charts didn’t? Thanks for sharing!

  • Where Is Chris Now?

    Love this “Life is short and unpredictable but it’s these sweet moments that will get us through the more sour times.” May I quote you at some point on my IG with a link to the blog? ~ Chris

    • Curious Minion

      You are welcome to link to the post or video you’d like to refer people to. Thanks!

  • TOM

    I really enjoy your videos however you must excuse me for mis-naming your 4 legged buddies, Aka’ “Sail Mates”. I now know their proper names ie: CLEO and SINGA!

  • Roger B

    I also cringed at how close you were to the edge of the cliffs. I love the spectacular drone videos. Your professionalism creating the videos is very much appreciated as I view your videos and your editing.
    Thank you for sharing.

  • Alex Todd

    Great video as always.

    I’m curious to know what your plans for hurricane season will be. Have you been away from the US long enough to be able to return? Will you run south, below the ‘hurricane belt’? Stay where you are and do what you’re doing while being prepared to run away ( if need be?

  • JL

    That drone footage of Glass Window Bridge is spectacular. Birds certainly have the best views! About two decades ago, a local taxi driver my husband and I met on the bridge told us that a rogue wave had hit the bridge from the Atlantic side and shoved it toward the Caribbean. The bridge was left in its new location and simply repaired and strengthened. When we visited, the twisted, bent metal framework was still visible on the Atlantic side and the bridge was cock-eyed to the road. On your drone footage you can see how the bridge angles and doesn’t line up with the road. Cool!

  • George

    I settled myself down when I realized that you both unloaded this video so I know you are both safe and having the time of your life. My poor old heart jumped out of my shirt while watching the cliff edges! You both know how much we love you two so please, inform us when you’re going to be dare devils and scare us!
    Seriously, great vlog, perfect videos and great editing. (I’m just wondering, do you two know how famous you are?)

  • Sam

    What? No skinny dippin’? Just kidding! There’s sharing, then there’s gawking. Brings up a point, tho’. All this hard work running a sail boat has Nikki looking really fit. Jason should have arms like Popeye. Does he only work when the film is running, lol. Love both you guys. I am grateful to Patreon for allowing me to help in some small way.

  • Jim Whitehead

    I enjoy each and every chapter more and more!!

    Please be safe – did some homework on your next trip – a little desolet with few serviced and close to Cuba!!

    Thank you!!
    . Jim

  • Marissa

    I look forward to your videos every Sunday. Today my 6 year old watched with me, and he was so mesmerized by the fact you live on a sailboat. Maybe one day we will go sailing, too. (We live in Florida) Thanks for sharing your adventures!


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