cleo the adventure cat sailing around the world

Worst Decision We’ve Ever Had To Make

Traveling and sailing the world with our two cats for the last ten years has been the biggest adventure of our lives.  However, we’ve been confronted with some hard decisions and it’s been an emotional roller coaster.  But, it’s a part of our story and not one we want to leave you out on.

Choosing to live an alternative lifestyle, especially one as a nomad, comes with its challenges.  Luckily for us, both Singa and Cleo have adapted and thrived through the ever-changing journey.

They’ve sniffed, hunted and marked more territories in their lifetime than any other pawed creature I know.  From climbing mountains, descending into canyons and lapping from glacial rivers, there isn’t much these two furry travelers haven’t done.

Our thousands of miles road-tripping together around North America were mostly seamless and straightforward.  Even moving aboard a sailboat proved to be more of a challenge for us humans than the felines.  But, 13,000 nautical miles later we’re at a crossroads.

This is the most difficult story we’ve ever shared, and you may want a handkerchief close by for the ending.

First, I just want to say that it is possible to travel internationally with pets and this is in no way intended to discourage you from doing so.  It is challenging but can be done.  If you want to get an idea of what you’ll need to do, check out the requirements to import a pet into Australia (click here).  They have the most strict rules and if you’re prepared from the start with the proper paperwork, vaccines, and microchipping, it makes life a whole lot easier.

the wynns and furry felines cleo and singa posing for one last photo

A Bitter Sweet Goodbye

“How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.” -Winnie-the-Pooh

Both of us struggled to leave the ranch and we almost considered calling it quits to stay with them.

Saying goodbye to Cleo was the hardest.  We knew given her age and health, that was potentially the last time we would see her. Which was gut-wrenching!

She lived a very long and full life right up until the end.  Surrounded by friends she passed peacefully with Lynn, Clark, Singa and the whole gang by her side.

Sharing sadness or trauma isn’t something I do well.  I don’t like crying in front of others and my default response is to stuff it and keep-it-together.  That or shut down entirely.  My emotions typically pack their bags and retreat until I’m all alone in a warm, safe space.  Sort of like a scared cat I suppose.  There I stay until I feel I can face the world again.

Picking up a camera and editing this video to share with you has been a huge challenge.  It’s one of the few times I wished we didn’t share our lives so publicly.  Mostly because of that default response to retreat until it hurts less.  We would have loved to put together a beautiful tribute video filled with all the sweetest, funniest, most adventurous furry moments of Cleo’s life.  But we simply don’t have the strength to do it.  We have a gaping hole in our hearts that needs time to heal.

cleo the adventure cat

As for Singa, he really is loving the buzz and freedom of farm life at Mutiny Ranch. We get photos and video updates from Lynn that simultaneously make us oh-so-happy and just a tad envious.  Our world doesn’t sound or feel quite the same without them both by our side.  It’s a strange new world we live in now void of furry snuggles, meows, and purrs.

It’s the end of an era, but they will forever be with us in spirit.

And, when I feel the sadness tug at my heart, I reach for my phone and within a few taps, there is Singa on Instagram, climbing a tree at Mutiny Ranch.

Mutiny Ranch

My dear friends Lynn and Clark, I don’t know how you do it.

They open their home and hearts to so many humans and animals alike.  But, to take in animals that are at the end of their life takes supernatural strength and superhero sized hearts.

Mutiny Ranch is in Cortez, Colorado.  We spent a few weeks on the ranch helping the cats settle in, reconnecting with our friends and all around enjoying farm life.  Because there is something incredibly rewarding and satisfying about working with your hands and tending to a farm.  It’s therapeutic and takes me right back to my childhood.

nikki wynn tilling in the garden

jason wynn picking apples lynn posing with her prized apples

lynn and clark of mutiny ranch

Lynn can be found at the local Farmers Markets with the-best-in-the-world sourdough bread, homemade jams, freshly roasted coffee and who knows what else!  The sales help keep the Mutiny crew fed and the haystacks fresh.

Follow the whole Mutiny gang on Instagram here:

Learn more about Lynn and Clark here: 



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  • JD

    Sorry for your loss; Cleo had great adventures. I seem to recall a reference to a dog that you had early on and who passed away about a year and a half into the beginning of your journeys; I believe he passed while in Arkansas. Am I imagining this or did I see that somewhere? How did the cats get along travelling with the dog?

  • Lisa

    Once the music started, i was already bawling 😭. However, it’s always best to make decisions with the best intentions for those involved. They are so lucky they were able to sail with you and see more islands than I will ever see in my lifetime.

  • Kris Baker

    Nikki and Jason, I want to send you both my heartfelt condolences. You gave both your cats an amazing life. No words can heal the hurt. I know in real time this is a year later, but I still wanted to say something😢

  • Scott Slotterbeck

    Most cats hate car rides but my cat Penny was a trooper. She’d fall asleep as soon as she got in the car. One time my wife thought she had passed away she was so sound asleep!

  • rosemary patterson

    I am so sorry that I somehow missed this post/video. I have asked you about your cats and wondered why I never heard back. I am sorry for asking. My condolences on it all. It’s a bitch. I know.

  • Janet Truchard

    Jason & Nikki ~ I’m so sorry for your loss. Thank you for sharing your story with your furry babies. Remember, Cleo lives in your heart always. I’m looking forward to hearing & seeing more stories of Singa on Mutiny Ranch. Hugs & love to the both of you. Stay safe. Be well.

  • Jenny

    So sad feel so sad for you both beautiful cats as I am a cat person I feel your lose of cleo ,it made me cry ,BUT. they had a wonderful life with you both ,may be you could catch up some time to see Singa safe journeys to you both Xx

  • A

    So sorry for you both.
    Was there a reason you just didn’t stop traveling and take care of your furry children until they pass instead of leaving them with strangers?
    I will face this and just curious.

    • Curious Minion

      First of all, Lynn & Clark are not strangers but dear friends. And all the reasons of why this was better for Cleo and Singa are in the blog post if you’d care to read it. Singa is loving his new home and is being spoiled rotten.
      Curious Minion

      • Sarah


  • Nornie

    I’m so sorry to read about Cleo passing. It’s so difficult to loss our fur babies. Cleo and Singa lived an amazing life thanks to both of you. Singa looks very content with her friends at the retirement home. My thoughts will be with you guys as you adjust to life without your fur babies by your side. Take Care and Safe Travels 🐾🐾🎈

  • Michael

    Thank you for sharing the very personal video.

    I was impressed by how active Cleo was in the new surroundings. She was truly enjoying her time there. What a very wonderful ranch.

    I look forward to meeting a God who has the power to resurrect. Until then, we have the pictures of our missing friends.

    Thanks again.

  • Barbara

    I am new to your videos and blog and last night I watched this video with my husband, and my little Maltipoo by our side. I have to say, halfway in you had my husband and I crying so hard we had to stop watching. I finished the video today and cried all over again. So sorry for your loss. It is extremely difficult to say goodbye to our furry family members. You did the right thing by Cleo and Singa by letting them live the remainder of their time, together, on a ranch with plenty of fresh air and space. It was an unselfish, loving act to give them the best life possible, both with you and Jason, and on the ranch. They seemed happy their and adapted well. I felt every emotion you were feeling while you both tried to get through this video. Thank you for sharing. I am so glad you got to spend a happy last afternoon with your companions and that one passed on with their furry buddy by their side. You will meet again. You have all your happy memories and many photos. I hugged my little Maltipoo a little tighter when I watched the video. He is also my boating companion and he has enriched our lives as you have done for yours. My heart goes out to both of you.

  • David Burnett

    Karen and I got around to watching your ‘Hardest Decision’ episode last Sunday evening.

    One of the things we like about you two is that you are down to earth, sharing, caring, yet ‘out there’ being adventurous and unconventional. You are good people, with all the genuine and deep emotions that go with that.
    Thank you for sharing this latest episode of your lives, and we look forward to more before you return to your floating (will be again) home.

    Losing a loved one is tough. Putting a loved one under the care of others is tough. You have done both, and many of us can relate. Animal or human – they are part of our lives – part of what makes us, ‘us’.

    The story and the memories were much appreciated – as was the raw nature of your vid.


    David & Karen
    ‘Sharing Life’

  • Pamela A. Mederos-Streetz

    Nikki & Jason,
    I know that words cannot adequately describe the holes left in your hearts at the loss of Cleo.
    Letting go of our beloved fur babies will always be a challenge.
    May your continued travels always bring you joy and wonder!

    Pamela & Victoria Mederos-Streetz

  • Debbie

    So sorry for your loss. Difficult to watch, many tears. Thank you for sharing What a life Cleo, and 19 years! Wow.

  • Scott

    Sorry for your loss, May Cleo’s memory be a comfort to you.

  • Jeffrey Stenberg

    So many responses, just goes to show how much our pets are a large part of our family. After reading some of these I’ll watch video later, I love animals and would never make it through. I’m more a dog person, but after hanging with my neighbors cats have learned how special they are. I was lucky enough to meet Cleo and Singa while bike riding in the Kent, WA valley. O yeah,you guys too. They came running up to the front of your motor home to say hello. Beautiful and friendly. My wife had a small parret (Fweety) took me more than 7 years working constantly to bond with him. Not their nature to bond to more than one person. We became best friends.He past to Heaven 6 years ago. Will remember all my pets very foundly, family 😻 Still remember Cleo looking down at sharks “Is that tuna for me?”

  • Joan

    Nikki & Jason, that was a tough video to watch. Tears are running down my face as I type this. Cleo and Singa, what lucky babies to have you guys for parents. And it is obvious how much thought went into this decision. And it was the right decision although painful. Cleo will always be with you in spirit watching you two on your travels.

  • Carol McCarty

    So sorry you had to leave your kitties behind and that you lost your sweet buddy Miss Chloe. Hope one day you can find a new one to fill up the spot her passing made. Have good adventures and enjoy the sweet memories. Bless you both.

  • Shirley

    I cried with you watching this episode. My heart breaks for you over the tough decision you had to make. Cleo and Singa have been blessed having you as their parents, and we have been blessed watching them along with the two of you. My sympathies for your loss and I hope Singa is enjoying the farm life.

  • Hank Heyns

    I am not watching this one..I know the feeling of losing a furry friend they are ingrained in your soul..peace

  • Amy Lakin

    This life story has left me feeling like family and knowing how hard it feels when we make decisions about our fur baby’s. I’m sending virtual hugs to you both. It will seem strange for me in a long distance way the next time I see a video of you two back on Curiosity without your cats too. I have followed your Journey from the beginning and have always admired and aspire to live a more active and adventurous lifestyle. I love Sundays I can’t wait to see what the Wynns are up to next. Hang in there and be safe. May the wind always be at your back!

  • Lindsay Wood

    Tears love to you both

  • Jennifer Thomas

    We are so sorry to hear the news but not surprised. A few of weeks ago I prayed for your cats to get to be on land. I just felt that prayer needed to be on your behalf and for your beloved cats. My heart breaks for you all. We have enjoyed your videos for the past 3 years. I know what it’s like to have to let your pet go. I had to send my cat, Jessie to Heaven 6 weeks ago. I am still grieving and I have 3 others. So allow yourself to grieve and know they do go to Heaven. GOD has a place for them and they are happy to be there. We just miss them so much. You both take care and thank you for all of the wonderful videos of places and people that most of us will never get to go or meet the wonderful people that live on other lands. You are very special people. I will keep you both and Zinga in my thoughts and prayers.
    GOD BLESS YOU and may the Angels of the LORD encamp around you. Psalm 91 over you. Prayers for the Animal Sanctuary as well!


    So sad. We put down our boxer dog 6 months ago. He loved traveling with us even though he was old.

  • Kathy Dredgge

    So sorry to hear about your sweet Cleo. Enjoy the memories of the wonderful life you gave her.

  • Lisa Bee

    I am so sad and so sorry. Pets are so great and no words can help when they pass. The joy and love you provided was everything.
    Big love to you.

  • Ember Baker

    So sorry for your loss! Was a beautiful tribute to a couple of special cats, and the adventure and joy they shared with you. Weeping as I write. You did the right thing though it was hard. God bless you all. Anyone who has ever lost a dear pet gets it.

  • Susan Johnston

    Well, that was tough…… but, we’ve always wondered about traveling to foreign countries on a boat with those sweet babies….now we know more. Big Love for sharing and for going forward….hope you are enjoying South Africa!!

  • Pamela

    Thank you so much for sharing this part of your lives. It makes everything real and we all feel like we are part of it. The cats had amazing adventures and such special lives with you and what a finale for Cleo! That ranch truly is a sanctuary and safe place to be a cat again. Such a great tribute to see those last videos of her in her element ❤️

  • betsy ionta

    Dear Nikki and Jason,
    I admire your strength – you didn’t make the worst- you made the BEST decision. So many of us have waited too long (selfishly) to do what is right- just because it hurts so much. These kitties have had incredible lives because of you both. Onward and Upward.


    PS we don’t miss a video, ever.

  • Michael Larkin

    I know your suffering, we have just recently had our two dogs, Toby & Charlie put to sleep old age. I am glad you took them to the farm, what a lovely place to live out the remainder of ones life. May the God of all comfort, comfort your hearts.
    Michael, Dublin, Ireland.

  • Bart

    Dear Niki & Jason, I’m so sorry for your loss. Having lost our little friend ourselves about a month ago to an aggressive cancer, I feel your pain. But as you rightfully mentioned at the end of this episode, Cleo had an amazing life. And this was thanks to you.
    Knowing this, it will take some of the pain away. Unlike with humans, as a responsible pet owner you can make the right and humane decisions for your little loved ones. You did the right thing ! Take care and remember, pets leave paw prints on your heart and they will always live on in your memories. Big hug from Belgium

  • Alan Solomon

    Wow. So sorry for your loss. Man its tough.
    Over the years, Cleo always reminded me of someone I know. She was more of a homebody. She seemed more steadfast in her ways than Singa. Cleo seemed the wise kitty. She was more quiet than Singa. Cleo was secure. She had strength. She seemed reliable to do what she always would do. Cleo is a foundation. I never, ever thought she was as old as she was. You both did the right thing bringing her to Lynn and Clark’s, Mutiny Ranch. Singa is more wild and playful and it is amazing he is 10. I had a Dachshund that lived till 19. Amazing!
    I fell in love with the Animals you introduced me to. In one take or one video. Cleo and Singa are no different as you both are no different.
    This is not the first time I have cried from your videos. Won’t be the last either. You have tons of emails above.
    We All Love the four of you. Kind Regards,

  • Robert

    Nikki and Jason, I’m so sorry for your loss. I’m sure Singha has a wonderful new home. Safe travels, and all the best to you. Thank you again for your lovely work in telling us the stories of your travels; you’ve shown us some magical things.

  • Kimberly Watwood

    I shed a lot of tears towards the end of your video even though I never met Cleo in catperson. I had to rehome my Bengal also. She died two months after 😭. Singa looked at home on Mutany Ranch.

  • Philip Morehouse

    So sad to hear about your loss of Cleo, with me it was my German Shepherd. He was diagnosed with a deadly type of cancer. We went to see the vet just to see why he was limping and he never came home with me; as the x-rays showed he had cancer all through his body. I cried all the way home – the following day was Christmas and I had to tell our three children, why their protector was never coming home. He always gave us his all, and it seemed to me that we were not deserving of his love for us. We think we will have them forever and so take them for granted, but know this, your four legged friend knew how much you loved him and he could have had no better friend than the both of you.

  • Steve Nicholls

    I have said “Fare well, my little furry friend” to three cats now. I shed as much snot and tears for you both now as I did for Jones, Fang and Ziggy… lots. Time will pass but you never forget them. I am very sad for you.

  • Sara Fisher

    I was so sorry to read this. Thinking of the four of you feels like yesterday! I had to go through this last year and it doesn’t matter if it’s the first or tenth time, it’s just the worst. Thinking of you and sending lots of hugs!

  • Peter Mickelsen

    Now at age 80 I have been enriched by more than my fair share of furry friends. I love that you have shared so openly with us for as I travel with through this window into your life I am comforted and nurtured by our shared tears and feel gathered in and held by our common bond only critter people can understand. I love you both and so too do I love the CURIOSITY nation who step out to reveal with open heart the joy and pain which snares us all.
    Cheers, Peter

  • Carol Caummisar

    We’ve followed you guys forever! Loved Cleo and Singa and we’re so sorry for your loss. They both have had wonderful lives though and hope Singa continues to enjoy the farm life.

  • Gina

    Oh my goodness I cried through this one. I am sorry for the loss of your beautiful fur baby.

  • Kris

    Thank you for sharing that with your extended family of followers. (Huge Cleo and Singa fan for a long time.) I’m sorry for what you are going through. It’s so hard to lose a furbaby. It’s comforting to know that Singa is surrounded by other animals and doesn’t have to be on the boat without his sister.

    So grateful there are people like Lynn and Clark in this world. Angels on earth.

    You have amazing hearts and made your decisions with love and in the best interest of your babies. Losing a pet is so hard. Much love to you both!💘💘💘

  • Judy Goodson

    I cried along with you. All four of you had some beautiful times together. Both Singa and Cleo are in a good place. Think about all the great times.

  • Annette Clarke

    Just watched video. God love you both. Such a hard decision and yes they were both going to be ok but to have them in your life for so long – totally understand. I’m sending this through tears and hope you are both coping ok now. You did the right thing by Cleo she was obviously and sick little lady. I hope she is happy and running around at Rainbow Bridge now. Animals are just so amazing and make our lives whole, teach us many things. You did the right thing by them both. All the best to you wonderful people. I’ll keep a look out for you in Australia. xxx


    Jason and Nikki, I posted just a few minutes ago, pausing your video as you and Jason were sitting at the table… after my post, I watched the end… much more tears 😢😢…. prayers coming your way. Cleo is up above chasing her dreams!

  • Mark Stearman

    Hello Jason and Nikki,

    We feel your pain and sadness. We had to leave our cat Pete behind when we moved from California to Texas last year. He’s geriatric too, and LOVES his California lifestyle. He’s a neighborhood cat who can be found lounging on any of half a dozen porches at any given time. All the neighbors know him and enjoy his visits. So when the move to Texas neared, we felt worse and worse about taking him from his happy place. And we worried about his age and ability to survive the trip. He wasn’t strongly bonded to us anyway (he is actually a feral cat who hitched a ride home with us under the hood of our car – that’s how he came into our lives). One day I was talking to my next door neighbor about our predicament with Pete, and he mentioned that his wife just loves Pete. As it turned out, Pete has been spending a lot of time over there and even has his own cat couch. Well, it was a match made in heaven. We moved to Texas happy in the knowledge that Pete has a very loving couple to hang with. We get pics from them from time to time and Pete looks spoiled rotten.

    You did the right thing. And I know for a fact that Cleo, for the brief time she lived in Cortez, and Singa for the rest of his life, live wonderful lives there – I grew up in Cortez – best memories ever.

    May your sadness fade and your happy memories grow to warm your souls.

    Deepest sympathies,

    Mark and Wallisa Stearman

  • Kari Sickinger

    You guys, I have tears in my eyes right now watching your most recent post regarding your fur babies ❤️. My hubby and I know exactly how you feel as we’ve had to make these decisions many times with aging family members. Just know that you’re both awesome parents wanting the best for your children. I’m sure they will be happy and loved!

  • Linda Jones

    Nothing but love and peace wished for you all in your difficult loss. My cat is ailing also, and we are supposed to go away for 4 weeks soon. I am sad and wondering how I am handling this as well. So many years, my cat supporting me with love through thick and thin.

    I shed tears for what you are going through. Honestly, I think your kitty will be happy on land again. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Animals are better equipped for survival than humans. (((Hugs))) Linda Jones

  • Theresa

    We are full time RVers with our soon to be 9 yr old lab. We have found sometimes traveling this lifestyle with a pet is hard. But she was ours when we hit the road, so along she came. My daughter and her partner have said they’d take her, but we’re not ready to leave her behind yet. We know the day will come when we either make arrangements to leave her behind, or keep her with us until we put her down. As you said, traveling with a pet who needs constant vet care is very hard. Right now, we just continue to love her, and her us. The day will come, we’re not blind. But we don’t look forward to it. She’s lucky, she doesn’t know anything but love The future doesn’t touch her Only us. All she knows is new smells and the love from us.
    I’m sorry to read this, just a reminder of the inevitable. hugs to you both.

  • Catherine

    One tissue was not enough. The tears started flowing from the warning before the video ever started. I feel like those 2 kitties belonged to me too. I will miss them in future videos. I must say though that this alleviates one fear. I was always afraid one of them was going to go into the drink. Really more freaking scared than just afraid. Travel on, savor your memories and keep them in your hears. Dear Cleo, be a good guardian angel for your Mom and Dad.

  • Diane Meeck

    So sorry for your loss, we had a Maine coon cat mix that we almost lost at age two to kidney issues, a science diet of dry food allowed us another 16 Yes with our fury friend Bob the cat until he had a fight with cancer. The decision is never easy. It’s amazing how attached we the viewers get to your family, glad Cleo had a great and happy end of life scenario. We appreciate your vulnerability, and are sending prayers of comfort your way.

    Hope to actually meet you in person some day,


  • Ron

    I’ve been enjoying watching many of your videos as I think about getting back into sailing, once a passion 30+ years ago when I lived near Lake Erie. This was definitely the saddest video of yours I’ve seen but also one of the best in conveying the role our pets play in our lives and how sad it is to let them go. Next time I’m in Cortez I may have to look up the ranch and Singa (or maybe at the farmers market).

  • JD

    So sorry for your loss. Pet loss is just devastating. But I’m so glad you did what you did when you did it. Timing could not have been better. The best we can ever do for our fur babies is to provide them a peaceful, merciful, selfless passing when the time comes. My heart breaks for you.

  • Paul

    Had a high of 7 cats in our family all at once and are currently down to 4, only one of which was part of those 7. All the rest were there greeting Cleo as she passed beyond. So, sympathize with your loss and having to make hard decisions for yourselves, for your four-footed family member’s benefit.

    When you get back on the water and resume your boating videos, I think the thing I will miss most is the little “Meow!” saying goodbye at the end.

    Best wishes for your SA visiting and travels back to Curiosity. Will pray for your strength as you de-kitty it as you refit and do repairs.


  • Chuck & Hallie Downing

    It’s so sad. Our beloved pets just don’t last long enough. People say to get another one but what we really want is to get that one back. Our hearts go out to you as we have been down that track, as so many pet owners have been. Take heart because you will always remember them but after some time it won’t hurt as much. God Bless –

  • Andy

    You were right about the handkerchief. It never gets easier to lose a beloved pet. Best wishes to you all.

  • dyanne allegrini

    Thanks for the “Head’s Up” to grab a kleenex! I know how hard it is as we had to make a similar decision with our “archy” in 07..Know that you made the totally right decision for the comfort and well-being of both of your fur babies..They leave paw prints on our hearts and live in both our hearts and memory always.. We still miss and reminisce about our Archy 13 years later…Safe Travels and God Bless Always!

  • Daniela Reis

    Jason and Nikky, I lost my 18 year old cat a year ago and it was a very painful event. This video left me in tears … I’m sure that decision was extremely difficult for you to make, but rest assured that it was the best one. In his last years we had some health emergencies and having a trusted professional around the corner from our home made all the difference. You have given them an incredible and fulfilling life. I’m sure they were very happy with you.
    A comforting hug from Brazil. (Please, forgive any mistakes in English.)

  • Maureen

    Wow, what a beautiful tribute/video. My eyes were watering with you. What a hard decision you had to make but agree with everyone else that you did the right thing. My heart goes out to you. My sympathies to you Jason and Nikki on your loss.

  • Jane Ashman

    Tears, and more for cats I never met, or their people….but I have been along since the very beginning as you set out in the RV. Your crew was our inspiration to get our Fifth wheel to go explore the US. I do feel I know you and my heart hurts for you as you did what was best for cats and not yourselves. When you are ready I’d love to see all the Fav Cat pics from all the travels! Look forward to the next update on mom’s Rv! Hugs to both of you!

  • Michael Magill

    Jason and Nikki, what a sad tale you told, but you celebrate her life was just amazing. It’s like losing a member of your family and he was for 18 years andhe went every where you and Jason went , one of the luckiest cats I know. You did the right thing about bringing him home and the other one as well to live their final days o a beautiful farm, surrounded by peace and beautiful scenery. Lovey roadside scenery at the end looking forward to you being back on the water…
    My sincere condolences to you both for your loss……….

  • Randy

    Your use of the song “Healer Might” so powerfully expressed your grief. Wow. If it helps, you introduced me to this song and I have already listened to it dozens of times. It’s helping me as I go through my own grief from the recent death of a good friend. Thank you for for the care you put into your work, for sharing your humanity.

  • Edith

    I’m so sorry you lost your kitty. If Cleo could send a message back to you she would say Thank you for the wonderful life you gave me Mom and Dad. ❤️

  • Roger B

    Our first cat, named Charlie, was a female that, at 17, had kidney failure and we had her put to sleep rather than suffer. Now our next cat we named Charlie, a male cat, we took in from a couple that rescued him out in the ranch country here in northern Nevada and he is now 13. He is a very close image of Cleo. Sorry for your losing Cleo and we share your loss and it is very emotional.

  • Sue

    Anyone who watched and didn’t cry is heartless. I am so sorry. Know that you gave them a wonderful life and they loved you very much. You did the right thing.

  • Karen and Dave

    You are right, a tear jerker. No words for losing a family member. So sorry.

  • Marysia

    I could not make this decision!

  • Cee

    So sorry to hear of your loss of Cleo. How heartbreaking. My thoughts are with you as I weep.
    Though it must’ve been so hard to leave your fur babies behind, you are fortunate to have such good friends in such a wonderful environment to take them in. Though I’m sure he’ll miss you, it looks like a happy place for Singa to be.
    I came across your channel a while back after searching for people who live on the road with their cats, as we have two of our own and envisage living on a bus (or boat) ourselves someday, but weren’t sure how it could work. Thanks for showing us it is possible.
    However the international beaurocracy is real… When we moved to NZ from Aus, we insisted on taking our two cats with us and it cost $2500.00 and heaps of paperwork (and Aus to NZ didn’t even require quarantine). I was wondering how things would go for you guys as you continued to travel internationally with pets on a regular basis. So glad you all made it together as far as you did. Hold onto all those amazing memories. ❤

  • Jan

    Sorry for your loss……🥺
    We are dealing with kidney and liver issues with our kitty aged fifteen.
    I know it’s not easy.
    You made a beautiful video of the ranch and animals! Thank you!

  • Diane Silverstein

    ♥️💔♥️💔♥️ Crying with you both. Blessings to you and Singha and Cleo on her new journey. ✌😥♥️

  • Wayne McPhail

    We are patrons and have been following you for some time. We always love your videos and they were especially poignant when you had videos with your cats. Yes, we are cat people. We adopted a stray Calico, “Patches”, about 10 years ago that showed up at our home.

    Patches is a key part of our house hold. We dread the thought when she crosses over that special bridge in the sky. We shed our tears with you for the separation from your beautiful cats and then your loss.
    Sincerely, Wayne and Judy McPhail

  • Rhonda

    I am a crying mess. I am so very sorry for your loss. I am glad Singa was with Cleo, and you two are fantastic fur parents. You left them in such a beautiful place!! You gave them all you could and much more. May your memories be a comfort to you both. Love you two and your adventures.

  • John Moreland

    Sorry for your loss, 8(

  • Frank and Jessica

    Yo both are so strong for making such an incredibly tough decision. Just makes love both as wonderful and inspirational people even more !

  • Kathy E


  • Shawn

    oh this one hurts…I had to make that final decision for my pup Jack a year and a half ago and when people have asked how I handled it…well I just say it was the right decision for him but the wrong one for me. It still hurts…but after some time I reached a point where I could look at all the pictures of our adventures and I remember the good times and how much love for life he had…and well I will carry him in my heart until my last breath. For what it’s worth, I think you two made the right decision for Cleo and Singa but when you get back on Curiosity the absence of them is going to be like a fresh wound all over again. Knowing Singa is having a great time will help…but….sending hugs for both of you.

    Safe travels and looking forward to seeing your further adventures!

  • Sailing Catamaran Namid

    We are in the process of refitting our catamaran for our soon departure, and we were planning on getting a cat to travel with us. This video changed our minds. So, thank you for this eye-opening video We know it was hard decision to leave Singa and Cleo, and then to lose Cleo….wow. But you guys certainly did the right thing. It was quite obvious that the cats were so happy to be on land. Our thoughts and prayers are with you…from fellow Texans…Fair winds.

  • Bahamamama penny

    Change! That’s where John and I are too! Sold our beloved Fairhaven! 😢But a wonderful couple bought it who love it as much as we did and Long Island! We are here now for past few months as ‘ tourists’ !!! Figuring it all out.
    I cried along with you. Thank you for sharing this very personal part of your life!! We love you both and miss you!!
    Need crew? We are totally available!!

  • Sally Crawley

    So sorry for your loss

    The loss is immeasurable
    but so is the love left behind

    Ben and Sally

  • Jeff Gourley

    Terribly sorry for your loss, anyone who has had to say goodbye to a loved family pet knows your pain!

  • Daryl Horner

    Oh my… crying with you… so sad for you, but so right for them now….

    In 100 days we are headed to Alaska because of you…

  • Frank Leonard

    So sorry for your loss.

  • Tracey

    I am so sorry for your loss, thinking of both of you.

  • Carol

    I’m so sorry for the loss of your kitty and having leave them both behind. Those lovely animals were so lucky to be loved by you. 💕

  • Ruth

    I’m so sorry to hear about cleo’s passing. It’s like losing a family member. You both will remember 4ever. Singa and Cleo totally made watching the videos. It’s been 2 years since my Russian Blue cat Evie passed away. I still think of her & lose the tears with an ache in my heart. Best decision not the worst. Remember & smile 😥😊

  • Hyla Withrow

    I first saw you on video because I belong to thousand trails campground membership and was so appreciative of how Informative and fun you made the videos. Very helpful for us. Then we watched you get your catamaran and your journey there. We (now I, because I lost my husband 8/2019) enjoyed going on your new adventures and learned so much. Your kitties/kids were amazing to watch and the relationship you had with them. The video today about your very hard decision was so touching. My heart goes out to the two of you very deeply. Pets are just like kids they leave big holes in your hearts that do not go away, but it will get easier years down the road or ocean. I just wanted to reach out and say how sorry I am for your loss of Cleo. Your decision was so right. Safe travels and see you in the videos!

  • Candace

    I’m very sorry, having gone through losing several cats through the years. Kidney disease is awful and very hard to treat for long. Cleo had a great long run even though it’s never long enough. I wish many happy years for Singa and I’m sure your friends’ Instagram will gain many more followers now, including me.

  • Marty Leake

    “Oh no,” No pets aboard 🙁 😢

    But the aging cats life spent among other animals on the farm is a glorious opportunity for a exciting & healthy life. 😺 🐈
    Just imagine the Cat adventures tales they give to the other animals will captivate their attention for years to come! 👍🏾👏🏾🥳

    If possible can you periodically post photos of the cats on the social media pages.

    I have followed you two when you were in RV’s with the cats/furry babies. Rest easy they are happy!😀👋🏾👌🏾😎😢

    Safe travels!🤞🏾👏🏾✋🏾😢

  • Marty Leake

    “Oh no,” No pets aboard 🙁 😢

    But the aging cats life spent among other animals on the farm is a glorious opportunity for a exciting & healthy life. 😺 🐈
    Just imagine the Cat adventures tales they give to the other animals will captivate their attention for years to come! 👍🏾👏🏾🥳

    If possible can you periodically post photos of the cats on the social media pages.

    I have followed to two when you were in RV’s with the cats/furry babies. Rest easy they are happy!😀👋🏾👌🏾😎😢

    Safe travels!🤞🏾👏🏾✋🏾😢

  • OjaiLynda

    Heartfelt hugs to you on your loss, Nikki & Jason. Godspeed Cleo, a beautiful bundle of fur with a big personality…and a life very well lived.

  • Martin Buinicki

    Why is doing the right thing always the hardest?

  • Lynette

    There’s not much to say that makes it any easier. So sorry for your loss. Thank you for sharing both Cleo and Singa with us for so long. ♥️😢

  • Sorry for your loss but Cleo was in a happy place with beloved Singa and able to let go and pass on to adventure heaven 😢😍🤗

  • Stella MacDonald

    Such sad news…sending love and hugs to you. We will miss seeing your fur babies travelling along with you.

  • Nikki Buck

    Our hearts are with you as you grieve this loss.
    What a great place for Cleo to spend her last days.
    And what an amazing life you both gave her!
    Thank you for being so vulnerable and sharing your story.
    Thinking of you both…. and wishing you peace with time, as your hearts heal.

  • Lucille Hjort

    So sorry but it is for the best. They are in good and loving hands and are loving the farm and the other animals. So much
    fun and activity for them every day.

  • Marvel Kay

    You are both such kind and gentle people, these felines are so lucky to have you. I’ve done in a full box of kleenex on this video. Just admire and adore you both… Good luck on your future adventures…Cheers from California

  • Cokie Lewis

    Crying with you. 💖

  • jim

    No words! 🙁

  • Richard Savage

    Well, that was really tough to watch. You showed a lot of love for the cats and your viewer community. I can’t imagine filming and editing it. I’m very sorry for your loss, but really proud of how you two went to such great lengths to find such awesome surroundings for their retirement.

  • Sonya Cox

    Oh my! Sat and cried for you guys. That was hard I know. I’m so sorry about Cleo. We lost our 17 year old poodle this past year. They are members of the family but we do what is best and to have their days on the farm to run and play and rest is and was, perfect. Still my heart goes out. I live for each episode guys! Enjoy it so much.

    • David Hawkins

      💕Thanks for sharing,you got to my Heart

  • Mike

    Very sorry to hear this sad news. However, I would say it’s the hardest decision, not the worst, cuz it was the best for Cleo. Doesn’t make it any easier, tho. My own is coming for Timber, the “last man standing” of the 4 we rescued so many years ago. And having gone thru this sad dance 3 times already doesn’t make it any easier to contemplate hearing the music starting up. Timber is 18, so unfortunately his time is coming, too. Last blood work was fine, which I’m thankful for. I greatly enjoy what you guys have done/ are doing, and was always scared to open a post and find that one of the cats had been washed overboard or something, so, while it will be lonely for you guys, I’m glad that Singa will be with friends. Be safe!

  • Bri

    I’m so sorry for your loss. Sending my love to you both. If typing while crying is this hard, i can’t imagine how you made it through putting this video and post together for us. Thank you for sharing your lives and your fur kids with the world. Love you guys.

  • Liz

    Long time listener, first time commenter. We are blessed and cursed to be able to make decisions like these for our pets. We don’t always have the ability with our people. You guys made the tough, but loving choice, all around. Singa’s passing seems to show that your timing was spot on for them, if not for you. I’m so sorry for both of you and for Cleo. Your friends are amazing people and so are you guys.

  • Kev

    Sad, sad times right now,
    I am so sorry and my condolences to both for your loss. I am a cat and animal person, currently I have two family members ~ a brother and a sister tag team~ Tobey and Butterscotch they are long hair domestic gingers and they are a hoot. I know that pain and the hole in your hearts from previous family pets I have cared for and was part of my family who have passed on to the other side. Words sometimes can not express the sorrow in your hearts. This is so, so true…
    Peace and love to both of you.
    Rest assured folks, their unconditional Love is always in your hearts forever.
    Kind regards and love to both of you,

  • Pam Meliso

    Obviously not an easy decision. I’ve been following Cleo and Singa’s adventures at Mutiny Ranch so I knew about Cleo. I can’t imagine your pain being away from her when she passed but you should take comfort in the fact that she was happy and surrounded by love at the end. And Singa looks like he is loving life on the ranch. Sometimes letting go is the greatest expression of love we can give. Wishing nothing but peace and love to the two of you and Singa as you continue on your adventures, separately but not apart.

  • The Romans

    So sorry to see you guys grieving for the loss of such a wonderful little crew member. Send love from all your viewers to Singa. I have watched every sailing video you guys have ever made and even though we have never met, I feel as though I have known you guys for a long time. You have inspired my wife and I to purchase a catamaran and explore the world together as well. I hope we cross each other’s paths one day and can share some of our experiences over dinner and a cocktail. Prayers go out to you for condolences, a continued safe journey, happiness, wealth, and lots of energy. Thank you for sharing your lives with us. We love you guys.

  • Connie

    Unexpected tears today since I have followed you all since your RV Winnie days, Cleo did live her best life you all offered her! Always sad to see our pet children go and say goodbye 😢

  • Vicki C

    Having lost my Dachshund, Schroeder in May after 18 years, I feel your emptiness and pain. They leave such a void in our hearts and homes. “I’m sorry for your loss” just isn’t enough. No words are. 💔😢🐈🌈

  • Brian

    What a tough decision to have to make, but I agree you did the right thing. What a GREAT place for the cats to retire too. So much to see, explore and so many new friends for them. So sorry for your loss but at least Cleo had a great last few weeks of life. Yes, I shed a tear too, I’ve been following you two for a few years now, and tell friends about your adventures. Our pets are family, and I feel your loss, just remember all the great times you shared, and what a great life. Looking forward to your new adventures. Prayers and thoughts are with you both.

  • Suzy Shepard

    Oops. Perhaps “politically incorrect”. I’m so very, very happy for you two. Win win. The cats will be so wonderfully accommodated and living with adventure and you all will know they are safe and well. I myself will be better because of your decision (and my narcissistic side loves “I myself” being better). I’ve watched all your videos and have had great angst worrying about the cats falling overboard, getting home in the crates and needing your presence when your presence might be needed somewhere else. As a mother of four, grandmother of eight and lover of every animal I’ve had — I understand what it is like to be “in charge” of or responsible for another life. It “ain’t easy”. So thank you for being such great lovers of all things good. I’m grateful for your wonderful conclusion and know the good of your well lit lives will continue to bless the kitties, yourselves, me and all. (My narcissistic self had to include me in there.). I simply love you two. Thanks.

  • Pam McClure


  • John Naef

    Nikki and Jason,
    You have our deepest sympathy on your loss.
    Pets indeed become “family members” and get deep inside our hearts.
    It will be strange not seeing the cats in your videos but know in your hearts that you’ve done the best for them.

    Hugs for you both (not furry but heart felt).
    Cindi and John

  • Brenda Jones

    You went above and beyond heroic measures for your furry children! And you are SO lucky to have friends who were happy to give them an amazing environment. Sorry for your loss.

  • Indigo

    A hug to you both.

  • Benjamin Wells

    Sorry for y’all loss. Cleo lived a very full and loved life.

  • Amy Damon

    So incredibly sorry Nikki and Jason. My husband and I have always admired how amazing the cats are on the boat. My heart was racing in one of your last vlogs when you could not find them once you were back stateside. My heart is breaking for your loss…and I can’t imagine how hard it is. We have two labs that are reaching the golden years…please know my thoughts are with you from Maine.

  • John Rapp

    Our deepest sympathies for your loss. We have sincerely loved watching your special feline crew. Our cat, Nemo, was welcomed aboard while we waited for a weather window on Lake Erie. Since then she has been with us to six countries and over 40 states and provinces. We can not comprehend life aboard without her. Your travels without Cleo and Singa will still capture our interest and “Curiosity “.

  • faith poda

    I think you two r so brave to make this choice for them! I’m so happy the Cleo and Singa were able to spend clea last moments together and that you were able to be spared having to make that hard choice to put her down yourselves. Also that she was able to pass in a stress free environment! And you two are so brave !!!!

  • Burton Carlisle

    So sorry for your loss. I just recently lost my 18 year old cat. Will miss seeing the cats on your videos!

  • Chuck & Cindy Lundberg New Hampshire

    So very sorry, for you guys traveling everywhere with your cats that’s tougher than anyone will ever realize. We are always thankful we met and you allowed us to share a few hours with you and you are always in our prayers and appreciate you sharing your journey with us.

  • Sian

    So sorry for your loss. Keep the precious memories of Cleo close to your heart.

  • Bub

    Between Dec 29th and Jan 13. My best friend and I lost three dogs. Pets have a very close emotional attachment to their humans, closer perhaps than we can manage with other humans. Hang in there we are all sending you best wishes. love ya.

  • G Scott Lockwood

    I’m so sad. I know you feel broken. When our Baggio passed (more than 5 years ago) I thought I would never be whole. But time did gently heal my heart and life continued with fond memories. I hope your pain fades quickly. PS Baggio was Cleo’s spittin image.

  • Tim

    So sorry for your loss. I was watching the very first videos of you too just starting off in the motorhome so many years ago and was just thinking that those cats have got to be getting old. Rest assured knowing that they seen far more of life than most people can even dream of.

  • Tirany

    Thank you for sharing such a personal time for you and Jason. I feel like through your adventures I got to know Cleo 😕 May you find peace in your hearts.

  • Les J Hamilton

    My wife and I love you guys! We currently live in a RV and will be making the move to a boat boat soon. This video had us crying like babies, we are so sorry for your loss. I dont think there are many cats that could claim to have had a better life than Cleo. We will miss seeing her on Sunday’s.

  • Laurie Perry

    Wow. That took 2 tissues! I watched the video with my cat on my lap. ❤We love love love watching you guys and we will miss seeing the cats but you gave them a life like no other and an amazing retirement. May you be blessed with many more years of adventure! ⛵

  • Dawn Ackley

    Deepest sympathies extended.

  • Sue

    So sorry for you loss but it did seem like the right decision. My heart goes out to you !

  • Mike Smith

    Nikki, I think you did a wonderful tribute. Cloe had a fantastic life, and if she could have she would have told you so. It takes time, but the heart never really ever minds. The great news is, she is waiting for you on the other side. This message is so hard to write because of the tears that are falling from my eyes. It reminds me of my babies that have gone before me. God Bless

  • Jeanette Brennan

    So very sorry for your loss… I feel your pain. You are living a new normal now – keep all your precious memories tucked in your hearts and soldier on. Thx for sharing – tough stuff. 💓😻💓🌈

  • LauraJK

    So sorry for your loss. Kudos to you for putting your babies needs first, sometimes it’s the hardest thing we do. Safe and peaceful travels to you.

  • Thais

    Just ugly cried my way through this and my heart is going out to you all! Sometimes as pet lovers we have to make hard choices and you both make the right one, even though it hurt. It was such a beautiful tribute!

  • Nelly Real

    Oh my Goodness! We always follow you guys and the furry kids! We have two of our own! We are so sorry! They are family, so can’t imagine the void! Will you get Singa back at some time? Take care

  • Lisa Cantrell

    Oh you guys, I’m so sorry about Cleo. Coming on the heels of Nina’s news about Taggart I find myself hugging Cadbury more and appreciating every moment with him.
    As hard as it was to leave Singa I get it and she certainly looks happy. Not sure the rest of the animals believe her when she tells them she didn’t get to run in grass or climb trees for all that time but I’m sure they all think she’s a rock star. I will miss seeing both of them on the boat and my heart is with you as you return without them.

  • Tim Murtha

    What a moving tribute! So sorry for your loss. You are both so brave for sharing! Bless you!

  • YDion

    Beautiful images;
    Beautiful music;
    Beautiful people;
    Beautiful lives.

    Sorry for your loss… It’s obvious how much you loved her.

  • Mary

    Lynn and Clark are awesome! Do they take donations to help fund their animals! Such big hearts they have!

    • Curious Minion

      Yes they do and I can’t think of a better tribute to Cleo! Head over to the Mutiny Ranch webpage and there’s a donate button on the right-hand side. Thanks on behalf of all the furry babies!
      Curious Minion

    • Laurence

      Lynn also has set up a special fundraiser just now (Feb. 23) and the link for that is in the Instagram Bio

  • Kathy Jura

    Kat Cat here.
    Hi guys!
    Even after meeting you in Florida and knowing what happened ahead of time I still cried my eyes out.
    I have lost my fur baby too which makes it more close to home. In Arizona I’ve had cats most of my life.
    I lived here on Godiva in Florida for eight months before Michael could join me. One day I was wandering through Coastal Center Mall and came across a humane society store. Smart of them to put it there. I went in intending just to look. I saw another grown cat and went behind the cages for a meet. Then a tiny paw from the cage above grabbed me and hung on, yowling. That was it. Adso adopted me. Unfortunately after that I had air conditioning issues and couldn’t safely leave him at home while I went to work. Enter my new best friend Michelle as cat sitter. Many months later after Michael and I took a week long vacation to the Bahamas, Adso obviously didn’t like coming home from living with Auntie Michelle’s other babies. So I took him back.
    Fair winds and safe travels you two. With you in spirit and still working towards our own launch.

  • Mark E. Campbell

    We traveled internationally with our elderly, spoiled rotten, cat Sonny Bunny. The paperwork required/suggested/hinted at, etc. is truly mind boggling at times. I certainly understand and appreciate your dilemma, and respect your love-based decision. Sonny Bunny passed away here in Ecuador, thereby further strengthening our connection to this beautiful country.

  • Mary

    I know that was a hard video! I can’t quit crying myself. Love you! ❤️❤️🙁

  • Neil

    How lucky those kitties have been to have you as their humans. I’m sorry for your loss, but grateful that Singa has a land life full of love, pets, and lazy days being a good cat. Sending you both hugs. I had no idea when I saw you guys in FLL and at the boat show. —Neil

  • Don Johnston

    Similar kidney experience with our only ever pet, a cat. Travel considerations for pets are too much. Sailing Zatara recently acquired a kitten and there was a cost > $1K to get approval for one country entry by the time vet etc fees were totalled. Retirement is a wonderful option.

  • Redds

    So sorry for your loss, I feel we are the pets to our 4 legged friends so saying good bye is so hard.stay safe

  • Redds

    So sorry for your loss, I feel we are the pets to our 4 legged friends so saying good bye is so hard.

  • Dan & Zena

    Wow, almost speechless. Peace, love and faith.


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