warderick wells land and sea park

Boo Boo, Blow Holes & Drifting – Sailing Warderick Wells

Warderick Wells is a strong, stick-with-you kind of name.  Perhaps an English castle or dramatic film series but alas, it’s the headquarters of the Exuma Cays Land & Sea Park and our next sailing destination.

While the name of the island sounds sophisticated and chic, it’s the main attractions that send my inner tween into a fit of giggles.  It’s hard not to be excited about tantalizing hikes such as Boo Boo hill dominated by blow holes.  Then there’s snorkeling at Brad’s Reef at Long Cay…maybe finish the day off at Mooring Ball #9? Oh, and there’s a sperm whale too!

Ok, sorry.  I am sending the tween back to her room so we can get to the exploring already.  You’ll probably want a cold beverage, sunscreen and a pair of shades before hitting the play button on this one.

After this experience, we fully understand and appreciate the words crystal clear water.  Seriously, have you ever seen anything more mesmerizing?  If it wasn’t for the salt, I swear I could stick a swirly straw in it and slurp away.

beautiful waters of the bahamas

beautiful waters exuma

sailboats all lined up like ducks in a row

beautifully calm seas bahamas

The Stromatolites

If I hadn’t looked them up before entering the park, I would have swum right over these layered mounds of sheet-like rocks, and not thought a thing about them.  However, they are an ancient and rare form of early life of earth.   Formed by the growth of layer upon layer of a single-celled microbe.  It’s these moments that knowing the importance or significance of something that makes it interesting and exciting.

oldest organims

snorkeling land and sea park

snorkeling land and sea park

The Sperm Whale

Did you know sperm whales have the largest brains of any animal?  This 53’ skeleton sadly died after swallowing a plastic bag.  Yep, a plastic bag…and you honestly don’t want to know how many of them we have seen floating around in the ocean.  It’s heartbreaking.  We can only sail circles picking up so many of them.  So, we use this as a friendly reminder to use our canvas grocery bags and ask for a paper bag if we should forget.  Hopefully, the next whale we see will be a live one swimming side-by-side with us in the ocean!

warderick wells land and sea park

Sailing Report

warderick sailing map

Dates: February 13 & 14 (yep, Valentines Day) 2017
Nautical Miles Sailed: 19 from Shroud Cay
Anchorages: Between Malabar Cays & Emerald Rock
Cell & WiFi: Our BTC signal was non existent without our booster on.  Always exciting to go from no service to downloading emails with the switch of button!

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Hello there! I honestly don’t know what to say, so I am going to tell you a bunch of random facts instead. I'm a fish eating vegetarian who hates spiders and loves snakes. I almost never took vacations growing up. I wanted to be Pippi Longstocking (still do). I misspell about every other word I write and still struggle with grammar. I love splurging on a good high tea (which is really hard to find these days). And whatever you do, don’t tell me I can’t do something, because then I'll HAVE to do it!

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  • Rene

    Wonderful blogg, superbly edited, looks great. I was one of the original Operation Raleigh Volunteers that built the information centre (HQ) on Waderick Wells in 1989. Great to see it is still standing (and has been maintained). Living on the Island as a National Park in 1989 was incredible, rarely visited by yatchs and only re-supplied by sea plane. Absolutely remote and wildlife was abundant and very approachable. Fantastic to see you enjoying the amazing scenery. Our project leader was called Vicki Pepper and originally the top of Boo Boo hill was called Pepper Point (hope that has remained). We placed the second drift wood sign on the top of the hill, sop evidently started a trend. Keep well and thank you once again.

  • Dennis

    Don’t forget to go to the Pirates Lair

  • Dave

    Beautiful video, thanks. What is the name of the song?

  • Buck

    Thought you’d like to know one of your followers is Steveo1Kinevo who does some excellent aviation videos and occasionally flies in the Bahamas. He mentions you and S/V Curiousity in his most recent (April 28) video as he’s flying into Staniel Cay.

  • Martine

    boo hoo, I can’t get this video to go beyone 5 minutes. Tried Curious Minion’s link and that did’nt work either.

      • Caitlin

        Switching browsers fixed this issue for me. Usually watch on Safari but it only showed the first 5:19, opened up chrome and the whole video loaded right up the first time.

  • Fred

    So excited to continue watching you videos. We took 3 months off in 1995 and took our kids out of school and did all of the Exumas and back, so really enjoying this part of your adventure. For some reason, both here and on YouTube there is only 5:19 worth of video. I suspect there is more (and I don’t think it is my issue as I tried it on two computers). Just wanted to let you know. Once fixed, feel free to delete this comment.
    Best, Fred and Brenda

  • Doreen Colnaghi

    Amazing how clear the water can be! So sad about our bad habits killing off wildlife. Yes, we are nuts about recycling too. Thank you for caring.

  • Rik

    Nikki as Marilyn. Perfect! Jason creepin’ up on a six pack? YouTube’s own Brad & Angelina…
    Thanks for the adventures.

  • john brunson

    Get your “Tween” back out….giggle all you want! refuse to grow up… We continue to live vicariously

  • We found you guys when we bought our first Moho and have been following you ever since, about 3 years. We admire your sense of adventure and just love the way you create your videos. The sailing life looks good on you guys and we look forward to your next video each time upload and publish. Your drone footage was great and you seem to be good at flying even over water (that scares me as I have watched my son learning to fly his new Karma). I hope you can get your drone flying again but if not check out the Karma wow it’s like magic. Anyway thanks for your excellent blog.

  • mary

    That has to be the most beautiful water I have ever seen! How lucky you were to catch the pod or school of rays.

    Hard to get back to work after seeing this video!

    Love your new swim suits – both of you!

  • What amazing videography! My husband and I just started living aboard 2 weeks ago and have found your blog such an inspiration! We enjoy reading about your adventure and watching the beautiful scenery. Keep safe and travel on!

  • bahamamam penny

    OMG! That was amazing!!! We haven’t seen calm water like that here for weeks! As a matter of fact we are having a SW blow right now and only 4 boats left in bay and man are they rocking!
    Miss you both and think of you often. Will be watching for our LONG ISLAND video………..
    we depart Thurs. =+( but have a fun summer planned with family and travels out west with friends.
    HUGS to you and keep doing it!
    LOVE YOU!!

  • Arne Løvik

    Beautiful pictures as always 🙂 Its been snowing this morning here in Norway 🙁 Spring seems to be miles away. Thankfully your videos brighten my days 🙂 I was out sailing with my boat the other day, to the Koster Islands just off Sweden’s west coast, it was 7 degrees C in the sea and I almost froze to death at night when the temperature was subzero in my cabin…. Luckily the webasto came to my rescue 🙂 It was beautiful sunshine but as you can imagine, an icy cold wind. So no bikinis to be spotted around here anytime soon :p Take care 🙂

  • Nancy Fernandez

    Wow the water is absolutely gorgeous. It’s so uplifting to watch your videos. Missing the drone as much as you are. Happy Sailing!

  • Richard

    Absolutely beautiful. Life is good! Those rays were the best. Thanks.
    Did you ever receive the Caribbean Soul CD I mailed to you before Christmas? If yes, how did you like it?

  • Deborah Kerr

    Wow again! That morning scene of the calm waters looks like an oil painting-the colors are amazing-only Mother Nature could create!! Love the rays and the turtle and any other creature you can catch on video!!

  • Keith Anderson

    a group of rays is a “fever” not a “pod” 🙂

  • George Hofmann

    I am so heart wrenchingly sad for both of you! What you both have had to put up with is so brave of both of you to overcome and carry on;
    Beautiful sights
    Perfect company and most of all,
    You two!
    It’s so sad!
    Carry on.

  • Mike

    What were you cooking your oatmeal in? it look very handy

  • Frans Vanleeuwen

    Beautiful waters and sky! Love the blue sky, water island atoll day, blow hole and sandbar…great video, thank you!

  • After spending the last three days stuck inside our rig in rainy, soggy, gray Tennessee, I needed a heaping dose of sunshine. That video was just what the doctor ordered. Thank you very much….

  • Tracy H

    Such beauty and amazing blues. Your videos are such a bright spot on the weekends. Safe travels and exciting adventures.

  • Always enjoy the Sunday video. Just wanted to let you know that the bird you saw was a yellow crowned night heron. Keep having Fun! ?

  • Connie

    Awe!!! So good to see y’all on Sundays…this place is beautiful too! I just can’t get over the color and clarity of the water… peaceful!! Big Love!!!

  • Great video! I’m absolutely loving watching all of your sailing videos.

  • Larry

    Please include the GPS coordinates of your destinations on your wonderful journey!



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