It’s A Sailors Life For Me

It’s A Sailors Life For Me

You know you’ve been living remotely when sailing to an island population of 20,000 feels like arriving in the big city. It’s all about perspective. And, in the island country of Tonga, Nuku’alofa is the big city. It’s the capital of the Kingdom, the hub, and the launchpad for exploring the other islands. Which is exactly what we intend to do…stock up and head out!

Join us for a couple of days basking in the convenient luxuries of being in “the city” contrasted by sailing away from civilization and back into the wild deep blue.

Man about Tonga

Saia really is the man about Tonga. He lives on the main island of Tongatapu but makes regular trips to Vava’u to visit his parents. This is how we first met him, and if you find yourself at The Vava’u BoatYard, you’ll most likely run into him hanging with Cyril and the gang. He knows the islands, the stores, and the people. So, if you need a guide for just about anything or want some supplies gathered on one island and shipped to another, he is the man.

  • Saia Instagram: @saia_will


You’ll see a familiar face on this voyage. Our friend Cyril from the boatyard joins us for his first passage! He has worked on boats for over a decade. He has purchased and is refitting a boat, and yet he has never experienced a proper sail. It made what was already a special occasion a little sweeter and his sentiments at the end of the video sum it all up perfectly. He’s hooked.

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