sailing the florida keys

Shaking It Out – Sailing In The Keys

I try to start each day off with the “expect anything” attitude (depending on my morning coffee time, some days this works better than others). I fully believe that expectations are everything. Most of the time I try not to have any expectations but that doesn’t always work (like this one time in Alaska). Today, however, it did work.

For whatever reason, this was one of those days that leaves me feeling like I have the greatest life in the world and I wouldn’t trade places with anyone for anything. Nothing particularly amazing happened on this day, it just felt like everything in the world was right.

Which, is exactly the opposite of our previous skinny water, bad anchoring day. But that is life and travel isn’t it? One day has us wondering what in the hell we’ve gotten ourselves into while the next reminds us of how incredible day-to-day life can be.

I realize that in the video we’re being overly excited about sailing on a sailboat without using motors.  It probably seems ridiculous. Perhaps it is, but at the end of our “we don’t need engines, we’re a sailboat” day we were feeling mighty salty and downright proud of ourselves.

What we thought was a fun challenge (pull up anchor, sail off and then set anchor without a motor) was everyday business to sailors of the past.  In my imagination I could have easily been a sailor back in the 1400’s roughing it with the bearded men…in reality, I am not so sure.  I fully admit I love my technology and have no intentions of giving it up anytime soon.

Underwater Jesus

There are lots of awesome dive sights all along the south Florida coast but there is one hyped up spot that we wanted to check out for ourselves. Key Largo Dry Rocks is home to the nine foot Christ of the Abyss bronze statue. It’s an underwater Jesus that was originally located in the Mediterranean Sea. We didn’t find Jesus but we’re not giving up…we’ll go looking for him again. If you don’t know what we’re talking about, you can see a photo and read more about it here:

snorkeling dry rocksGoPro vs YI

With all the underwater filming in our future, we have some sorting out to do. We haven’t purchased a new GoPro in a while and we’re not sure if we want to. GoPro used to rule the market when it came to action cameras but now there are a lot of newbies and new technology hitting the scene.

We scored the image stabilized sony action cam before our Alaska road trip last year and it’s been awesome.  Then, we recently got the basic but half-the-price YI. Its a solid little action camera but not the high quality we need for underwater action. So…we’re going to stop fiddling around and get our hands on a full array of action cameras for some side by side testing (if you have one you’re curious about, let us know). It’s the only way to find out which camera is the best bang for the buck. Stay tuned, we’ll have updates on all of it soon!

Until then, you can find our full list of camera gear and reviews here:

Cameras used to film this video:
Sony A6000:
Sony Zoom Mic:
Sony 10-18mm f4 lens:
Sony Action Cam:
Yi Action Camera:
Go Pro Hero 3

Adventure Gear Used
Hammerhead Free-Dive Mask With Camera Mount:
Hammerhead Free-Dive J Snorkel
iPad Pro: using Garmin Bluecharts app

sailing around the world

Sailing Report

sailing map

If you click on the map it will take you to our map page where you can view, scroll, zoom and click.

Weather: 87°
Wind:  Southeast 5-7 knots
Route: Garden Cove South to Dry Rocks to Rodriguez Key
Nautical Miles Sailed: 20
Date: September 7, 2016

Quick Question

Do you have an app or a website you use to find awesome snorkeling and diving sites?  As we’re preparing to cross over to the Bahamas we’re realizing there are a lot of diving spots but would love some tips on finding them.

Thanks a million for tuning in and being a part of the adventure!


Hello there! I honestly don’t know what to say, so I am going to tell you a bunch of random facts instead. I'm a fish eating vegetarian who hates spiders and loves snakes. I almost never took vacations growing up. I wanted to be Pippi Longstocking (still do). I misspell about every other word I write and still struggle with grammar. I love splurging on a good high tea (which is really hard to find these days). And whatever you do, don’t tell me I can’t do something, because then I'll HAVE to do it!

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  • Tom H.

    Hi guys,

    Really enjoy your videos and story!

    I haven’t read through the comments so maybe this was covered but, when on a mooring ball, don’t run a single line through the mooring loop as a bridle. You were correct in saying it will chafe. Even if you don’t care about what it does to *your* line, it will weaken the eye and cause problems for the next guy.

    To make a proper bridle on a ball, run a line from each bow to the eye and back to the same bow. That way, it doesn’t saw on the eye as you swing.

  • I haven’t had time to watch many videos so I’m catching up on a few right now. You guys are so talented. And Nikki I love that suit and Jason that’s a very cool haircut. Wish we could visit you!

  • Captn David Hall

    Just saw you buying the boat video. Since you have the 180 day visit sticker you will receive a letter from the state of Florida wanting to know if you are gone. The best way to prove you are gone is a fuel receipt or a dockage receipt. Get one of these at the first opportunity when you leave Florida. This will start the clock on your 6 months away from the state.
    Have fun

  • Lynn F

    Glad you guys are safe… stay that way while you live your dream…

  • John Athey

    Guys, we had a chance to do some side-by-side comparison of the GoPro Hero 4 Black vs. the 3 Black last summer when my wife & I spent three weeks with some friends diving several islands through Micronesia. Your video here was all close to the surface and had available light from the sun and you still are commenting on the murkiness. As you are deeper, it’s worse, as you know. The 4 was so much better that my long-time dive buddy with the 3 threw his away and got a 4…just chucked it in the trash and got a new one. In several caves, my wife’s 4 had such good light gathering capabilities we actually have full video instead of just being able to pull 4K frames when my camera strobes fired as I had assumed. You’ll have to compare what all you want to do — the 4 Silver’s touch screen and built-in viewing screen are possibly better above-water options. Underwater the housing prevents touching anything and the viewing screen just drains the battery, so the 4 Black’s 4K low-light video capabilities win hands down. Good luck with your testing.

  • David

    I imagine that it must be tempting for you at times like this, to think about selling the boat and getting another RV. I mean it would likely be easy for you to do another sponsorship deal to get a “free” RV for a year or two like you did with Fleetwood. Plus you could easily dodge hurricanes and bad weather in an RV and save yourself the stress of bad weather preparations. I think that the low points of sailing will probably be worse than the low points of RVing, but that the high points of sailing will be better than the high points of RVing. Please keep going with your sailing adventure. I think you’ve just been a bit unlucky so far with events. If you want some inspiration, I suggest that you check out the latest beautiful episode of RAN sailing, that was uploaded this morning at

  • Shad

    Howdy! Love the blog. Have you guys considered testing the TomTom Bandit camera in your side-by-side comparison?

  • David

    Leaking hatches. I did a Google search and found the following articles on how to repair leaking hatches. Apparently, leaking hatches are common, so it would be a good thing to be able to fix yourself.
    Here is an article on tracing leaks as opposed to fixing them, but it might still be useful:

    There are some Youtube videos on this topic:

    What I would add based on my very limited experience is if you are chasing leaks from a hatch, make sure you are 100% positive where the leak is coming from before you fix it. ie. Is it a leak from between the glass and the frame or between the frame and the deck/hull or somewhere else?

    Hope that you and your boat (and the cats) are o.k. after Matthew. It looks like Matthew stayed a bit further from the coast than was expected around Miami, West Palm Beach area, and made landfall slightly further north. I can only assume that your renaming ceremony pleased God and so He spared you the worst of the storm. Looks like Matthew might be back in a few days, if so it will likely be very much weaker, but keep an eye on nhc / tropicaltidbits etc over the next few days, just in case the storm re-intensifies north east of The Bahamas.
    Best of luck with the leaks.

  • Richard MacLennan

    I saw your post on the mobile Internet set-up for your RV. It would be nice to see an updated version for your sailboat. Have you looked into some of the newer satellite Internet devices like Iridium GO? I tried the Delorme InReach and could send and receive SMS text messages from the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.

  • Chuck W.

    Where’s the hurricane update?

    • Gary A

      Sooo glad to hear this! Been checking the blog to look for just this message! What fine timing you have! 🙂 Seriously, super to hear all is well.

  • Ken hollis

    Hey guys , I hope you are ok during this hurricane. We are in Phoenix as my wife Jane has had surgery. I follow you on you tube on my tv, I have an app my son put on through MP3 so I can watch you tube and net flix. We do not have regular tv. We do not care for the news , especially the election . While in Phoenix as Jane recovers I have seen the news and the major warnings of this hurricane. I have been watching you guys for a few years, since you are the age of my kids I got very worried about you. I joined your email . I have been subscribed through you tube for a long time. I hope to God you are safe. Your buddy Ken hollis

  • David Messer

    I hope you guys are OK! It looks like Matthew is headed right at you.

    Praying for you…


    r u staying around for a fell days were on a 46 jefferson power poat stop to say high. hope to run into u.

  • Anne p

    Stay safe y’all! Matthew is a rough intro to storms.

    • H.Campos

      Yes, praying that you guys found a safe place for yourselves and that beautiful boat!

  • Dave

    Suggest you learn to hunt lionfish.
    Too many around,very very tasty,and you just need a little care when cleaning them.
    Youtube it

  • T C Spencer

    FYI — GAC is still showing your first RV purchase tour.
    Going Rv
    Young Couple Seeks the Perfect RV for a Temporary Retirement8:30 PM on GAC 65, 30 min 2014
    A couple look for an RV for a temporary retirement.

  • Timm

    Jason did you tooth paste your new mask to remove the factory film? There are some other brand of mask scrub but tooth paste is something everyone has on hand. Most people forget this step when buying a new mask. MSDT#242543

  • Jack & Carol

    Hello Curiosity Crew,

    There is a guy in the Caribbean that is a vidiographer & photographer. Check out Rick Moore and Sophisticated Lady. He’s got some awesome underwater & drone camera work, lives on board and has been doing it since 2007 or so. Here’s a tube link.

    Be safe this week.


  • Jeff

    Is the Hurricane going to be a problem for you?

    • David

      Nikki and Jason are posting mini updates on their Facebook page, to inform followers of their situation. In short, they are making plans (and executing them) for the hurricane.

  • Jonathan Davis

    For underwater video, have you guys considered using the A6000 with an underwater housing? I use a Neewer housing on my Nex 6 and it works out really well. Haven’t had any leak issues and have used it on two different trips in the past year. Most recently I used it 6 days straight while snorkeling in Belize. I primarily use it for photos and mount a GoPro on top for video but using it at 16mm will give you a good amount of field of view and you shouldn’t have to be as crazy close to fish as you have to be with the GoPro. One added bonus versus an action cam is that you would be able to zoom if there is something deeper or farther than you want to go. I know there are some cons such as larger size, a little added buoyancy, and price wise it’s going to run you about the same as a new cam, but if you still have a Sony 16-50mm lens, adding a case allows you to use your existing gear without needing to learn a new cam and might give you an opportunity to take some different FOV video than you can with an action cam. Just another potential option to consider in your roundup if you are going to be using the new action cam mainly for underwater video…

    For anti fog in your cameras, grab some Cam Kix housing inserts. They are cheap and worked great in my Neewer and GoPro housings on our trip.

    Lastly Jason, I highly recommend trying one of the full face snorkel masks. They work well with facial hair, have an excellent range of vision, and if they do leak they are very easy to clear. I was very skeptical of them but grabbed a budget priced one for our trip and liked it better than the mask/snorkel combo. If you have room for another mask on board, give one a try!

    Hope you guys are getting as far west as possible with the Hurricane on the way. Stay safe and have fun!

  • Pyrate White

    Looking forward to your next post on how you weathered your first hurricane! One particular (safe) harbour to the whole crew.

  • Rod Reichardt

    Nikki I’m with you on the murky water thing. I’ve always blamed it on having a vivid imagination. Kind of like Stephen King’s “The Mist” where you don’t see the monsters for a long time but you know they’re out there. I always thought one of the scariest movies was “The Haunting” form 1964. You don’t see anything scary. It’s all left to your imagination. I got my teenaged kids to watch it a couple of years ago. They didn’t get it at all. They were raised on CGI monsters and slasher movies. They didn’t really need to imagine anything. I was mostly reading at their age which required lots of imagination. So I generally allow myself to feel a bit intellectually superior to my kids due to my highly developed imagination. I know it’s crap but it makes me feel better. Anyway I advise you to use your fear of murky water to feel just a bit superior since it’s only your highly developed imagination at work.

  • Rod Morris

    Hey Nikki, Thank you for all your great videos and blogs. They are not only informative but fun to watch. One tip, never place a single line, or even two lines through a mooring lead from one bow to the other – It becomes a saw! I learned this the hard way as a rookie to mooring balls despite many years of sailing. I ran a line from each bow through the mooring lead then to their opposite bows. Add a little wind and waves and our line sawed through a mooring lead at 3am during a squal. Luckily the boat and crew survived without further incident but it was very close and terrifying in a small crowded anchorage in the dark with wind and rain. Always place 2 lines through the mooring lead with each line then returning back to their original bow, even for short stops like lunch. Fair winds and safe sailing to you both and keep on posting, they are great! Cheers

  • Bruce & Pier Clyne

    Hey, folks. If you need a safe place to wait out the storm in inland Georgia, we have a bed and cat box available.

  • Ted Owens

    It looks like you are having trouble with the battens on your mainsail getting caught in the lazy jacks when you hoist your main sail. You can avoid this by slacking your lazy jacks and pulling them forward near the mast before you hoist the sail. You then pull them back in place once the sail is up.

  • Debbie

    We took a road trip thru the Keys in August. We took a trip thru the park services to go see Christ of the Abyss. It was a four hour trip and we went to several sites. Seeing the statue was pretty cool. Do go back. I kept thinking how my next trip to the keys needed to include a boat. You are doing it up right! The keys are so pretty. I’m so enjoying your adventures…. ???.

  • Brenda King

    Oh my…nothing better than a warm day on the water, finished with a cold sundowner and a fiery sunset. You two must be smiling from ear to ear! All your hard work is starting to pay off…WTG!!!!!!!

  • Great post, great video, cute swimsuit and awesome sailing. Love it! By the way I’ve always used plain ol spit in my snorkeling masks and it seems to work better than any of the other stuff.


  • Kim

    I thoroughly enjoy your blog ( I started my journey looking for an RV) like many of your other readers I look forward to each one of your postings. I have many questions but one I’m interested in is how are your solar panels working out as far as replenishing your batteries. You mentioned once you were a electricity hog, and I would envision myself as one of those as well

  • Debra Haworth

    Oh I so enjoy your videos!! I look forward to each one with great anticipation. I could watch for hours!! Lol. You two are our inspiration for going full time rving starting in about a month. Stay safe with Matthew coming up. Blessings to you and your kitties! ?

  • Mary Nelson

    Wonderful post! Glad you have grand days to offset the challenging ones. On a side note, love Nikki’s suit – very cute, very “retro” and hope that Jason is getting enough to eat out there!

  • Alan Windsor

    Wow! Your adventure has definitely entered that next phase. My wife and I were sitting at home watching you two navigating the Keys without an engine and we were about as excited as you were (maybe not quite as excited, but almost). Being able to travel with just the power of the wind is a thrill and I know it was a goal. Good going!

    The Yi looked a tad better than the GoPro. I have seen writeups about the Apeman 4K action camera for under $100. The reviews and videos look pretty good. It might be another camera to check out.

    Thanks for living your lives and letting us take a glimpse! Some of the best TV out there!

  • Margie Daniels

    As always and like we all have said, Thank you. Our leaves are starting to turn and I HATE the thought of raking. I wish I were back on the boat. Enjoy and thanks again for all the filming. Happy sunrise….

  • It looks like fun, guys! You’re tempting me even with my sea sickness to try and get out there.

  • Theodore Shih

    There are a couple fishing items I recommend adding to your kit to improve the odds of a fish dinner. In general nothing beats live bait. Big fish like to eat little fish. One of the best lures for catching live bait are the tiny Sabiki rigs.

    These can be jigged gently up and down with a small weight attached to collect small fish to use as bait. Most rigs come with 8 lures attached, but I like to cut them in half because the hooks are razor sharp, and it’s easier to handle when there are only 4 lures on the line.

    The other thing I would get is Wide gap hooks. These are designed to grab the corner of the fishes mouth once they take the bait, so they essentially hook themselves. It also makes it easier to unhook the fish because there are fewer incidences of trying to remove deeply swallowed hooks.

    Both sabiki rigs and wide gap hooks can usually be found at Walmart or fishing tackle stores.

  • Bryan Makepeace

    Running your ac for a few minutes and closing the camera case in front of a vent will significantly lower the moisture in the case. For the masks its the same as every one else has said. Spit but don’t rinse the mask afterword, and don’t breath out through your nose at all. On your anchoring questions personally I don’t like to have less then 2 anchors out especially for multiple days. Set and pull the second one with the dinghy. Tie both anchors off the bow set 180 apart. Leave enough slack on the second anchor that you don’t catch your rudders or keels when the wind shifts spins (15-20 feet).

  • Connie

    That was fun! Loved snorkeling in Hawaii when we lived there, Parrot fish is my fav! Well not really anything underwater is my fav! Happy Sundowners! !!! ? ❤ ✌

  • Ken Hale Hollis

    Thanks for letting me tag along again…You probably wont ever get Willy Nilly , and if you do maybe you are taking things a little to Willy Nilly….(I love watching you guys , one reason your the age of my kids) SO don’t go getting Willy Nilly on me! Could not really tell the difference in the cameras. I am looking into cameras also, cause I am now getting ready to buy a super c class RV…and I think its a wonderful way of keeping in touch, more personnel…
    I think you guys are doing great for what you call newbies….I would be a newbie too,and I would be just as excited. Keep it up I am tagging along AKA Hale Baby

  • Tom

    I always found just spit was the best anti fog for my mask. A for the GoPro have you tried those little moisture packets GoPro sells to put in the case. I also heard Nikki mention fins, I am buying new gear and my friend who has dived for over 30 years and is a Marine Biologist highly recommends the Apollo BioFin. He says they look a little funky, but once in the water they are by far the best out there. Just thought I would throw it your way.

    Keep livin life to the fullest!

  • Sylvia

    Spit into the googles, then they dont fog up

  • Michael

    Another awesome one! Thanks so much.

    I was also wondering about your anchoringl. How does that work around coral? Also, what happens when the boat goes away?

    I am no diver, but I cannot imagine diving without a knife on my ankle, an electronic shark repeller, my EPIRB and maybe a dye marker. Too much?

    That beard appears to be coming in nicely, Jason. You’ll soon turn into an ol’ salt before you know it, and saying things like “Arrgh, Matey!”.

    Keep up the good work, you two! I’m enjoying it immensely.

  • Norman Grimbeek

    Love following you guys,from the bottom end of Africa,enjoy the ride !

  • Don’t feel bad that you didn’t see the Christ Statue. I was there once, right on the spot and the visibility was so bad, I couldn’t see it 10 feet away! You’ll get better visibility on an incoming tide. We’ve gotten to the point if the vis isn’t good, it’s too choppy, or the water isn’t warm enough, then we don’t get wet. We used to dive on anything, but not anymore!

    I would suggest a different brand of no fog. As long as your masks aren’t leaking the no fog should work fine. I’m thinking your masks are leaking a little, especially Jason with all that facial hair.

    The Keys are full of jellyfish and also kind of like no-see-ums that you can’t see but that can sting. I have always worn what is called a skin suit. It’s a thin lycra suit with long sleeves and legs with a zipper up front (I prefer to a back zipper). It keeps you from burning, keeps you a little warmer and keeps the stingy things from getting you. Here is a link:

  • Chris Starnes

    Speaking of your mask fogging up, have you seen these new masks that are supposed to prevent that?

  • Avighna

    Onya for anchoring and mooring under sail!!

    Today’s tips: if yer not laying to a bridle at anchor and mooring, rig one. Each arm should be approx your beam, ergo bridle 2x beam. Gavin leSueur’s MULTIHULL SEAMANSHIP is the authoritative tome on the subject

    PLEEZE lubricate yer outhaul and blocks, and apply it to the clew strap while yer at it. MacLube works wonders

    I’ve used SPECTRAMAR BERIS mask antifog for years. Put a couple drops on the INSIDE. rub over the lens, then dunk and rinse

    For hair, put a baseball cap on backwards which has the added bonus of shading the back of your neck

    I’ve heard rumors that ciguatera is beginning to show up on US shores. Might wanna check that

    Enjoy the ride…

      • Avighna

        Oh btw the bball cap goes on first, mask over, lulz

  • Nancy Fernandez

    Oh how I Love watching you two. Another great day on the water.

  • Bob Sholtes

    Something to consider when picking up a mooring – use two lines. From each cleat,take the line to the eye on the ball and bring it back to the same cleat. This helps prevent chafe, the boat will stay centered and in case one line breaks, you still have a second line holding you to the ball.

    Great videos by the way! My wife and I got hooked on them when you started you cat shopping as we were also shopping for a cat. Then, when you had Jen as your instructor you had us hooked. We did our ASA training with Blue Water and Jen was also our instructor, so watching you go through the program brought back fond memories.

  • Lee

    Do you use the 7:1 rule when anchoring? Do you also tie off your anchor chain after it is down instead of just relying on the chain brake to hold it? Do you have the chain marked so you know how much you let out? If the anchor is dragging it is probably time to re-anchor. Do you use a black ball marker when anchored? I know you must use the proper lighting when anchored.

    Be careful when going in the ocean. If you get a cut then don’t go in. Sharks can reportedly smell blood a quarter of a mile away. Sharks are not the only danger in the ocean. Ever thought of carrying a spear gun just in case? How about a knife? How about protection carried on the boat? Do you have flares? Do you have tether lines to wear in bad seas? How about any type of dye marker?

    Now you know boating is a lot more expensive than RV’ing.

    Have you thought about using Home Defense spray for your boat (especially when pierside)? It is supposed to be safe even for pets.

    Don’t take chances and stay safe. Thanks for all the great videos.

  • Mark Clavell

    Jason, another way to stop your mask fogging….is to add a couple of drops of dish washing liquid into the mask and then smear it around……then give it a good rinse once you hit the water.

    Enjoy your vids. Safe passage!

  • David

    With respect to dive site websites, I did a quick Google search and came up with for the Biminis and Florida and for the Bahamas in general. I expect that you already know about these though and are looking for blogs and more niche websites, but I’m mentioning them just in case.
    Concerning camera testing, would you test either the GoPro Hero5 session, or the Hero session (they’re the tiny ones) please? Also, could you test something like the Samsung Gear 360, because that sort of thing just feels like the future to me… Thanks very much.
    One place I’ve kind of been hoping that you will visit in the Bahamas is Thunderball Grotto. It was visited by Wicked Salty in their vlogs number 56 and 57, and looks a fascinating place. It’s on an outlying island slightly to the North West of Staniel Cay in the Exumas. Apparently you need to be wary of tides if you visit and also be strong swimmers. It’s the location where several films have been filmed, including the James bond film Thunderball, which I suspect explains the name.
    If Hurricane Matthew makes it to the Bahamas before you do, the the possibility exists (speculation) that they will be recovering from damage when you get there. This could lead to essentials like food, fuel, water being in short supply or having elevated prices (more speculation). You could attempt to counter this by taking more supplies with you than normal (suggestion)…
    The last thing, is that the US government has a warning of crime for New Providence Island (essentially Nassau). Apparently the outlying islands are much safer but tourists seem to be underestimating the dangers on New Providence Island and so are getting robbed regularly. Hence if you choose to visit New Providence Island, please take pragmatic security precautions. Thanks. It would suck to see you guys become the victims of crime. For more information see and read the subsection on security.

    • David

      I should have said thanks for the latest video, but I got sidetracked by my other thoughts… Thank you for making and sharing the latest video, it was great. With respect to not finding Jesus, I’m sure that if you keep searching, you’ll find Him eventually and it’ll be well worth the effort.

      • Michael

        Thanks, David. 😉 Very cool!

  • Bonnie Pierce

    Hard to choose between the YI and the GoPro. I think the YI just edged out the gp.
    Great video either way!

  • What colorful fish! Reminds us of being back in Oz. Great catching up with you two today. 🙂

  • Pk

    Enjoy following your adventures and look forward to the new videos each week. BTW, I love the music choices as much as the videos!
    Stay safe-

  • Ron

    You guys are really getting the hang of it. Sorry you didn’t get to see Jesus. Love the video of the snorkeling adventure. Hope you are keeping an eye on the weather. Cat 5 last night. Dropped a bit today. Maybe it will stay to the east. For sure you will see some winds. Prepare.

  • Another great one but sorry guys…I grew up in the Caribbean and masks fog there. The best preventative is spit. Shoot a nice wad in, swish it around and put your mask – don’t rinse. There are sprays but they cost more than spit. I was surprised too by the murkiness of the water but I see the reefs look as bad there as they do at home. But thanks for the nostalgia trip, I spent many a school day afternoon chasing blue tang and rainbow fish at the beach on the way home from school. BTW, off St Croix we have a carousel horse under water. 🙂

    • John Schretlen

      Lisa, you beat me to the ‘try spit’ suggestion. So I’ll add: don’t eat anything just before you spit!

      Nikki & Jason: Great little video and congrats on your first ‘quiet’ day on the boat. Hope you have many more!

  • John rhea

    Love your videos! You may want to investigate a backscatter filter for the underwater video and pictures. Makes a big difference in my scuba videos.

    Also, be sure to use the GoPro anti fog inserts.. They actually work!


      • John Rhea

        Although it sounds crazy, I use baby shampoo. It works absolutely perfectly. Rub some in there really good, rinse once and put the mask on.

  • Watching you enjoy your sunset & sundowners was awesome! Love following your travels and adventures as we make our own full-timing in our travel trailer! Keep having fun and keep safe!

  • Marivc Burger

    Glad you two are doing better. That was scary last time!
    Nice to see that the sailboat is finally working out for you.
    Not sure if it’s my laptop but I can’t tell the difference in video quality between the Yi or the GoPro. I did enjoy all the colorful ocean life you showed. But I’m with you, I’d be scared doing what you do! You both make it look so fun and easy! Take care you two and please continue to be safe.
    Thanks for another wonderful video!

  • Please consider testing the Nikon Coolpix AW130. Thanks.

  • Rochelle Furtah

    You’re both doing so well with the sailing. You’re fast learners. I’ve spent time in the Keys for the last 45 years (on land, not sailing) and didn’t know there were so many “tropical” fish in the water. I have come nose to nose with a Barracuda though and it is frightening for sure! Benn stung by jellyfish more than once too. I’ve wanted to ask you for awhile and keep forgetting. What kind of cat is Singa? I love the coloring. I’m going to get a cat to travel with me as I start solo RVing in January. Love watching your adventures and you set the bar very high for quality videos.

  • At about minute 11 in the video I thought “Awwww… it almost over” Beautifully done you two.

  • Pamela Mederos-Streetz

    Hi you two!

    This is my first time commenting but I’ve been a follower for a couple of years and learned LOTS of stuff from you. Thank you!!!

    I’d like to share some Keys info with you! Those “no-see-ums” are BRUTAL!!!! I have used 100% DEET for many years but hate the way it smells and how YUCKY it is to wear not to mention how harsh it is on fabrics. Last year I started using a repellent with Picaridin in it which smells better, feels better and lasts longer even than Deep Woods Off DRY! Sawyer Picaridin Insect repellent comes in an aerosol spray can, pump spray bottle AND lotion! It has almost no odor, feels great on your skin and I haven’t been bitten once since I started using it! You can purchase it from the Sawyer website, , Amazon and I picked some up at Dicks Sporting Goods when we were on the road. The aerosol lasts up to 12 hrs and the lotion up to 14 hrs!

    For info on SCUBA/Snorkeling sites give Jen at Sailfish SCUBA in Key Largo a call. Tell her Pamela & Victoria from Boston sent you, 305-453-3446; Tell her we’ll see her sometime this winter/early spring . For good prices and selection of gear check out her shop and for a bigger selection try Divers Direct; they have BIG stores in Key Largo & Key West. You might like some of those super long aka skin/free diver fins like I use because they give good propulsion without too much stress on your ankles. (I suffer from tendinitis in my ankles.) Also if there are a lot of “stingie” things in the water like jellyfish, fire coral, sea wasps etc. I really love my Lycra “unitard”. If I feel like the Lycra suit is too much then I really like my long sleeved “rash guard” shirts which I wear anytime I’m around water. I have quite a few of them which have been purchased cheaply on sale from places like Wally World, Divers Direct and online. And don’t forget a nice thin pair of dive gloves.
    A couple of tech items that might interest you particularly when SCUBA diving are these two:
    1. 10’ Surface Marker Buoy by XS SCUBA, and available at Amazon. I just love PRIME!
    2. Nautilus Lifeline Marine Rescue GPS; currently the newest model is ONLY available directly from the manufacturers website, .

    Happy cruising!!!!
    Pamela Mederos-Streetz

  • Luc Loiselle

    Why couldn’t you eat the fish?

  • Tom Fitch

    Nikki, I could have sworn you mentioned somewhere you were vegetarian. Yet you seem to eat fish now and don’t seem to have a problem fishing and all that that entails for the animal. What is the deal? Love your website and vids.

    • Tom Fitch

      Oops…nevermind. I just now see that you are a carnivore after all. No such thing as a “vegetarian that eats fish”. Sorry I missed it.

  • Royce Spicepland

    Look at the new Go Pro Hero 5 Session. Water proof?

  • Patrice and Kirk Wilde

    Just wondering what’s the difference between the anchorage in this video and the one from the previous evening? How do you know if your anchor caught a coral reef? I’m only asking because I know you guys are totally environmentally friendly people.

  • Chris Lassaline

    I started the briquets, made a sundowner; Bulliet bourbon & Sanpellegrino aranciata. And thoroughly enjoyed your video. Weber grill was ready for chops. I’m ready to raise anchor!

  • Russ

    I use when visiting a new place.

  • Joan

    What are you doing to prepare for the approaching hurricane?

  • Joan

    What are you doing to prepare for the hurricane?

  • Bobby Hayes

    Enjoyed the beautiful photography and information. (I think I commented on the other site). Leaving Orlando for the keys in the new RV after the weekend, hope to run into you guys, I’m buying! Be safe, it’s a very unpredictable storm season this year as you can see I’m sure.

  • Nora

    Hey Jason, I’m a scuba instructor. Three issues that might be affecting the fogging on your mask: 1. Make sure you are completely breathing out your mouth and not your nose. Sounds obvious, but when you’re working hard or in murky conditions it’s easy for technique to drop. 2. Make sure your mask strap is angled up toward the “pointy part” of the back of your head–not over your ears. You get a much better seal this way. 3. After treating your DRY mask with defog and then rinsing it, put it on your face and leave it. Every time you break the seal (e.g. to talk on the surface) you invite fogging. I look forward to your final conclusions on the underwater video. We’re really enjoying your adventures!

  • Barbara Dobree

    Jason, if you’re too ‘hot’, shave your neck.

    Great day on the water. Meeting your expectations and dreams, finally.

  • Bobby Hayes

    Beautiful photography and information. Heading to the keys from Orlando in the new RV after this weekend, hope to run in to you guys! Be safe, it’s a really active and unpredictable storm season this year.

  • Whew! You two have really done it! Time to mark your amazing progress. I’m sending you a big congratulations. I love how you’re facing your fears, letting us join you, and sharing your endless smiles.

  • Terry Apple

    This is so cool. I now go after popcorn before starting the video…..

  • Brian

    Another GREAT video. Love watching you two seeking out new adventures. It’s been asked before, but I don’t think it’s been answered, what or how are you making a living while at sea? I know Jason is a photographer, and you’re a make up artist, but how do you apply your crafts at sea? Like always, looking forward to your next video. Thanks for shaing.

    • David

      Please note that if you go to the homepage of this website, there is a “Make Money And Travel” section. This gives examples of people who make a living whilst travelling.
      Nikki and Jason also wrote an article at this link:
      This explains how they make their income.


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