Shaking It Out – Sailing In The Keys

Shaking It Out – Sailing In The Keys

I try to start each day off with the “expect anything” attitude (depending on my morning coffee time, some days this works better than others). I fully believe that expectations are everything. Most of the time I try not to have any expectations but that doesn’t always work (like this one time in Alaska). Today, however, it did work.

For whatever reason, this was one of those days that leaves me feeling like I have the greatest life in the world and I wouldn’t trade places with anyone for anything. Nothing particularly amazing happened on this day, it just felt like everything in the world was right.

Which, is exactly the opposite of our previous skinny water, bad anchoring day. But that is life and travel isn’t it? One day has us wondering what in the hell we’ve gotten ourselves into while the next reminds us of how incredible day-to-day life can be.

I realize that in the video we’re being overly excited about sailing on a sailboat without using motors.  It probably seems ridiculous. Perhaps it is, but at the end of our “we don’t need engines, we’re a sailboat” day we were feeling mighty salty and downright proud of ourselves.

What we thought was a fun challenge (pull up anchor, sail off and then set anchor without a motor) was everyday business to sailors of the past.  In my imagination I could have easily been a sailor back in the 1400’s roughing it with the bearded men…in reality, I am not so sure.  I fully admit I love my technology and have no intentions of giving it up anytime soon.

Underwater Jesus

There are lots of awesome dive sights all along the south Florida coast but there is one hyped up spot that we wanted to check out for ourselves. Key Largo Dry Rocks is home to the nine foot Christ of the Abyss bronze statue. It’s an underwater Jesus that was originally located in the Mediterranean Sea. We didn’t find Jesus but we’re not giving up…we’ll go looking for him again. If you don’t know what we’re talking about, you can see a photo and read more about it here:

snorkeling dry rocks

GoPro vs YI

With all the underwater filming in our future, we have some sorting out to do. We haven’t purchased a new GoPro in a while and we’re not sure if we want to. GoPro used to rule the market when it came to action cameras but now there are a lot of newbies and new technology hitting the scene.

We scored the image stabilized sony action cam before our Alaska road trip last year and it’s been awesome.  Then, we recently got the basic but half-the-price YI. Its a solid little action camera but not the high quality we need for underwater action. So…we’re going to stop fiddling around and get our hands on a full array of action cameras for some side by side testing (if you have one you’re curious about, let us know). It’s the only way to find out which camera is the best bang for the buck. Stay tuned, we’ll have updates on all of it soon!

Until then, you can find our full list of camera gear and reviews here:

Cameras used to film this video:
Sony A6000:
Sony Zoom Mic:
Sony 10-18mm f4 lens:
Sony Action Cam:
Yi Action Camera:
Go Pro Hero 3

Adventure Gear Used
Hammerhead Free-Dive Mask With Camera Mount:
Hammerhead Free-Dive J Snorkel
iPad Pro: using Garmin Bluecharts app

sailing around the world

Sailing Report

sailing map

If you click on the map it will take you to our map page where you can view, scroll, zoom and click.

Weather: 87°
Wind:  Southeast 5-7 knots
Route: Garden Cove South to Dry Rocks to Rodriguez Key
Nautical Miles Sailed: 20
Date: September 7, 2016

Quick Question

Do you have an app or a website you use to find awesome snorkeling and diving sites?  As we’re preparing to cross over to the Bahamas we’re realizing there are a lot of diving spots but would love some tips on finding them.

Thanks a million for tuning in and being a part of the adventure!