jason and nikki wynn stranded in fiji during pandemic


Today marks our 60th day of being stranded in Fiji because of the COVID-19 pandemic.  60 days of quarantine, isolation, and being separated from our home in a foreign country.

Every day we wake up with the same question on our minds.  Will We Ever Get Home?  Our sailboat CURIOSITY is in Tonga, just a short one-hour flight from Fiji…so close and yet so far away.

Like many of you, Coronavirus has turned our world upside down and left us in a strange state of intermission.

How did we get here and when do we get out?

Welcome to real-time with The Wynns!

We want to take advantage of this time to cover topics we previously haven’t had the time for.  So…what are your burning questions?   What would you like to know or see?  It can be anything…so don’t hold back!  Leave us a comment down below and we’ll get the cameras rolling!

Previous Fiji Videos:

pip squeak the fiji rescue cat

Pip Squeak The Foster Cat

Pips full story will be shared soon but until then, check out the fantastic non-profit Animals Fiji:

We’re volunteering with them while we are here and WOW, they are doing some incredible work with very limited resources.  If you would like to donate to Animals Fiji, please reference Pip or Gone With The Wynns so that we can keep track of donations and share what those donations were able to accomplish.



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Hello there! I honestly don’t know what to say, so I am going to tell you a bunch of random facts instead. I'm a fish eating vegetarian who hates spiders and loves snakes. I almost never took vacations growing up. I wanted to be Pippi Longstocking (still do). I misspell about every other word I write and still struggle with grammar. I love splurging on a good high tea (which is really hard to find these days). And whatever you do, don’t tell me I can’t do something, because then I'll HAVE to do it!

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  • Ginger

    Where and how are YOUR kitties? Maybe a missed a comment?

  • Luke

    You are a class act! Very happy to support your adventures in a small way! Keep doing your thing!

  • Deborah Kerr

    As they say, make your plans in pencil!! lol Thanks for sharing – any pretty, tropical flowers in Fiji you can share with us? What is bula and vinaka??? mozzies??????
    Since you’re in the southern hemisphere, you are going into the “winter” season and the shortest day of the year on June 22nd?
    I found this when I googled Fiji weather!!:
    10 Things To Know Before You Go to Fiji
    Know the meaning of ‘bula’ and ‘vinaka’ …
    People walk around with machetes, but it’s perfectly fine. …
    Avoid walking about at night. …
    Be careful of eating reef fish. …
    The national speed limit is 80KMH. …
    Sunday is church day. …
    Watch out for the mozzies. …
    Buy local.

  • Katherine Thomas

    Hi Nikki and Jason!

    I am a new subscriber although I found your blog a few months ago. My husband and I bought a 5th wheel 2 years ago to travel in with our two girls (12, 9), our 100lb bernese mountain dog, and currently our kitty. We had the opportunity to do a two month rode trip last summer which was amazing, but way too short! We also own a sailboat (on lake Erie) which hasn’t gone in the water yet b/c of Covid. My husband and I have really enjoyed your blogs and videos. You are living the life we hope to be able to in a few years when our kids graduate high school ( we would go on the rode now, but they aren’t keen to leave their friends). I especially love learning about all the eco friendly things we could do (pretty convinced a composting toliet is in our future). We are now back in our RV while our house is being remodeled. Which brings me to my question. Now that we aren’t going from place to place while living in the RV I’m noticing the storage space. Just wondering tips and suggestions for ways to fix up the trailer (or boat) to make things fit better.

    Katie (Buffalo, NY)

  • Willard E. Jones, Jr. (Bill)

    Have you tried this web site for Info

    Anything i can do from FL. usa let me know

  • Johnny

    You guys are the classiest people! So sad your not able to get to your home for so long. Stay safe!!

  • Pablo

    Hey guys, fairly new subscriber here. I came across your YouTube channel a few years back when I was looking into campervans but I decided to subscribe after coming across your profile yet again when looking at sailboats. Hahaha I believe I’m on the same path as you guys just a few years behind lol. I really enjoy watching your videos and love how eccentric you two are. Hope to see you guys on the water soon. Take care and best wishes to you guys and the little pip squeek 🙂

  • Matt

    You guys are a class act. Love your videos and love you. I stumbled across you when I was researching catamarans in 2016ish. Your documentaries on how to buy a cat are so helpful and entertaining. Thanks for sharing.

  • Grant McNamara

    Hi Nikki & Jason,
    I have enjoyed your sailing videos, and look forward to seeing them again in the future.

    I’m in a somewhat similar position to you. My yacht is in Fiji and I’m here in New Zealand, obviously also waiting for borders to reopen.
    She is moored at Savusavu, in theory safe, but it wasn’t nice watching as Harold made its erratic path down from Vanuatu.

    Obviously no one knows when the borders will reopen, but I’m also hopeful for the Pacific ‘bubble’ you’ve also heard about. Many are expecting this to come about in the next few months. Fortunately Oz, NZ and the South Pacific nation Govts have done incredibly well in managing the disease and its spread. And they’re all reliant on each other for trade and tourism.

    But more importantly are the links between families that are now also separated. Every day or two we hear stories of sons and daughters, brothers and sisters etc not being able to get back to a country to attend a funeral, or care for a loved one. There are some truly gut wrenching stories.

    Stay safe, kia kahu,
    Grant Wellington

  • Tim Savage

    We loved Fiji – went there in 2015 and went out to the islands and dived there. The people are so lovely and friendly – possibly the nicest people you will ever meet. Thanks as ever for your latest video. Can’t believe it’s been nearly 4 years on the bot now. Started following you as motorhomers! My question is – where’s the next leg gonna take you? And are you planning to visit the Barrier Reef? Stay safe and well and keep the faith. You’ll be reunited with MV Curiosity soon I am sure! Tim

  • Sam

    Jason and Nikki,
    While you’re obviously keen to be reunited with your boat/home, can you clarify what you’re hoping to accomplish when that happens? The options seem to be very limited and not promising, though you may obviously know more. AKAIK, borders remain closed to yachts, so most of your fellow RTW sailors are stranded. They frequently can’t go into port, use beaches, or land anywhere. They are dependent on the kindness of the port authorities to run them out fuel, food and water. In smaller islands, the local populations are understandably concerned about the stress this places on scarce resources, and the potential spread of disease. Moreover, being stuck at sea, without the ability to move to avoid weather during cyclone or hurricane season brings with it other attendant dangers.

    So while you are in a far from ideal situation, you are arguably better off on land, where at least you have regulars access to food, water and shelter, on your terms.

    Coincidentally, while I was typing, I came across this article…

    Wish you well,


    • Curious Minion

      Hey Sam. Curiosity is in need of some major spiffing up. The Wynns shipped a crate of things to Tonga, so during this idle time they could be doing things like replacing the anchor chain, replacing the trampoline, sanding and painting the bottom, etc. etc. They have many weeks of boat projects ahead of them and they are frustrated that they’re sitting idle while there is so much to do. In addition, the dollars are racking up: Tonga is not a cheap place to haul a boat out, so they’re paying for life in Fiji plus months more on the hard that they hadn’t planned on. If they had made it to Tonga they wouldn’t be paying Fiji expenses AND they’d probably have put Curiosity back in the water by now and wouldn’t be paying big bucks to the boatyard. Even if they couldn’t leave Tonga just yet, they would be much better off financially.
      Curious Minion

      • Sam

        Got it. Thanks and good luck…

  • David & Karen

    Well you two must be congratulated for your creativity. With nothing much happening in your world, you produced an interesting and entertaining video for this week. Well done.

    Suggestions? Karen thought you might like to: “Cook up a few of your favourite recipes that you do on the boat. Lots of people have trouble cooking on a boat – lots of people have trouble cooking …..” “Even that simple drink looked terrific”
    Jason – so what happened to the toilet? All we saw was you trying to stop a flood – background story please (and don’t tell us you were practising your plumbing skills for when you get back to ‘Curiosity’).

    How about a bit of background on Fiji – the people, the economy, the tourism (when things get back to a new ‘normal’).

    Plans for the future – New Zealand, then Australia? What are you hoping to achieve there, and how long are you planning on spending there?

    It would be interesting to hear of your reflections on a life well-lived so far. Recognise it or not, you two are inspirational, and I am sure many would like to hear more of, or at least a decent summary of your backgrounds and what led you to where you are now. I know you have touched on this here and there in the past, but a review and an update would be interesting.
    How have the early years equipped you for where you are now?
    What have you gained from your travels – individually and as a couple.
    Has this formed or changed where you are planning to head with your lives in the future?
    What would you change if you had your time again?

    Photography and videography – how about a behind the scenes look at how you gather footage, plan a shoot, and then edit.

    Well, there are a few suggestions. Hope you soon have news regarding being able to return to ‘Curiosity’.

    Warm wishes from South Australia,

    David & Karen – ‘Sharing Life’

    • Curious Minion

      I’ve added your questions to the video idea list. As for the toilet, Jason says in the vid “a pipe broke.” Maybe he will share more details.
      Curious Minion

  • Ydion

    Once again, an inspirational video where the message I take back is: “keep smiling, life is good”.
    Thanks folks, very much appreciated.

  • Alan Solomon

    Wow. Great comments from the crowd, Worldwide. I know you have heard it before but, I love your videos. I look forward to Sunday night. I know you are stranded but, the content of every video so far, stranded or not, is great and puts a smile on my face multiple times as I watch your video’s. Thanks.
    Pip is way cute. Looks like she had an injury that is healing. Go Pip.
    Someone commented with an idea to have your boat delivered or sailed from Tonga to Fiji!! That is turning the situation around and thinking outside the box!! Would that work for you guys?
    Stay Safe and Be Well, Best Regards,

    • Curious Minion

      No, it couldn’t work. Both borders are closed. Nobody leaves, nobody enters. Sure, you could leave by boat buy you would not get an exit Visa stamp from Fiji and that violates all sorts of laws, not to mention they might throw you under the jail for breaking Covid lockdown. They just have to ride it out.
      Curious Minion

  • JR Thornton

    As I recall you were planning to have boat work done in Fiji. Has this changed? Are you in the area where boat work is done? Have you done any exploring of boat works and shops that do the upgrade work you needed?

  • Maryj

    Well … all said enough now … so how is it your hair has grown who fast? 😂

    • Mike

      Are you guys familiar with Bumfuzzle? They have a motorboat, and the are stuck in Puerto Rico. You guys have two of my favorite blogs and seem to be sharing similar experiences. They also have a great financial blog. Good luck getting back to Tonga!

  • Rob

    Hey, Is The Yasawa Flyer running out of Port Denarau? It would be great to spend some time up in the Yasawa Islands, the diving is fantastic. Still not a bad place to be in isolation. Hope you are re-united with Curiosity real soon…… and maybe see you in Sydney next year?

    • All resorts and tourist activities are shut down here in Fiji. It’s possible things may change if Fiji declares “COVID Free”. 🤞🏼

  • Jean-Christian Heinzelmann

    Share your Ginger beer recipe please

  • marie T

    Hang in there !! 🙂
    Confinement conditions are starting to relax here in Belgium, so I hope you’ll be on your way soon.

    • So happy to hear that! I hope the rest of the world continues healing and relaxing restrictions when it’s safe.

  • Brian Henry

    I never was able to figure out why it took you so many hours (50+?) to get from South Africa to Tonga?
    It says 19 hours… what did they tell you before taking off? Ws this not available to you? Just wondering – Best Brian.

    • There is only 1 flight from Fiji into Vava’u per week. We did not want to fly into Nuku’alofa and be forced to fly Real Tonga Airlines again.
      The shortest flights we found from Cape Town to Fiji were in the low 30’s with layovers, but they cost $4,000usd. Our tickets cost around $1,000 to Fiji with an overnight layover in Fiji. A lot of moving parts to try and align.

  • Paul

    If you really get desperate for content, how about a “blooper reel” of some more of the little oops moments that I bet are in your archives. Maybe even by topic… Oops around Minion, oops in the kitchen, oops during repairs. I know you include some of them all the time anyway (like when Jason was struggling to get back out of someplace) but a lot of chuckles all at once might be fun for you to compile and for your audience to watch!!

    • Haha, yea that would be fun…but a BEAST to locate all the bloops from thousands of hours of video. Yikes! 😱

  • Laurence

    Well . . . it’s 11:45am and I’m looking at the Gin and Vodka bottles and saying: How U Doin? — So I guess I’m voting for the “Depression and Isolation” topic, but somehow I’m guessing that’s not going to be the overall winner

    • Oh man, I understand 100% 🤪

  • Beth

    I have to admit that I’m happy we are in real time with you all. I’m not excited about why we are caught up with you for real time videos. I’m glad you remain Covid free. I hope you continue to remain healthy. Thank you for sharing your adventures with us!


  • Roger

    When are you both sailing back to the good ole USA?
    Roger /Athens Ga

    • ohhh, who knows! It takes a long time to sail from the South Pacific to the USA!

    • Curious Minion

      Well, their plan is to do a circumnavigation and they’re about half-way through. Lots more to explore!
      Curious Minion

  • Stephen

    I have been following you guys for nearly a year now. Sometimes binge watching three or four segments at a time. Catching up to real time is soooo bizarre.
    After living in Key West for much of my life, sailing the world has always been a dream. But, since my life is filled with joy in so many other ways, sailing the world is now no longer on my bucket list. And I’m okay with that. I get to live it vicariously through your stories.
    You have done a fabulous job.
    So I really don’t have any solid leads on what to shoot while you’re stranded in Fiji. Some of my favorite moments have been when you explore nature. Stories like, eye contact with humpback whales, coconut crabs, hiking mountains for the killer drone shot, spiders, tidal caves and Nikki’s life long search for ice cream (ok that one isn’t exploring nature) are my favorites.
    What resonates with me the most during my Sunday Breakfast With The Wynns is your perspective on life. Simply said…it’s beautiful.
    What ever you choose to do in the coming weeks, I’m here waiting for the next installment of whatever you’re dishing up.
    Stay safe.
    Ps. Love the f/1.4

  • Kelley

    I know it might be extreme (and maybe way expensive) but could you hire someone to bring your boat to you from Tonga? I’m sure you’ve thought of every scenario possible though!

  • Doc and Mrs Fig, York PA

    Great! meeting you….we share a mutual friend, Penny Novak, Long Island, Bahamas, Getting ready to retire here and what was to be our quickie 3 week visit to make a final assessment of what to “move” turned into our 7 week quarantine in Paradise also. Yes, we shouldn’t conplain, but it is not without its ups and downs. Hang in there with PiP…. and we look to looking you in the future too. Enjoyed your video share tremendously!!

  • Bahama mama penny

    Yep pretty bored when you film throwing a bucket of water to clean the shower wall but I understand!! As you are, we are “ stranded” on an island! Friends and family are tired of my ( not whinnying) letting them know what we going thru too!
    It’s just so out of our control. The unknowns like you.
    Thankfully Long Island is virus free. But the curfews and lockdowns are old and 🎵a girl just wants to have fun!! 🎶!!!
    Miss you both and love your videos always!!! Thanks for them.
    Virtual hugs!!!💋❤️

  • Anita

    Wonderful video. I was looking forward to a real time update. And so happy you have a kitty! I wanted to get one to entertain myself and my husband but he says “no”. Once this is over we want to go back to travelling.

    I noticed there is a lot of earthquake activity going on in Tonga and around Fiji. Are you feeling that where you are?

    Once you get back to Curiosity how long before you will be living on the boat again? I assume you will need to do some work to bring it back to life.

    And how is Jason’s Mom? Is she still an full time Van Lifer?

    Thank you again for the real time update. Stay safe, which looks like you are.

    • Anita

      Once more thing . I just donated to the Animal Fiji site in honor of you Pipsqueak. I wasn’t able to leave a note on the website, but when I receive the confirmation email, I will send back that info.

    • Anita

      One more thing . I just donated to the Animal Fiji site in honor of you Pipsqueak. I wasn’t able to leave a note on the website, but when I receive the confirmation email, I will send back that info.

    • Curious Minion

      Hi Anita. First off, thanks for your donation! I know it will make Nikki, Jason, and Animal Fiji happy! I can’t answer all of your questions but can answer a couple. As for the earthquakes, Fiji & Tonga are on the Pacific “ring of fire” and get earthquakes all the time. Most of them though are very deep earthquakes and aren’t usually felt at the surface. As for mom Mary, her business is a “non-essential” one and she had to send all of her employees home. She high-tailed it back to Dallas and has been running the business single-handedly. Go Mary! You can follow her on InstaGram @marys_van
      Curious Minion

      • Anita

        Thank you Curious!

  • Glenn Adams

    Sounds like you are making the best of the situation. Let me ask a few questions about Fiji.
    How big is the apartment in square footage and what does it cost per month?
    Is the cost of living in Fiji less than here in the states?
    Tell us about the temperatures and weather there.

    • Eric Lytle

      I second this. I know it wasn’t your plan to live in Fiji for months, but would love to hear more detail on your life there.

  • Gregory Illes

    Second the request for how you shoot and compose/edit videos. “Behind the scenes” stuff, y’know.

    ALSO — are you folks still generating income from commercial videography? You never mention it any more.
    I’m very curious as to whether all of your revenues come from GWTW, or other sources as well.
    (If it’s not too personal.)

  • Van Purdy

    What is the extra expense you folks are being hit with to stay there?

  • Stella MacDonald

    Hi Jason and Nicky,
    Love your videos. Coffee and Sunday morning video time make a great duo! Little Pip Squeak reminds me of our cat from years gone by. How great that you have found some volunteer work there. We are in week 10 of our social distancing, here and are also fortunate that we are able to get out and walk every day.
    And here’s a heads up for walking in the surf……Our son was in Figi a few years ago, and accidentally stepped on a stingray, which was hidden in the the sand, he came home with a very swollen foot and was 9 weeks of IV antibiotics…..tiny scar on the top of his foot so he now has a ray tattoo as a souvenir! ! That’s our story of Figi…..

    Take care , stay healthy…..this too shall pass. Thanks for sharing your life with all of us.

  • David Young

    My wife and I both, have wanted to go to Fiji since most of our 50 years of marriage. We have never been able to afford the trip however. So for you to send out vibes of unpleasantries causes us feelings of—ah you poor things—. I suppose you are missing your home though, like anyone would. I have a tear in my eye, however, maybe you could live a day in Fiji for Dave & Alice Young.

  • Angela Gill

    I have been waiting to heAr about your home and how it was doing without you.
    And honestly being real time viewing, for in this time of the pandamic is feeling more connected to you and what is going on.
    Thank you for sharing and showing your lives making the best of a bad situation. Cleaning on the beach, fostering the kitty and helping with raising awareness of needs of others.
    Once again thank you for all you are doing though this.

  • tony baiardi

    watching at almost current time is very cool…i am stuck in MI, USA….were just allowed to go to my cottage…..weird times to say the least…fiji from the movies seem so much more brilliant and mountainous with blue waters….were are you? Love watching you folks, be a fan for years…have purchased from your store…so jealous of your life…please be safe…keep posting…xoxoxoxoox

  • Kay Peterson

    Nikki & Jason,
    I love how you have adapted to a situation that has us all worried. Greetings from Palm Springs California and luckily we are safe and healthy. We are real estate agents and of course that has pretty much evaporated for now. I miss my family and did take a chance and hugged my 2 grand daughters a few weeks ago, just couldn’t stand it any longer.
    I have been following you since your RV days and admire and love following you around the world. Wishing you health and soon to be back to Curiosity!!! Cheers…



  • Jerry Cummins

    Have you thought about putting a video together of your top 10 to 15 exciting, adventurous or novel activities you were involved in while traveling?

  • Brooke & Barrett

    Love getting the real time updates, y’all! And that coco-nana-shake looks bomb. Cheering for you to get back to your Curiosity home soon. Big hugs from Portland!

  • Bill Bussman

    Good Luck you guys,
    It’ll happen at some point.
    I’m glad you were able to check on the boat.
    Be safe,
    Bill From Houston

  • Helene Henry

    Hello Nicky and Jason! After keeping track of you for years, even though the reasons why we get a real-time video from you are surreal but the fact that it’s worldwide and that anybody can relate to everybody will make history so it makes it even more interesting to see what everyone is doing in these enduring times. I would be interested in knowing what are your plans if travels can resume in a foreseeable future and if not, what is plan B. Be safe!

  • Don

    What changed? We can not make a comment directly on your video….first time…I’m the Banjo….that comments..PS Banjo is my dog…LOL!

  • Gary Church

    Like you many of our friends are stuck at islands throughout the Caribbean. We got to the Dominican Republic just as Covid-19 shut everything down. We were in the DR six weeks until thanks to efforts by the US Embassies, an arrangement was made to transit the Bahamas and get back to the US prior to hurricane season. After two 24 hour, one 36 hour and two 12 hour legs we arrived in Fort Lauderdale. Coincidentally at the same marina you found Curiosity.

    I am sure you two have pursued efforts to engage local officials as well as solicit help from the US Embassies. We needed to be pretty persistent. I think to the point they just wanted to get rid of us. We had no problem leaving the DR just arriving in and transiting through the Bahamas.

    Given your good health perhaps with a supported appeal Tonga might let you in and back to Curiosity. Good luck.

  • Colleen

    Hi from Canada!
    Being an animal lover, I’m so glad you put a link to Animals Fiji. I was thinking about those doggos on the beach all through the video. And then pip – ugh too cute! Glad to be able to help! I made a donation in honour of Cleo & Singa and my two that I lost Callie & Bailey.
    Stay well!

  • Jim Guld

    We just missed being stranded in the Maldives. If the lockdown had been one week later, we would have gone. Probably not a bad place to be stranded but you’re right. Not what you expected. We’re happy to be isolated here in Fort Lauderdale. All our plans have been put on hold, too.
    Stay safe and healthy.
    We love and miss you.

  • Tom Walters

    HI , from central Washington State, high desert ‘farm country. I have been enjoying your videos, since you started back in the RV days. My desire to getting back to boat life after retirement was up-ended when my wife fell sick and I had heart surgery. So I am living thru you guys while being a Navy Vet, husband , caregiver. grandfather. etc. My point is that my isolation is layered now and, your videos , are one way to escape this new layer of isolation, the Pandemic. You remind me of me growing up on the Chesapeake Bay, sailing, fishing , crabbing, harvesting oysters, surfing. etc. You two are my go to blog every week. Its a whole new world now. With challenges that were never imagined. Hopefully you will be sailing again soon. Thank you for being there every week. Sunday is truly a fun day.

  • Willard E. Jones, Jr. (Bill)

    Hi From Florida: You are living my dream. I always said when i retired my wife and I would sell all and sail the world. (Smile). We both were born and raised in Charleston SC and have 3 children. We started camping after we got marred 55 years ago and went from tent to 5th wheels over the years. I retired in 2007 and we discided that at 65 and 60 we should not try sailing the world. we sold the house and bought a new Truck and 39 ft 5th trailer and started traveling around the USA and Canada. We upsize to a 44 ft 5th wheel trailer in 2015 and are sitll on the road today. I did do a lot of boating and sailing in my youth, but the sail boats were A 16ft fireball later a 25ft with a small cabin Sail boat. We have a web site We normally winter in the Orlando FL area and back on the road in May, but not this year we have been at 1000 trails rv park in Orlando sense the first of November. We took a 8 day Caribbean cruise the 8 of May, when we returned we were the last ship to return to Florida sense and locked down. For the last 70 days+ the park area has been our world. Stay safe and keep the blog going.. ( (

  • Michael Snyder

    Have enjoyed your videos and adventures for years and have become a reverse “Wynn-er”. Sold my sailboat after 30 years of sailing the Chesapeake Bay and East Coast and bought a 40 ft RV to do some land sailing. Thank you for all your solid advice over the years and I wish both of you a swift and safe passage back to Curiosity.

  • Jaymi

    Hello Nikki & Jason (Pip Squeak too)!
    Thanks for the free entertainment! Your video stream from Fiji is really appreciated. In 1969 (I was 10 years old), I spent several weeks in Nandi. My father journeyed around the world by sailboat and I visited him each summer… wherever he happened to be. Now, so many years later, my two vivid memories of Fiji are the warmth of the local people and the policemen who wore skirts.

    I first came across your site while researching vanlife. My plan was to rent a van starting this month (May) and get my feet wet…try it out before buying a van; of course, I had to postpone until further notice…. maybe July 2020. I’d appreciate your thoughts on van life in this new environment.

    Thank you so much Wynn family!

    ~ Jaymi

    • Curious Minion

      They just did a series on van life with Jason’s mom Mary, but they don’t have current experience because they left the U.S. before the pandemic. You can check out the vids with Mary here if you missed them:
      Curious Minion

  • Pam

    I would enjoy a video on how you actually shoot the video. Angles, how you hold the camera, set up shots (especially time lapse), favorite settings. Would it be possible to have a third person film you while you are filming to see how you walk backwards and talk, how high you hold the camera? I’m a solo traveler but my raw video doesn’t turn out As pretty, and I have similar equipment. Also, what settings on your drone. My recent mavic pro videos seem washed out, and I must have clicked a weird option. Editing is only a small part of the video process, you can’t make a nice final video without plenty of nice raw movies to begin with.

  • Ann

    Second the suggestion for sharing the home brew information, above. Plus: are you able to swim and snorkel around? Explore the island? Share some history?

    Glad you guys are ok!

  • Dave Lond

    Great videos. I’ve binged watched all of them whilst in isolation.
    Love watching them. If it’s any help UK is the same we hear different dates day in day out.
    Stay Safe. Hope you get back to Curiosity soon.

  • Marge Nehlsen

    Another great video. Enjoy your island life with Pip. Hope Pip finds a forever home. You guys have a nice routine to pass the day. I start my day by a bike ride around my neighborhood and picking up trash along the way. Miss being “free” but better safe than sorry.

  • Terri

    Hello Wynns, I have a Fiji story! 30 years ago I did a spiritual retreat on the Fijian island of Naitauba. I’ve only travelled off North America to Fiji & Europe. Fiji is amazing! Thank you for sharing. Let’s hope they find an effective treatment & vaccine for Covid soon!

  • Laura

    Jason and Nikki,

    Well, I can only imagine how you feel! The life of a nomad is full of excitement, or not. And, got to thinking that if you got caught up on videos, oh my. One of my favorite rituals is Sunday morning coffee with you two! Content, you need content! Some ideas: can you put Pip on the beach and do some cute kitty playing on the beach videos or will those dogs get her? Maybe she can climb up a coconut tree?

    I would love to get more info on the fermented drink you are making. I make kombucha, so am always looking for ideas. Food videos would be good, Nikki. Like a recap of your wonderful cookies, with some added ideas on variations.

    Jason, how about some tips on making videos? Editing? What do you use (Lightroom, Photoshop?) and what are your edit preferences to make your photos pop?

    And while mundane, it would be fun to go to the market with your, for sure.

    We isolated for about 2 months in Texas near San Antonio. Cancelled our tour of the East Coast for 2020-21 and are moving to the PNW to stay with family for the foreseeable future. It is a crazy world but the unknowns of camping with our RV are still very real, but in some ways rules are relaxing.

    Safe travels (or isolation)!

  • Kim Carrington

    Sorry you’re stranded!! Love seeing my sweet little Nikki! Keep cleaning that beach up and making ginger beer and fermented pineapple drinks! Share that recipe!! I may be heading to Hawaii for 6 months to work soon. You know I’m a pippi Longstocking too. Everybody else will be drinking their fruity little drinks. I’ll be making my own. lol
    Love you guys!


    Hi from Vancouver, BC.

    That was a strangely comforting video. Although most of the world’s population has been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, of the millions who were away when travel restrictions started, the vast majority of us are now at home. The very few, like you guys, have to make do with what you have where you are. The ‘comforting’ part is that I watched that video from the comfort of my home, knowing that you wish you were at yours.

    Last time I was in Fiji the airlines had to make a fuel stop there on the flight to Australia. I was planning on a few days in Fiji and then a month in Australia. The few Fiji days turned into five weeks and Australia took till the next century to get to.

    I really liked Fiji but after a month I had seen lots, spent time on an island off the western shore, taken a long horse ride/tour of the hills and a plantation area and been to more than a few kava parties (lots of 20-somethings like me from NZ and Aussie vacationed there at the time). So I can understand the feelings going into your third month on the island; it’s not bad place to be stranded but you are still stranded and would rather be home.

    The few minutes of video showing the garbage and homeless dogs was a little depressing. But I suppose that is real life on an island after a cyclone.

    Take care, John

    P.S. Just for the heck of it I checked the Canadian Government website regarding travel restrictions to Tonga. No changes as of Friday. No comment when there may be changes.

  • Tony York

    Spent 3 weeks in FIGI many years ago- on a round the South Pacific trip and discovered a little Gem- Benga Reef. In reflection, Benga Reef is one of my fondest memories. Best diving in the South Pacific! If you can get to the south of the island try a visit to Bega Reef.

  • Darby Corwin

    I enjoy watchinng you every Sunday Morning. My question is how are you able to afford to be retired so young? I think you have the perfect life. I started watching you when you had the motor home. I also have a motor home but we still also have a house. We try to take a couple of months every Summer and go up to Tn to be close to our Son Ken who lives near Nashville. We camp around the area and he comesand camps with us on the week ends. He has a pull behind camping trailer. I hope you are able to get to your sail boat soon.

    • Laura Lee

      Hi Darby. They aren’t retired. Jason and Nikki work very hard, and earn their keep as they go. This isn’t just a quarantine for them. It’s a threat to their livelihood, like everyone else who has had their lives and jobs put on hold. If we give them more ideas, they will be able to keep working, but in Fiji, the content they can produce is limited. Being caught up on content is problematic at best.

      Jason and Nikki, I have been watching you for years, and love seeing you do what I cannot while Family and obligations keep me here. I have a different kind of idea for you. Everything you post is wonderful, but I have always loved the parts of your videos where you melded music and concept. You tell stories with the sweep of the drone, the pan of the camera, and a wonderful indie song you’ve found and want to share. They are like mini music videos in their own right, and they are wonderful for setting me daydreaming. Try some more of that. Get as artistic as you like, and pull clips from your most memorable times, and the things that have had a profound effect on you in your travels. I know you can make something magical… and thank you for sharing with us all these years. I hope you get home to Curiosity very soon.

    • Curious Minion

      Hey Darby. The Wynns are not retired, they are making a living from their travels! You can see how the Wynns and other nomads make money while traveling here:
      Curious Minion


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