jason wynn loving the super chill downwind sailing

Super Chill Downwind Sailing & A Swollen Sailor

Sea state and state of mind are one in the same.  Or, at least they are on our sailboat.

It’s day three through six of our passage from The Marquesas to The Tuamotus Tahiti.  Much has happened in these three days.

I failed triumphantly at baking French butter cookies, my face swelled to the point I almost mistook myself for Joan Rivers, we made a change of plans and celebrated our 12th wedding anniversary.  But, most importantly it’s a gorgeous sail.

beautiful downwind spinnaker flying days sailing the south pacific

Big rolling three-meter swells at just the right angle for surfing, the spinnaker flying, the sky a kaleidoscope of color and the motion of the ocean reminiscent of riding in my grandmothers old Cadillac.  It’s what I imagine floating on clouds would feel like.  Billowy, soft and just the right amount of bounce to know you’re in motion.

If my body hadn’t been on revolt, we may have just kept sailing.  It was that good.  So grab a beverage and settle in, because mother nature was showing off.

Love At Sea

Twelve years of marriage?  I don’t even know what to think about that.  It doesn’t seem possible.  Where have the years gone?  They say time flies when you’re having fun, but this is next level.  I’m a little afraid to go to sleep tonight for fear of waking up tomorrow clinking to fifty years with arthritic shaking hands.

We celebrated with a nice dinner out, post chambongin’ it.  There was a Thai restaurant walking distance from our anchorage.  Because nothing says romance like spicy food in a tropical location with no air conditioning.  However, slurping noodles through conversation with sweat beading from our brows seemed oddly fitting for the occasion.

Between the beautiful days at sea, the buzz from rapid prosecco consumption and the sweaty food coma, it might be my favorite anniversary so far.

jason and nikki wynn sailing and celebrating love

beautiful sunset at sea while sailing the south pacific

beautiful day of sailing and nikki wynn tidying up the lines

jason wynn winching up the spinnaker

nikki wynn spotting tahiti off in the distance while sailing the south pacific

singa the sailing cat

Swollen Sailor

I was exacerbating the allergy unknowingly and increasing my suffering.  Turns out, mangoes are my kryptonite.  I have eaten mangoes my whole life and purchased them more times than I can count from the grocery store.  But mostly in the USA.  In the USA, our food is washed, shipped and then washed again.  By the time I have ever pawed at mangoes, they were ripe and squeaky clean.  This was my first time to be around fresh, green, unripe mangoes (which sort of blows my mind, because mangoes grow in the US too).

Allergic might be an understatement, but I have since learned that am allergic to the mango tree, mango sap and the green skin of mangoes.  The (ripe) flesh inside however is no problem.  So, I was picking, peeling and eating mangoes almost daily…and well, you witnessed the swollen aftermath.  Because the reaction wasn’t immediate (and I have never had a problem with mangoes previously) I didn’t associate the two.

It wasn’t until after my face ballooned up that I suspected it was the mangoes.  Ya see, the day before we left I found this perfect mango tree off a remote hiking trail, with this one perfect mango just barely out of reach.  I jumped to grab it and BAM! It fell off the tree and smacked me in the face.  When my face started swelling up I started to panic, but also remember the mango face smack.  We turned to the iridium phone and asked our Curious Minion to look up “mango allergy”.

And that’s how we learned about kyrptonite green mangoes.

I now treat mangoes like Superman treats Kryptonite. I stay far, far away until they’re ripe, peeled and sliced up.

Medical Cocktails

For those worrying and wondering, we do have worldwide medical insurance (more on that soon), a full medical kit and then some.  We are our own floating hospital armed with EpiPen’s, a full bar of medical cocktails including antibiotics, an artillery of staple guns and a wide selection of wound care.

Jason half-jokingly refers to me as nurse Nikki.  Poor guy has had to stop requesting my help on general wound care because I’m so keen to practice my suture skills on a real live subject.  “No really, I can close that cut up in a jiffy.”  However, after that swollen face, he may have to change my nick name to Dr. Jekyll.


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the wynns sailing adventures in the south pacific map

  • Dates: June 23-26, 2018
  • Passage: Days 3-6, Nuku Hiva, Marquesas to Tahiti
  • Total Nautical Miles of Passage: 469

Hello there! I honestly don’t know what to say, so I am going to tell you a bunch of random facts instead. I'm a fish eating vegetarian who hates spiders and loves snakes. I almost never took vacations growing up. I wanted to be Pippi Longstocking (still do). I misspell about every other word I write and still struggle with grammar. I love splurging on a good high tea (which is really hard to find these days). And whatever you do, don’t tell me I can’t do something, because then I'll HAVE to do it!

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  • Maria Weber

    Please also look into homeopathy and keep some on the boat…it can be a life saver!

  • Kris

    I feel your pain…I too am allergic to mangos, and so is my dog Emily…we have a huge mango tree in our yard and we both suffer horribly…I don’t wish it on anyone😢😢

  • bill

    Truly beautiful story and video.

  • Elizabeth

    Thanks for sharing the swollen sailor segment. If you could share more about your world wide health insurance, that would be helpful info for other sailors who are planning to start cruising and traveling internationally by boat. Thanks and Happy New Year!

  • Matt, Weiwei & CoKu

    Hi Wynns,
    We love your videos and really appreciate you sharing your adventures. Happy anniversary to you two. We have a fun adventurous cat named CoKu that you can see here if you’d like on instagram: #cokutoday We noticed your not so fun excitement in dealing with making your own cat litter. I’m sure you’ve heard of it, but if your living with your cats almost 24/7 and have a treat they like to motivate them; it really is not that bad to train them to use the toilet and become litter free. Having just gone through it, I can give you some hints if you are interested. Anyway thank you for sharing. Please enjoy your days free of mango picking.
    -Matt, Weiwei & CoKu

  • Nikki Newman

    An allergist told me years ago, that allergies are cyclic and when a reaction to one thing gets going, other mild reactors join in and become stronger reactors. Since you were already reacting to the poison ivy, the mangos joined in. Breaking the cycle is the trick and that takes stopping the reaction for a long period of time. Keep some kind of strong antihistamine in your medical kit and use it as soon as you suspect an issue is developing. It took years for me to get free of the allergies, but it did work eventually by stopping them from getting started. Now, I’m down to a couple of medications which I’ll never be able to use.

    • Chris

      A hot hair dryer on each rach spot can provide itching relief for about 12+ hours. Unfortunately it doesn’t help swelling. Be well soon!

  • Andrei

    Please take a look at the video posted by Dr. Gundry:
    You might have a lot of answers to your food intolerance..
    But his book: Plant Paradox and read it carefully. you will feel enlightened and will be able to become healthier.


  • YD

    I find it weird that you guys thank us for watching these adventures – can’t speak for others but I’m the one feeling blessed for the beautiful images you create. I really appreciate !
    Have you ever seen the sci-fi movie “Passengers” on Netflix? You two remind me of the lead actors (well, their are only 2.25 actors and a robot-bartender in the movie) living an incredible life while the rest of their universe is asleep…
    Fair winds and following seas…

  • Sherry McLaughlin

    Hi Guys, My muy hubby and i have been watching you two on YouTube since you were in the RV. Just figured out where we can communicate with you. We love your videos!! Thank you so much for doing that. Since seeing you, we’ve watched others and none are as good as yours!! You allow us to get to know you and you show us so much of what you go through!! We’ll now be looking for a way to help you out a little if we can.
    Be safe, healthy and continue to enjoy yourselves!!I
    Sherry and John

  • George

    Thank you, thank you and thank you again. You are such a wonderful relief from all the political bedlam going on back in the US. Love your intros – full of adventure and romance. I feel like I’m part of the crew and enjoying every episode of your adventure.

  • Betsy C

    The images in this video were stunning — I can see why Jason said he’d be in heaven if every day was like that day. I followed you when you were in the RV and was concerned I might not like the sea trip as much, but it is definitely growing on me! You guys are so brave to go out on the ocean on your own — even though I can see you did your homework before you went. Wow, what a surprise to find out it was the mangoes causing the rash! Love your kitties and seeing what you cook on the boat. Looking forward to what you find in Tahiti.

  • Dan Foye

    I’m really happy you decided to go to Tahiti and get checked out by a Dermatologist. That was the right decision. The Tuamotus aren’t going anywhere. Congrats on twelve years of marriage. Yes, the years do seem to fly by. Don’t let your imagination go to the dark side when you envision what your 50th anniversary will be like. My Bride and I are in the middle of our 44th year of marriage, and two months away from our 49th Valentines Day together, and our hands and not even close to getting shaky. (Although, I think we got an earlier start than you two. On our first Valentines Day, She was 15 and I was 17.) But the point is: Enjoy the ride together, just as you have been! Don’t worry about the years. Be grateful for each other all the love and beauty you have in your lives TODAY! At this very moment.<3<3

  • Roger B

    It’s comforting to have aboard two lovable kitty cats when faced with challenges.

  • Connie Woods

    Happy Anniversary you beautiful people. Gosh, time is really going by fast. I’m so thankful that you found what was wrong. Mangos who would have thought. Get this I’m alergic to avocados, I still eat them but I pay a price. Taco Tuesday is just not the same without them. I know my limit. Big Love to you both ❤🌺 Happy Sail always too!

  • betsy ionta

    Greetings from Maine! My husband and I enjoy following your travels- Happy Anniversary- and hope someday you can make an adventure up the beautiful coast of Maine!

  • John Curtis

    Hi. I have been following you for years now and, though I seldom post anything, I want to say that this latest video felt SO professionally done that I have watched this one several times. Some beautiful scenery and very well accented by you with the slow motion. Also, some obviously artistic shots that just add to the overall beauty and feeling of your current environment. I always look forward to your videos and always enjoy them, but I feel this is one of your best. NICELY DONE!!! So happy to hear that you have found the allergy culprit and I hope that is the last time Nikki has allergy issues. Happy Anniversary!! May you have many more as you pursue your adventures.

  • DeeAnna K

    I so get your fear of waking up and 50 years have gone by! That happened to us! We were high school sweethearts just yesterday! But our love of adventure and fun has kept us actively together 24/7 like you guys. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY and many more!
    We love watching you…you are very inspiring and when we need a pick me up, we watch your videos. We are RVers.
    Safe, healthy travels to you both!

  • Heidi

    Anniversary happiness to you and yours!!
    Thank you for the informative videos. They make the staycations brilliant!
    Best of luck with Dr Jekyll 🙃

  • Mark

    I am not a doctor but I have an oral allergy to lots of things like apples. And it is getting worse as I get older. BUT, if cooked I am OK. Took me a long time to figure it out. May help you.

    Enjoying your trip!

  • Thomas Cochran

    Yes. Congratulations to living life and with each other these 12 years. As sons a children are out of high school my wife of 17 years are planning on heading out sailing. She’s a bit apprehensive. Hoping she’ll come around. If she won’t I have to send her post cards. Ha ha.

    We love you both and feel like family with your shared lives. Be safe and thank you both.

  • Alan Solomon

    Happy Anniversary to you both. Your both are on this catamaran sailing half way around the world if not more and it’s amazing that your never sore at each other. Your always, always smiling. It must be great communication skills. You know each other very well after 12 years. Cleo and Singa also. They are in the same boat with similar issues possibly. They adapt well.

    That view of Tahiti is beautiful. There is so much exploring the unknown, adventure and new experiences ahead for you both on Tahiti and in its waters. Enjoy yourselves. This video motivates me to drop everything and head out.
    Voyages surs, Au revoir

  • Jodi

    Where do you get your sunglasses from nicki and who makes them?

  • Daniel Randolph

    Happy Anniversary. My wife and I celebrated 37 years together this fall…you just can’t believe how fast it goes. I loved your comment about clinking to 50 and being arthritic…my wife and I are very active but also have arthritic joints and guess what…its still very wonderful. You’ll crack up about that at the most inopportune times. One word of advice, it’s easy to get caught up in work, adventure, life etc. and wake up and realize things you forgot to do. Make a list together, and figure out the when for the things you don’t want to miss..

  • Abby

    So glad you are ok! Could y’all do a video talking about how you deal with medical issues onboard and what you do in the event of a medical emergency? As a nurse I’m super curious! 😃

    • Buckets

      I 2nd this

  • Becky

    Congratulations for your 12th anniversary! Thai food and Prosecco sounds like a perfect way to celebrate. Yum!

    Green Mangos, mango trees? Who would have thought?! Glad you were able to discover the cause of the rash. Happier yet to hear that you can still eat the ripe fruit!!!

    Another great vlog! My Sundays are incomplete without watching you two. Thanks for sharing.

  • Jimbo

    Yay for chambongs!
    Congratulations on another anniversary, arrival in beautiful Tahiti, and Thank You for taking us all along!
    Clink, back at ya.

  • Laurence Phillips

    The last 2 minutes were precious, you really built up to that over the last months!

  • Phil

    Before seeing this video I was thinking green mangoes would do it, because you posted a photo of the bowl full of them. I used to live in a town with masses of the trees and would get migraines when the mangoes start to ferment in the heat. Glad to hear you got it sorted. Also, happy anniversary you two. My wife and I have been together 47 years and I’m typing this with my arthritic finger. She’s still beautiful and the love of my life.

  • Jurga & Jim

    Bienvenue! Darn, we just missed you guys. Our catamaran is still in Papeete. We will be moving her to Hawaii in January. Hope you will still be there. Let us know if you need any referrals / connections/ interesting places to sail to around there .
    Happy Anniversary! We have been following your inspirational posts.

  • Klancee Call

    Another awesome video and adventure. I love the waves when you slowed them down and speeded them back up, The para-ski boarder was great too, He made an awesome addition. I still get nervous about you both with out gear, but remember when I was on sea how stable I felt on deck. BUT I was on a 65 foot sail boat. The Quixote.. with rails complete. I feel blessed that you are taking me along with you on your journey. What is up for Christmas?

  • Lisa Cantrell

    Nikki, On your recommendation 4 years ago when we started FTing I bought one of these ovens. I loved it so much I decided to get one for our son. I saw then that Cuisinart was discontinuing them so bought two more. Our son now lives in a little house we bought for getting off the road if we need to and I have two of them sitting in the basement. Because we have enjoyed this, our Nature’s Head composting toilet and solar all because of you two I would like to gift you one. Of course, there is the small problem of getting it to you. It occurs to me though that Jason’s mom might send you stuff or people might be going to you so, if you can email me with an address of where to send it I will. We will head out of here on Dec 27 for points beyond but if the address arrives after we leave Richard can ship it out. Enjoy it. I so not understand AT ALL why they would have d/c’d this incredible oven-it’s perfect but c’est la vie.

  • Lisa Cantrell

    I can’t remember if I told you and don’t know if you’re still in Tahiti BUT I know you like SUP so go see Kevin Heminway at Kevin Heminway Stand Up Paddle Surfboards phone: 689 725156. He’s an old friend of our family, especially my brother Scott. Tell him hi if you go by. He’s been there for years and can help you.
    So glad you figured out about the mangoes. Saw more than one kid have the same reaction when they moved to St Croix. We didn’t think anything of climbing a tree and grabbing one but Oh My! my friend Patty didn’t even want to stand at the base of the tree. 🙁
    Happy Anniversary and keep enjoying and allowing us to ride along.

  • Debra young

    Happy Anniversary you two. We look forward to every Sunday to watch your videos. Just wished they were even longer because we enjoy them so much. Be safe and God bless.

  • Scott A Wheeler

    A post with more detail about your ocean going medical kit would be fantastic.

  • Pam McClure

    Oh my. Always wanted to go to Tahiti. I’ll live through you all. Are you listening to language tapes at all? Love watching the videos and you.

  • Nef

    cant help with the mango probltem but if your skin is still itchy and is starting to scab, put honey on t! it will immediately stop the itching and help keep the skin soft. if youre lucky it will help avoid scars!
    I had a 2* degree burn on my face a year ago, and even the doctor recommended it. now you cant even see the scar. the mice thing is that its easy to find and lasts a lot

  • Bob Sprengel

    Another enjoyable video, but it’s not “uh-tall.”

    It’s “at-all,” with accent on the first syllable.

  • Paul

    Beautiful sunset!! Also liked all the slow motion wave footage. Congratulations on your anniversary and all your other celebrations. 💏🎉🎂🎊🎆🇵🇫 And glad you feel you have found the allergy source!

    Was wondering… When that big storm came up behind you, does the temperature change drastically or is it still hot, just a lot wetter! I expected to see you go out and enjoy the free deck wash! I guess a lot depends on how violent the rain is.

  • Dwight Turner

    I am now pretty much an invalid from a physical standpoint; but mentally I can still run 3 miles. My wife of 44 years and I love your videos. Every Sunday morning I wake up to the anticipation of another vicarious adventure compliments of the magnificent Wynns. We have 6 cats so we love seeing Cleo and Singa — two salty felines living the good life. Back when you got your catamaran, I thought, “I wonder if they will ever get to Tahiti?” Well glory be. YOU DID IT!

  • Debra Johnson Shuey

    Breakfast with the Wynn’s is our Sunday ritual, I said last week it was mango, I too have that curse. I have three trees in my Florida backyard that I refuse to get rid of tho they turn me into a werewolf requiring a series of shots. I cannot touch them, but can eat them. I cut them up practically wearing a hazmat suit. Our PDQ Trawler Catamaran only allows us local adventures, so thanks for sharing yours with us.

  • Karen Compary

    So enjoy each video. You guys are awsome for living your dream. Such beauty in your part of the world! The cats amaze me. Didn’t know cats liked to sail. Mangos, who would have thought. Take care. Looking forward to your next video. Also want to wish you a Merry Christmas!

  • Rob Schulhoff

    Something interesting to look up kangen water I’m like Nikki allergic to a lot of stuff and health conscious if you want to know more I also have a few medical secrets that not many people know about admire the heck out of both of you and my wife and I are going to sail away somday just creating the means to do so and you guys were the inspiration love ya.
    [email protected]. Rob Schulhoff

  • Annie

    Happiest Anniversary!!

    This was the most enoyable!!

    I cried with joy and laughter when you, Jason exploded with pure unbridled joy on the deck at sunset.

    Spontaneous love of life was so endearing.

    God Bless

    Fair and steady winds at your stern, always.

    Huge hugs,


  • John Eva

    well I am glad you are ok!
    Keep on going and have fun doing it.

  • Nick Howe

    So Sorry Nikki! You have “mango mouth.” It happened to me too – exactly the same – the flesh is fine, but the skin causes a reaction that makes my mouth swell like crazy. We grow mangoes in our garden here in Florida, and I have to be super careful because they are delicious. For me it passed pretty quickly, so now I just need to make sure they are peeled really well before I eat them. Glad you are OK.

  • Betty & Thane Prideaux

    We so love watching your videos! Belated Congratulations on your 12th wedding anniversary. My hubby and I sailed off Vancouver Island before we were married and the adventure continues 33 years later. We love your kitties and I can’t get over how they walk around the boat so fearlessly! Just wanted you to know, you have fans in Canada too! Keep up the adventures and you’ll never tire of eachother (well, maybe a little, sometimes, we’re only human after all ha ha!) XOX

  • Terry Shaffer

    WE ARE CELABRATING OUR 46 WEDDING ANNIVERSARY THE 16 OF Dec. so God Bless you both on your jouney together.

    • Michael McClelland

      That’s today!!!! We are a mere 11 years behind you. Happy Anniversary and enjoy the next 46 more!!

  • Dave h.

    Wow u all made tahiti landfall… Those waves were looking pretty scary… Kudos… Happy belated anniversary! So happy 4 both of u… And fur babes… Finally get some litter 😉 hope your rash gets tending to… Another belated birthday wish for jason! And super belated for nikki i know it was a bit ago when u were with kate… Enjiy tahiti… Cant wait to see another video… Wishing u well and an early Christmas wish and Happy new year… In case we dont see you… Ta ta from balmy 2 below southern canada… Cheers… Clink… Sorry i dont have a champbong… 😀 ps will u b able to fix your main sail traveler…

  • Chaz

    Mango trees, cashew trees, and poison ivy are very closely related. They all have the the chemical pathways to make urushiol – – which is a nasty poison that causes burn-like injuries to human skin.

    You were exposed to more of the poison than the rest of the crew. It can sensitive you to further exposure, but it’s a real poison, not an allergen.

    Mangos only make urushiol in their skins. As you have worked out, avoid the skins and you’ll be fine.

    • Joanie

      Very nice to learn about this! As someone hyper-sensitive to poison ivy I have learned that as soon as a reaction begins, splashes of colloidal silver is the quickest cure and fastest way to stop it advancing. If I am a day behind it is still my go to cure but it processes itself a little further along.

      Consider a good colloidal silver maker for the boat. It’s an amazing cureall and can even avoid sutures, as the skin will close and mend beautifully. Witnessed it on many horse wounds, who are even more inflammatory than dogs when wounded. In any event CS is too pricey unless you make it yourself. After 3 quarts its free. Just needs 3 hours of electricity and distilled water. Used it for years on fractures and all manner of traumas. It’s a workhorse.


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