We rarely spend more than a week in any destination, but the small town of Bardstown Kentucky had us feeling like two weeks wasn't enough.

Sounds crazy right?  How could a town with a population around 12,000 keep us entertained for so long? With history dating back to the late 1700’s you’d think visitors like Jesse James, Abraham Lincoln, Daniel Boone, Stephen Foster and even Pope Pius VII would have made this place famous…sure all these people left their mark in Bardstown history but it’s the more familiar names that really make this place famous:  Jim Beam, Haven Hill, Barton, Willett and Maker’s Mark.  Not bad lineup for such a small town! To be perfectly honest we came for the Kentucky Bourbon Trail and only planned to spend a week, but after just three days of exploring, here are our top 5 reasons we decided to extend our stay: