We’ve been to Taos, New Mexico a number of times and it seems we’re always finding new adventures around the area…some good and others not so good! Overall I would call the small town of Taos eclectic, odd, artsy, historic, and most of it with an eco-conscious style.   This year we visited Taos at the first of February and the town was pretty darn quiet. We were the only RV at the BLM campground (besides the camp host), some days it snowed and some days it was 80 degrees, when we would belly up to a bar we’d be amongst only a handful of locals…it felt like the entire town was our oyster waiting to be cracked! Since we were staying at the BLM with no internet connection we ended up going into town most every day to eat, drink and get a little work done. After paying for a few experiences that were not so great we decided to keep track and share our thoughts.