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All Our Camera Gear – An Honest End Of Year Review

After ten plus years of being a professional photographer, and seven years of documenting our travels, I’m pretty opinionated about my camera gear.  But that’s just it…they’re my opinions based on my experiences.

Our camera needs are directly tied to our lifestyle.  What worked well in my 4000 square foot studio back in Dallas, Texas wasn’t right for our life on the road.  We sold off heaps of gear during that transition and donated to the local schools.  Our new life was all about traveling the back roads, hiking, camping, national parks and all around exploring North America. We still had the ability to carry a decent amount of gear but it needed to be more rugged and compact.

Moving from land to sea has been an equally challenging shift in terms of lifestyle and camera gear.  It’s been over a year now and we’re still finding our groove.  The ongoing presence of water, sand, sun and salt is an absolutely brutal environment.  Even the wind has become a never ending audio nightmare.  Our most rugged and substantial pieces of equipment require constant maintenance and cleaning to ensure survival.

Combine the environmental elements with our ever growing desire to capture the best possible footage and the gear options drastically decrease and price points increase.  There is a balance in there somewhere, and as we evolve and replace gear we’re playing in the middle ground (you know that area where you buy the best gear you can afford, and not necessarily the ‘best’ gear on the market).  After all, we’re not working for National Geographic (but maybe one day).

Our camera setup isn’t perfect but we’ve made a lot of changes since hitting the water. We keep getting requests for updates and opinions.  Well, careful of what you ask for, because now you have 20+ minutes of updates and opinions to sit through.  If a new camera or accessory is on your wish list, we hope knowing what works and what doesn’t work for us, might help you decide on your perfect upgrade.

Before you hit that play button, know that I’m not particularly brand loyal (some people are nutty loyal with bumper stickers and all…that’s not me), I just want the best tool for the job.  For example, a few years back I switched from Canon to Sony for many reasons.  If something wildly better comes along in the future (and won’t cost an arm and a leg to switch) I’ll be the first to say sayonara Sony.

If you made it all the way through to the end, chances are you’re researching camera gear seriously.  So, I have listed all our gear below with a few additional notes.

If you decide to make a purchase, clicking through from our site means we get a few pennies of the sale.  It costs you nothing extra and you can still take advantage of any sales or promotions.  It’s called an affiliate link.  Not every link is an affiliate link but we are a part of several different affiliate programs (like Amazon and B&H).  Because we are able to purchase items from these retailers, same as anyone, we can review them honestly.  There’s no strings attached by the manufacturers and we get to recommend what we truly believe is worth purchasing.  And, the extra pennies help fund this website and it’s content.

You will notice for some products we link to multiple places to buy.  That’s for a few different reasons. Some of you may not have or use Amazon (or it might not be the best place for you to buy from), certain sites offer bundles or just for price comparison sake.

To be blatantly honest, we get a few more pennies if you buy from Amazon (USA purchases only at this time) than we do if you purchase from B&H (worldwide) or others.  But, we care more about you than the extra pennies in our pockets. When it comes to tech/electronics B&H is typically our go-to place to buy.  Its usually the same pricing, there’s no sales tax, similar 2 day free shipping, a killer return policy and we like the expert assistance they offer (that’s how I found the Sony Camera light).  If you are debating between gear and have technical questions B&H is an excellent place to do camera research (just make sure you come back to our site to click through).  😉  We also double check pricing at sites like NewEgg and Adorama too, just to be sure we’re getting the best deal.

Ok, enough of my rambling, let’s dive into it. 😉


Best Travel TripodManfrotto Befree Live Video Tripod – I have the original version and it’s been great.  It’s not the sturdiest tripod in high winds but its lightweight, compact and infinitely adjustable.  It’s perfect for travel and living small.  Manfrotto just launched the new Befree Advanced line and updated the Befree Live with twist legs and better components.

Best Travel Camera GearJoby GorillaPod – I have the Focus/Ballhead X Bundle which is large enough to support our a7 with lens and mic.  The ball head is what is most important if you purchase any of the flexible tripods.  Without the ball head it’s nearly impossible to get the camera square.  From our experience these tripods will last about 2-3 years before they start to fall apart.  There is a new “pro” version that’s worth looking at called the 5k mini-tripod:



After weeks of searching for an on-camera light that didn’t need to be plugged in, yet is compact and powerful enough for fill light during the day, I came across this Sony light.  It’s a small professional light that does everything we need including color balance, soft light, magnified beam for daylight and a dimming feature that doesn’t affect the color of the light.  One thing I didn’t realize is you need to purchase the lithium battery and battery charger separately, not sure why they don’t sell it as kit.  In total it was more money than I wanted to spend, but once we began using it we’re 100% satisfied with the purchase.  If you only need a little fill light at night, and you’re planning to be close to the camera, then save your money and get something way less expensive like this:


Camera Phones

Best Travel Camera GearWe’re using the iPhone 7 Plus and it provides decent sound and captures quality 1080p video, plus it’s extremely water-resistant.  We always say the best camera is the one you have on you.  This is what makes a cell phone such a great tool for video and photography.  Apple recently launched the iPhone 8 which I have no doubts delivers better quality everything.  I’ve also read the Samsung phones deliver solid video and photography performance.  In the end a cell phone will never be the best camera, but if you own a decent one it’s a great place to start.

Building on the camera phone to customize the look can make for a more fun photo and video experience.  Here’s the items we find we use the most with our iPhone:

Olloclip – The selfie camera isn’t quite wide enough and the main lens can be a little shaky while hand holding.  Using a wide angle Olloclip lens helps with both.  We also have the fisheye that provides a wildly-round capture and the telephoto which is great for details.  Olloclip lenses are made to work either with the provided case, or no case at all.  Meaning, if you have a 3rd party cell phone case then it may not fit perfectly around both lenses at the same time.

iKlip Grip Stand – It’s a selfie stick and tripod in one that works great with our phone.  They’ve slightly updated the look from ours in the video.

Pictar Plus Camera Grip – It slides over the phone and basically turns it into a manually controlled camera. It’s a cool way to have more control over the phones functionality and has the natural feel of an actual camera.  We use this and the Olloclip at the same time giving an almost dSLR-like feel to our iPhone.  There are different versions of this product based on your cell phone size and shape, so make sure you buy the correct model.

IK Multimedia – I have a set of microphones for the iPhone that have rave reviews.  I am excited to try them and report back, but if you plan to make your phone into a video camera better audio would be a nice upgrade:

Action Cameras

Sony Action Cam X3000 – Still my favorite action camera for quality color, sharp image and optical stabilization.  Wish it was waterproof like the GoPro but at least it’s splash proof which is good enough for use on the boat and dinghy.  It does come with an underwater housing for SCUBA/snorkel an I’d recommend buying the kit with the live view remote, so you can operate it hands-free.

GoPro Hero 5 Black – GoPro claims it’s 4k, but the tricky part is you can’t have 4k and use the stabilizer.  This is because it’s a digital stabilizer and not an optical stabilizer (like the Sony).  I do like the built-in screen and the fact that it’s waterproof without a case.  It’s a great camera for capturing action, but I wouldn’t recommend this as your only camera if you’re going to carry just one.  We own the 5  They’ve also launched the Hero 6 which I’d buy if I was looking to purchase now:

Feiyu G5 Gimbal – Stable footage is king!  Nothing is worse than super shaky footage…and I’m 100% guilty of being in a rush and not giving proper attention to stability.  This gimbal can transform what would be crap footage and turn it into super smooth cinematic video.  Slap in the waterproof GoPro and head out into a storm, or take on waves head first cause this gimbal is also water resistant.  The only downside is the audio will be almost unusable…but then again the GoPro doesn’t capture great audio anyway.

Sony RX0 – I’m extremely intrigued with this new little action camera (we don’t own it…yet).  It’s being billed as a professional action camera that outputs uncompressed 4k UHD video, multi-camera recording, Zeiss f/4.0 lens, slow-motion recording, external microphone input and waterproof/crushproof design.  With a price of $700, if it truly delivers everything as well as they advertise then this little camera will no doubt make it’s way onto our sailboat for 2018.  Also, based on the size it may fit in the G5 gimbal as well, which would be a huge bonus.


Point and Shoot

Best Travel CameraSony RX100 – There’s a million-different point-and-shoot cameras out there so what makes this one my favorite?  It’s compact, shoots in 4k, good audio, flip up screen, extremely fast f/1.8 lens, viewfinder, pop-up flash and it’s built like a tank.  We’ve been using an RX model camera for years and they haven’t let us down yet.  I guess my favorite thing is how well they perform in low light.  In my dream world it would have a slightly wider and longer zoom (and perhaps touch screen focus), but that’s not make-or-break for our needs.  The micromuff add on is an absolute necessity if you plan to film outdoors with more than a gentle breeze.

Feiyu a1000 Gimbal – Feiyu is the apparent leader in gimbals.  They’ve just launched a new version that is made for point and shoot cameras like the RX series.  Based on our experience with the GoPro gimbal I have a feeling we’ll be putting in an order for this guy in the near future.


Mirrorless Interchangeable Lens Cameras

Best Travel Camera GearI can’t say enough good things about my Sony a7ii.  The only upgrade I really want is a sensor that can capture even better in low light.  That’s it.  Other than that I’m satisfied with my choice and the built-in 5-axis stabilizer is amazing for handheld video (and photography).  If you are ok with buying older technology its these types of cameras that go on sale the biggest for events like Black Friday:  I would not recommend the lens kit offered because it’s an inexpensive plastic lens with a floating aperture and mediocre glass that won’t allow you to get the quality the camera body can capture.

  • The spankin’ new (launches 11/30/2017) Sony Alpha a7Riii is a huge upgrade from the model I have and will likely be my next camera body:  I’ll get the kit with the 24-105 f/4 lens because it’s perfect for a lazy shooter (like me) that doesn’t want to swap lenses often.
  • Launched a few months ago, the new Standard for low light capture is the Sony Alpha a9. It’s more expensive than the a7 but if low light fast shooting is the need, than this is it:  If you’re paying this much for a body to capture in low light then you definitely want an f/2.8 lens or faster.  If I had the budget I’d purchases this camera over the a7iii.
  • I still love the a6 series of bodies. The newest Sony Alpha a6500 version has 4k, touch screen, high ISO sensitivity for low light capture, 5-axis SteadyShot Inside (like the a7 series), and an external mic output.  This kit has the upgraded Zeiss lens, spare battery and a few other accessories.  Trust me, the Zeiss lens makes all the difference in the world vs the cheap standard kit lens:


Much like my exhaustive camera list there’s no one perfect lens.  Right now I’m using the Zeiss 24-70 f/4 OSS and the 70-200 f/4 G OSS  My dream lens would be something like a 16-105mm f/2.8 zoom that’s sturdy, compact and lightweight with optical stabilizer and crazy sharp glass.  Sadly, I don’t think this lens exists.  Let it be known: I have not done any research on off-brand lenses, I was burned in the past with some sub-par lenses when I was shooting with Canon, granted, it was 10+ years ago so maybe the knock-off lenses have come a long way?

  • Sony comes close with this 24-105mm f4 G OSS lens:  I love this range as an everyday lens, and in reality I’d use this lens 90% of the time.
  • A super-wide zoom is also a great in small spaces like this 16-35 f/2.8 GM lens: This is the more expensive “GM” model but with wide angle lenses it’s best to go with the best glass you can afford (the “warped edges” effect isn’t as bad with better glass).  There is an f/4 Zeiss version that’s substantially less if you don’t need low f/2.8 depth of field:
  • For filming at Night I’m considering this SLR Magic Cine 25mm f/1.4 or the Rokinon 24mm f/1.5 Cine ED AS IF UMC  With the right camera body (like the new a7iii or a9) and one of these super-fast lenses we just might be able to capture the night sky and bioluminescence.  But yikes, the expenses are really starting to add up!


Rode VideoMic Pro – I owned this microphone several years back and loved it.  My only complaints are remembering to carry spare 9v batteries and having to remember to turn the microphone on BEFORE recording.  Apparently they’ve fixed both issues with a lithium powered “plus” version…according to the website it will turn on automatically now and the built in battery is rechargable, both make this mic way more AWESOME!  The audio from the Rode is more robust than the little Sony mic that’s been my go to for the past couple years. I’ve been incorporating the VideoMic Pro (VMP) into my filming more and more and I feel it my become my go-to microphone in the very near future.

Sony Gun-Zoom Mic – It’s not the best mic in the world but it does an incredible job for under $100.

Edutige ETM-008 Unidirectional Mic – I ordered this as a mini-shotgun style microphone for our ‘Capitan’s Log’ videos captured at the helm.  I added the little furry muff and it’s worked pretty well with our Sony Action Cam, even in high winds.  The link is below but I can’t find much about this company.  A more mainstream solution would probably be RODE VideoMicro

Feiyu A2000 Gimbal – They just launched this gimbal made for bigger cameras like the a7.  We ordered it last week but we haven’t received it yet so we can’t speak from experience…but I have a feeling we are all going to love the smoother footage.



Best Travel Camera GearI only have experience flying the 3DR and DJI drones.  From our personal experience DJI is considered the industry leader for a reason:  They’re simple to fly and always upping their game with new models.  As I mentioned in the video the Mavic Pro is great, but the camera quality is superior on the Phantom models.  There’s no doubt the quality is even better on the Inspire models  But living on a boat with little storage space, I think the Mavic Pro is our best option.  Also the portability can’t be beat for dinghy adventures, hiking and inland trips. If you have the space and you want better quality I’d say go for the Phantom models or the Inspire.  And always buy the “Fly More Combo” if it exists, you can’t go wrong with more batteries.  I did consider a waterproof drone, however at this point they are super expensive and don’t seem to have the same features as the DJI drones…and to be honest I can crash 2 Mavic Pro drones for the price of one Splash Drone

Drone Filters – When you’re flying a drone over land in full sun you almost always want an ND filter.  It helps darken down the lens which changes the shutter speed and produces smoother video.  If you’re flying over water, you MUST add a polarized filter to cut the glare off the surface of the water.  Otherwise you’ll just get blown out reflections instead of beautiful blue with colorful coral!  We use the Sandmarc filter sets for both our Phantom and Mavic.  Sandmarc recently launched ND+Polarizing filters and I’m 100% jealous because this is the ultimate lazy-mans filter for better color, smoother video and less reflections.


Underwater Cameras

Its amazing what a standard action camera will capture underwater.  If you want easy to use, affordable and replaceable I’d say stick with an action cam like the Sony or the GoPro I listed above.  If you want to take it to the next level go for something like our Sony Underwater RX kit.  If you want pro level stuff you’ll have to get into big lights on arms and expensive enclosures like this one that has pressure sensors built in to protect from leaks:  We’re happy with our RX setup for now, but as we dive and snorkel more, and hone in on our underwater capture technique, I’m sure a higher-end setup will be in our future.

Underwater Lights and Grips

We’ve been using Big Blue dive lights and so far we’ve been happy with all the products we own.  For starters I’d recommend going for a combo pack like the AL250.  There are so many little nuances of camera trays, grips, lights, beam widths, colors, etc it’s way too complicated to fully explain in this camera round up.  The main piece of advice I can give:  Make sure the light will last a minimum of 1 hour at full power.  A dead dive light is not a useful dive light.  What we like about Big Blue is the accurate color temperature, long burn time and unique accessories (and it’s a Florida company).

Buy direct:

Underwater Selfie Sticks and Dive Filters

Filters make a huge difference when diving with the GoPro.  Sandmarc makes a version of filter for the GoPro when diving naked and a version when diving with the GoPro Super Suit housing, so make sure you get the right set for your needs:

For an underwater selfie stick, mono-stand, pole, whatever you want to call it…we use the Sanmarc Pole Compact Edition.  It’s sturdy, compact and hasn’t rusted after a ton of use in the ocean.  We also use the “Floater” and “Armor Bag”.  Buy them direct here:

Other Accessories

Strike Finder 2 – Yep, I sorta geeked out there for a minute in the video.  We’ve only had this gadget for a short time but it’s been a blast capturing lightning. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do but never really had the time to make it happen.  You see, traditionally you must find a good spot far enough away from the action, setup a big tripod, open the shutter for minutes and wait for that perfect strike.  Now it’s literally plug and play with this device and I’m capturing like a pro (well, almost.  Since I’m shooting from the boat I can’t leave the shutter open long enough to bring out the stars).  One day I’ll make it to land and get to capture the lighting and it’s going to be SICK!!!

The Weego Lithium pack –  This little guy has saved my butt a few times when a camera battery starts getting low, or we’re navigating using the iPhone/iPad and the battery gets to critical level yet we’re 100% lost.  The “Detect-o-Matic” Fast charge USB seems to work well for quick charging and so far it’s stood up to the salty sea air and sand without issue (not something I can say about the cheap versions I originally purchased on Amazon).

Want More?

I know that was a beast of a list to go through.  If you want to know more details about any specific product let me know in the comments.  We’d like to start doing more mid-week videos that touch on tech, gear and other everyday things that keep us going out here on the water.  If we get enough requests about a particular subject we’ll make a video about it.

As always, our opinions are our own and cannot be purchased by any company.  This post was created with the intention of sharing our camera gear, nothing else.  We were not paid to create this video or write this article.  Please confirm price, models and compatibility before hitting that “buy” button.


Thank you for tuning in!  Without viewers like you, our little corner of the internet wouldn’t exist.  If you like our videos and posts, check out our Say Thanks page to learn about different ways you can help keep videos and posts flowing. You’ll notice most ways don’t cost you a penny, but they make a big difference to us.

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  • Rob Harris

    What a great read! Thanks for sharing all of the gear you guys own, was wondering about your toolkit for some time! I used to run GoPro as well for a years, but recently gave Sealife cameras a shot and it was well worth it! Absolutely love it, maybe you should give ’em a try too!

  • Ernest Penaranda

    Hello Jason and Nikki, hope all is going well in NZ. I was wondering why you have chosen the Sony A7iii and Sony as your main cameras? What is it within them that you find well suited for your line of work? I’m in the midst of making a decision in camera lines and would value your opinion since you have had a lot of experience with the Sony line.

  • Mic

    Head Strap? Hey there, thanks so much for all you do – so many incredible videos we especially love the underwater ones and truly hoping you’re hanging tough in Fiji 🙂 So I know the head strap is a small purchase but wondered what you use to attach your GoPro to your head for walking around capturing. Thanks for whatever recommendations you can make.

    • Curious Minion

      I’m not sure they have one but if they do it’ll be in this new post about all their photography gear & accessories. It might just be a gimbal or selfie stick held at head height?
      Curious Minion

  • Greg Fariss

    It’s been a while. I’d love to see another photo/video gear video before you set out again. I’m sure a lot that’s changed in two years. Hopefully you walked away from the Sony event with some (well alot of) new free gear.

    Who do I need to write to for Sony to sponsor you?

  • Reb

    You two are amazing!! I have been watching your videos since you bought your first RV. Now many years later I am still watching and loving the ocean adventure videos. Keep them coming. My wife really loves your cats. Quick question about your walking point and shoot camera’s. I notice that don’t always use your large SLR for shooting walking around town and hiking videos. I can tell the GoPro videos but was curious as what Point and Shoot you use for Walking and on the boat now. I see Nikki uses it sometimes (maybe because it’s light?)… I am really curious about this because the motion stabilization in the camera you use is really good. I am looking at the Fuji X100F for taking pictures on travel but it does not have video stabilization. So I am looking for a good picture camera and good video camera all in one. I don’t want to carry a big DSLR..

    • Curious Minion

      I believe that’s the Sony rx100, which is mentioned in that post. It is also a main underwater camera for them (they have a housing for it) and a lot of the whale footage was shot with it.
      Curious Minion

  • Russell Koon

    Awesome! Appreciate the info, a little dated now, but very informative as a baseline. While I have a love-hate relationship with drones or rather irresponsible drone operators, I’m considering pulling the trigger on a Mavic 2 Zoom. Kudos for what appears to be adult droning practices, meaning well-mannered not voyeuristically adept. The Pro version may have better video, but I’m so hung up on not disturbing others that I think the zoom capability may fit me better. Had a once in a lifetime sundowner on our anniversary spoiled by a drone and just hypersensitive I suppose.

    • Curious Minion

      We’ve all had a moment ruined by a drone I think, and a few operators are completely irresponsible which makes it worse. Sorry it was such a one-of-a-kind moment for you.
      Curious Minion

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  • Michael Lustbader

    Just a quick note on the A9 vs A7Rlll:
    The main advantage of the A7 is the 42+mp sensor. It ALMOST eliminates the need for an short-range telephoto because it gives you the ability to crop drastically. You can make a 16X20 print from 1/4 of a frame. And it does give you 10FPS, which I have found adequate for flying birds. True, if I were a sports photographer, I would go with the A9.
    Travel Safe!!

  • Ken

    Hope that you are still following comments on this blog post… 🙂

    Does the Feiyu G5 Gimbal work with the Sony HDR action camera? We love our Sony HDR-AS300 and would like to add a gimbal.

    Many thanks!

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    I’m interested in switching to a Sony mirrorless camera (either a6500 or a7iii). How do you record handheld selfie interviews (video) with your Sony cameras since they don’t have screens that pivot forward?

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    Flagship follower, first question! What case do you use for your iPads? You don’t list in your year end review which (from which I am purchasing two camera accessory recommendations-thank you!) and I was curious about your thoughts on the one you have in videos. Is it waterproof? Thank you and happy sailing!

    • Curious Minion

      I’m sure Nikki or Jason will chime in here, but a quick search for “waterproof case” along with your model of iPad should pull up a bunch of great options. Marine stores also usually stock them.

  • Michelle

    Thanks for all the reviews! My husband has pretty much built his Christmas list from this video 🙂 Any thoughts on the new DJI filter sets (PL/ND combined)? There’s a 4 pack (ND4/PL, ND8/PL, ND16/PL, ND32/PL) and a 6 pack (adding the PL and ND64/PL). Do we need the extra two in the 6 pack? The specs address ND4 – 16 for cloudy – bright sun but don’t explain the need for 32 or 64. Thanks in advance for your help!

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    I noticed that the first part of your video looked the best – whatever that camera was. Also, the sound got bad when you tried the new microphone on the big Sony- it was way too boomy sounding.

    Here are some names for your specials:
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    I’ve enjoyed watching the evolution of your camera gear over time. I definitely want the Sony a7RIII. Was going to buy the Mark II but the bigger battery in the 3 has me hooked. And an RX100. I’m not sure I’ll ever convince my wife that I need a $1000 point and shoot though.

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  • Thanks for the great video! Gear question for ya: I recently purchased a SJCam SJ6 Legend (which I swore you had, but guess I was wrong :)) with some accessories, including the compatible SJ6 external mic. I had previously been shooting with my phone (HTC M8 Harmon Kardon edition) and was hoping for better quality stabilization and audio. Even with the mic on my shirt, the audio sucked (in my opinion). Any suggestions on reasonably priced external mics that are compatible with my SJ6?
    Also, side note, my hubby and I love watching your adventures and currently have plans in motion to cruise full time soon. Just have to kick some butt on land here first so we can really enjoy. 😀

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    Very enjoyable, especially the geek-out about the Strike Finder. I had to buy it! That plus two of the Weego lithium battery packs are winging their way to Dubai, hopefully in time for Christmas 🙂

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    You should call your mid-week reviews: “Curios Thurs-ty’s” {mic drop} 😉 What, too punny?

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    Thanks for all of the info! I was actually wanting to find a wind muff for my Sony RX 100 V, so I’m glad you linked what you have. Did you go with 2 “skinny” micromuffs?

  • You can check “YI” brand action cam, I don’t have Gopro or Sony action, so I cannot compare the usefulness but it does a good job with 4K quality & $200 price tag

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    Another video may keep you busy editing and researching full time. Save some time for exploring and posting.

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    Even though the Phantom 3 is the better drone, I still really like the footage from the Mavic. Let’s face it, most of us are watching your videos on a tablet or computer. The resolution on these devices is just fine. And like you said, you find it hard to carry and store the bigger drone so there it sits. Keep up the good work.
    If you’re around Pedasi or David in Feb maybe we’ll run into you.
    Have fun and stay safe.

  • Bill Hamilton

    Jason…. May I be so bold as to suggest you obtain ,when you can, a couple of dash cams……for those times when you are busy at the helm and just can’t reach your camera and you don’t want to miss some interesting event and for security reasons. Tucked away to view forward and maybe to the rear…. An all weather multi security camera setup might also be useful…My 2 cents worth.

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    Great post! Just wondering why did you choose Weego over Ankar or other brands. Not many independent reviews out there (based on quick search) of the Weego product.

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    Hey guys, awesome review. I enjoyed your previous comparison of the action cams and have put the Sony on my xmas list so I hope Santa thinks I have been good 🙂 My question is regarding the lens on the Sony action cam. It seems that it is not protected well when it is outside of the waterproof case, where the best audio is shot from. How do you protect the lens from damage or scratches?

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    Thank you for your hard work on all your videos, just beginning to dive into videos of our travels.


  • Glenn Adams

    Thank you Mr and Mrs Wynn… I’m going to file this email for future reference so I can take advantage of your experience. We should be cruising by June or July and although we won’t be journalists like you we want to provide good video for our blog.

  • Calvin

    For low-light, the A7S2 would be a better fit for you guys since the photosites are much larger on the S2 than the pixel-dense R2/3s.

    • Paul

      I agree, the A7S II should have significant better low-light capability than the A7R II/III because of pixel size (fewer pixels on the same sensor size -> more light for each pixel).
      In addition to that: The A7R III is still a little better in low-light than the A9. Examples here: (76MB)

      So, safe some money and buy a A7S II instead the A7R III or the A9. And show us the night at sea! 😉


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