halloween hacking

3 Ways to get Freaky this Halloween – And A Free Torch

This will be our third Halloween on the road and if there is one thing we’ve learned; no matter where you go, everybody loves to get freaky on Halloween.

halloween hacking

Halloween is our favorite holiday because it’s our once a year pass to dress up as anything, or anyone, and act a fool!  So, no matter where our RV’s parked we try and seek out some freaky fun adventures!

Now we don’t want you out wondering around at night without a good torch, so we have a sweet solar powered one to give away to one lucky ghoul!  So stick with me for the details.

Year one on the road we found ourselves back in one of the friendliest and funkiest towns in America, Lake Havasu City, Arizona!  Whether you have, or haven’t, been to Lake Havasu City you should know that this city is crazy all year, and not just during spring break.  They will take any excuse to throw a party or an event (probably why we keep going back) so it’s almost a guarantee you’ll have a good time, no matter what the season.  Throw in some costumes, pumpkins, crazy divers, cheap tiny saws, a little imagination and this is what you get:

Underwater pumpkin carving


If the underwater pumpkin carving is a little to soggy for you, grab a costume, head to Main Street and keep your eyes peeled for the underground flash mob:

Fright Night


Year two on the road we made our way to visit Nikki’s Aunt and Uncle in Cloudcroft, New Mexico.  You see, we had made a vow to actually use the golf clubs we had been carrying around for over a year, and they had been gushing about their little country club for a while now tempting us to visit…so, when they claimed to have the perfect tournament for us, we didn’t know what to expect, and we could have never expected this:

Cross Country Halloween Hackin’


Now, here we are, year three on the road, Wild Camping in the boonies without a party in sight…unless you count the lost souls of Ghost Towns.

bodie ghost town

So, we’re thinking of joining forces with some fellow sedentary lifeaphobics (Watsons Wonder and Wheeling It) at the Alabama Hills in Lone Pine, California to see what kind of horrifying trouble we can stir up in the sticks. I do love a good challenge!  Happy Halloween Everyone.

Now, onto that free solar powered torch I mentioned. We have an extra LED Solio Clip and thought a Halloween themed raffle would be a fun way to find it a home. So here is the scoop:

Did you watch the videos above? Of course you did, so toss your name in the raffle by leaving us a comment about which Halloween adventure you would hit the road for and/or what your costume would be! And, if you want extra points you can tweet this post and/or follow us on Instagram. Just use the nifty widget below (don’t worry, your email address stays safe and is just so we can contact the winner, nothing else):
a Rafflecopter giveaway

What is a Solio Clip Mini and why should you want one?
• $25 value
• USB/Solar Rechargeable LED Light
• uses the clean energy of the sun to keep your light burning through the night
• With five illumination modes: 100%, 50%, 10%, Flashing and SOS
• high quality battery stores power for up to a year so it’ll be ready to go when you need it
• Easily clip onto your bag or pack with the built in carabineer
• A fully charged CLIP-MINI will give you: 3 hours of light in 100% mode, 9 hours of light in 50% mode, and 3 hours of light in 10% mode

Disclaimer:  We are not being compensated by Solio or anyone else for this giveaway, in fact the shipping cost is coming directly out of our pockets…it’s all in an effort to say thanks to all of you out there just crazy enough to follow our travels.

Hello there! I honestly don’t know what to say, so I am going to tell you a bunch of random facts instead. I'm a fish eating vegetarian who hates spiders and loves snakes. I almost never took vacations growing up. I wanted to be Pippi Longstocking (still do). I misspell about every other word I write and still struggle with grammar. I love splurging on a good high tea (which is really hard to find these days). And whatever you do, don’t tell me I can’t do something, because then I'll HAVE to do it!

Comments (22)

  • Joyce Swoveland

    definitely the golf scramble because 1) it’s golf and my husband would be more likely to participate in that than anything else, 2) it’s in Cloudcroft!! 3) it’s during the day and won’t mess with my bedtime!

    I like the pink power ranger but I would prefer to dress up as Raggedy Ann – I love her stockings!

  • Ken

    I would go for Fright Night.. looks like fun

  • Dawn

    Ghost town. Heck…. Any of them! Anything is better than the nothing I do every year!

  • Well…the golfing looked very fun, if you like golf. I have to say that I really thought the idea of underwater pumpkin carving sounds so fun! Definitely my favorite!

  • Kim Fine

    Would definitely try to carve a pumpkin while diving, but who doesn’t love a good “Flash mob”

  • David

    The golf scramble looks like a blast. Maybe hard to play dressed as Despicable Me Minions 😉 but fun to try!

  • Michelle

    Even though I don’t play golf, I’d go with the golf scramble because it looked a lot like mini-golf but with a lot more adventure. Plus, when I actually play mini-golf I always hit the ball too hard so it would probably be a plus here! I’d dress as Pippi Longstocking, rocking the up-curled braids.

  • Rick

    For me it would be the street party at Lake Havasu City. So many sights, food and generally good music at them. On the bucket list for us.

  • Gary

    Lake Havasu and we would bring back an oldie. Lynda and I often dressed up on Halloween and went Trick or Treating for Adult beverages at friends and family in our younger years. The best costume was the year we went as the California Raisins complete with saxophone, sunglasses and etc. That is probably before your time, but, it may bring fun memories to us “seasoned” Halloweeners.

    Gary n Lynda Clark

  • Geoff Money

    Hi guys
    Love your videos it’s inspired us to going greener’ we are converting our lights to LED and looking to buy solar panels.
    We love everything that is solar powered, just got a solar charger for our cell, tablet and kindles
    Thanks for all the info and like you we are heading for Arizona for the Winter.

    Geoff and Sue

  • Lauris Cady

    The Ghost Town …. there are other terrifying places to go for Halloween! Have you ever done the Jack-O-Lantern Spectacular at the Roger Williams Park Zoo in Rhode Island ~ amazing! But you seek warmer climates …. St Augustine has ghost walks and many a frightening tale to be told … costumes? A box of crayons gone bad of course! Boo to You Two! 😀

  • The party in Lake Havasu City look like fun! The neighborhood we used to live in here in St Petersburg, Old Northeast, has a huge block party for Halloween every year!

  • Ellie Matthies

    I think we would do the underwater pumpkin carving. Never tried that before BUT my husband and I love to snorkel and scuba! And I’m a pretty good carver 🙂 I wouldn’t be able to pull off a mermaid costume, but it would be fun to be pirates!

  • Erin Spivey

    The old Ghost Town for sure! My husband and I have a thing for those. When we were travel nursing in Arizona we couldn’t stay away from Tombstone! Also spent a fun Halloween night at the Old Tucson Movie Studios! Love Arizona!

  • Jean

    Definitely the lodge golf scramble and I would be dressed as Professor Sprout of Harry Potter fame……

  • Stella MacDonald

    Lake Havasu for sure. Looks like a great community event. Haven’t had costumes for years but do remember being Raggedy Anne and Andy for one Halloween . Maybe they could come to life again?

  • I loved the Fright Night at Lake Havasu!!! what a wonderful “family” night out. Costume???? Roller Derby Granny!!!

  • I’d definitely choose Lake Havasu! I think the ghost towns or the golf may be too scary! 😉


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