rv shopping with the wynns

Let’s all go RV Shopping Together!

This is a series that has been in the works for years, 5 to be exact, and it feels so good to get it all off our chest. 
You see, we don’t want you to go through the pain that we endured back in late 2009 when we purchased our first RV.  So, we are sharing all of our hard earned experiential knowledge.

Since this is just the introduction to our RV Shopper Series we’ll keep it simple and light, but we want to let you know how this all came about.

We’ve received loads of questions from buyers over the years such as “Which RV brand is best”, “What size RV is the best”, “How much should I pay for a new RV”; you get the point.  It wasn’t until our time at the California RV Show after meeting so many people with the same questions, that we realized we had to do something about it. It’s really a set of difficult-to-tackle questions, with a never-ending variety of answers, it’s overwhelming for us and even more so the person looking to purchase a new RV!

That’s when we got to thinking…it may be impossible to tell each person what the perfect RV is for their needs, but what we can do is take you all RV shopping with us!

So we decided to put together this shopper series as a way to bring you along on our RV shopping experiences to (hopefully) help improve your RV shopping/buying/owning experience.

rv shopping with the wynns

We’ve broken the series into 4 main shopping videos along with some additional pre and post purchase info (aka shady truths).  The stuff most people don’t like to write down or talk about; like dealing with RV salespeople, understanding the RV Sales “Games” and we’re ending with the not so talked about breakdowns and service issues during RV ownership. I’m sure we’ll get our fair share of flack but we sincerely hope this makes your RV buying experience go much more smoothly that our first go at it.

So hop in that virtual passenger seat, fasten your seat belt and let’s go RV shopping together! To receive notifications when we publish these articles make sure you’re subscribed to our mailing list:

The BIG disclaimer – Remember this entire series is all based on our opinions, we cannot tell you what RV is best for you, that’s something you’ll need to figure out on you own.  We do have lots of experience traveling in different RVs and spend a lot of time drilling RV manufactures, service technicians, salespeople and dealerships for ‘real information’ and not their standard sales pitch.

Hello there! I honestly don’t know what to say, so I am going to tell you a bunch of random facts instead. I'm a fish eating vegetarian who hates spiders and loves snakes. I almost never took vacations growing up. I wanted to be Pippi Longstocking (still do). I misspell about every other word I write and still struggle with grammar. I love splurging on a good high tea (which is really hard to find these days). And whatever you do, don’t tell me I can’t do something, because then I'll HAVE to do it!

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  • Hello Nikki
    I found your site the other day and I’ve been having fun exploring it. I do, like many others, have a question for you. I am considering living on the road for a while, but I’m not sure what type of RVs or Campers to research. I am single, so it would just be me. And, ideally, I’ve like to rent something first to try it out for a week or so before making a huge purchase. I’ve been reading about people living out of a van, but access to a bathroom and a shower are an absolute must. Truthfully, I’d also some something with air conditioning (I am a California girl and living without at least some relief in 100+ degree weather sounds like torture), but I need something small because I would want to be able to park pretty much anywhere.

    I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and I’ve always wanted to travel across the US visiting all of the temples. I just counted, and there are 79 built, under construction, or announced in the continental United States. In my experience, many temple are in busy areas, so I won’t necessarily have the opportunity to park in nature. I might have to make do with parking lots.

    Do you have any suggestions on which type of RVs or campers to look into. I need some advice narrowing my search.

    Thanks for the info, and the wonder sources on your website.


      • Alyce Schultz

        Nikki, I bought a used 2003 Leisure Van Free Spirit Class B van 4 years ago and I have loved it! I bought it the first day I looked at Guarantee RV in Junction City, Oregon as I watched the only owners bring it in and have no bad experiences to share. I bought it for shorter trips alone with my dog or with a couple adult children and/or grandchildren. I am now ready to upgrade to preferably a Leisure Van that sleeps 4. Where should I start to look? Would love any advice. when would be the best time to buy? I would trade in or sell my current van outright.

  • Frank & Julie Gardiner

    Hi from Mount Evelyn, Melbourne Australia I found your web page when looking at camping toilets because of your youtube clip we now have a natures head toilet in our country property camping site at Gembrook My wife and i have enjoyed the clips and I am 61 and the wife 58 keep up the great work you do.

    We are coming through the USA and staying a Long beach at a B&B before going on the cruise ship in November 2015

    Good Day from AUSTRALIA Frank & Julie Gardiner

    • Thanks so much for sending this note and so happy you’re liking your composting toilet. We’ll be in Long Beach, CA in the near future too, wouldn’t that be cool if we crossed paths halfway around the world?

  • Lisa

    I so hope you guys review the 2015 Navion/View 24J with the U-booth and bigger windows. 🙂 Pretty please?

  • Agreed, you can’t tell me what to buy (short of actually shopping with me, which I don’t anticipate 🙂 ), but you are doing me a great service in sharing your experiences so thoroughly with me. THANK YOU!!!!!!!! We plan to buy in a couple of years, coincident with many other large changes in our living arrangements, but I/we have been doing research for four or five years now, and your videos are giving me additional information, information that I haven’t seen/heard. I can only begin to thank you. THANK YOU!!!!!!!

  • Kari

    Hi Wynns!
    I have a deposit down on a loaded 2016 renegade Villiagio after looking at them at the Minneapolis rv Show this weekend. I went there thinking I would be buying a Leisure Travel unity but the 10 month wait is too long and I actually like the Villiagio floor plans better. I am scheduled to go test drive it tomorrow. My purchase is contingent on my test drive experience and financing.

    My question is they say their best offer is 12% off MSRP…your videos say to aim for 20-30% off. Am I paying way too much, or do the higher end 25′ rvs not negotiate as much.

    Is this single 48 year woman getting duped???

    If so what should I do? If you guys have time today or tomorrow morning before I have to go to my test drive I would like an hour consult.

    Thanks for all the awesome info you have provided here!!!


    • Kari,
      Have you checked other dealerships? I am not familiar with that brand, so I cannot offer you any advice. I can tell you that Sprinter based RVs don’t typically sell for as large of a discount as a class A motorhome.

  • Hi Wynns,
    I’ve become a quick fan of your page and am really looking at getting into almost fulltiming…

    My delima is I’m looking to relocate to southern Ohio. I’m currently in the north east cold and snow belt. I’ve heard deisel is not the greatest performer in cold weather, but it is when traveling high elevations (the Appalachians). What are your thoughts?

    My plans are to have a home base in Southern Ohio and a Class A + Toad or 5th wheel + Truck to travel to client sites and stay 3 days – 2 weeks at a time, as well as explore.

  • Anne

    Are you planning to offer a segment on financing?

    We will be ready to purchase our first RV this May and could use some guidance with financing. We are hoping to find a used (2008-2010) diesel Class A for under $100K with a decent interest rate over a 10 year loan and keep the monthly payments under $1,000.

    We would be interested to hear everyone’s ideas and 1) are we crazy in our expectations? and 2) what finance companies give the best deals? Our credit union would love to give us a loan but can’t meet our terms.

    Thank you Wynn’s! We really enjoy following your adventures.

    • Anne,
      Most new RVs offer a 15-30 year loan, much like a house. I am not sure about used RVs. I would suggest you contact a dealership for this info.
      For an idea of used RVs check MHSRV in TX, they provide good online pricing for research.

  • Rodney

    Greetings fellow Campers!

    just discovered you online and will look at your great shares. I am not sure where you are right now but I am a Floridian from Fort Myers and will share a few interesting spots. In the Sarasota area there are twi places I like to stay- Oscar Scherer State Park and the County Park on the beach called Turtle Beach Campground. You pay but they are nice. I will also share that you can park the camper in Fort Myers or Naples and take a boat to Key West but you have to stay at least one night down there hotel-wise due to the boat arrival departure schedule. It is much cheaper and the drive down to Key West is VERY long especially with traffic. I will be interested in learning about your free camping in FL. January is a busy month for campers running away from cold.

    • Hello Rodney,
      We’re currently in the Keys, and next week we’ll be heading up the east coast of FL.

  • Nancy A, Vancouver WA

    I am a 67 year old single gal and thinking seriously of living fulltime in an RV after selling my home this Spring. My ex and I had a old Country Coach 32′ about 20 years ago and I really liked it. However, being on my own I need a coach that I feel I can physically handle. Both in a driving safely aspect as well as all of the hookups. I still work and really appreciate all of your “working on the road” hints.

    I am going to go see a Jayco Precept this week and also looking at the new Thor Vegas and Axis series. My frustration with so many of the manufacturers is that they build these coaches for families in mind. I personally would pitch the sofas and bunks and put in an office work station. Do you have any thoughts on doing this without breaking the bank?

    I would not be driving this a lot for the next couple of years. I still work and am looking at it for shorter trips.

    Love your blogs and all of your input!

    • Nancy,
      You might also want to look at the Winnebago Brave because it has a convertible sofa that turns into a desk, pretty nifty. We also toured the Dynamax REV recently and really like the style. Lastly the new Trek is pretty neat with a loft bed that turns into a “walk in” closet.

      • Remi

        Question what do you mean new trek?

        • On of our favorite All-Time RV’s is the Safari Trek. It’s been updated for 2015 and relaunched under the Holiday Rambler brand.

    • Remi

      Hi can I suggest the 2015 Coachmen Prism 24G Mercedes diesel chassis. 24 feet of length and excellent pricing check them out here I’m now doing my research the Wynns have solidified my resolve to go full time. Best of luck you.

      • Thanks for continuing the conversation Remi, see ya on the road.

  • Chip

    Hey guys, attended the tampa rv show, wish you had been there. Had reservations at Bern’s just in case youse guys showed. oh well…

    Anywho, let’s get the ball rolling on this rv shopping thingy asap. We are all waiting for your opinions on this subject. Looked at the lifestyle vans but just too small at 24 feet. Really liked the Newmar mountain aire used with only 7500 miles on it. Wife is used to a 5 star level of luxury and it seems the tag axle buses from newmar we her faves. Was not too impressed with the discovery but waiting for ya’ll to share how you set your next one up. I am sure you improved the décor and functionality.

    Hope we meet one day soon, fell like a I owe youse two a steak dinner cause I plan on picking your brain on all things rv ing, like everyone else but plan on compensating you as well. Medium rare I’m guessing with an excellent bottle of wine to wash it all down?

    Thanks so much for your posts, even the wife is embracing my dream now. Keep the shiny side up and START YOUR BUYING GUIDE SOON please.

    lator gators,

    Nadia and Chip

  • Terry Landis

    Love you guys and your videos …I have a 2014 tioga montara 25k class C, which I just bought and like a lot….but I’m also sometimes wishing I had a Class B. For easy parking and stealth ..

    I thinking of driving a little south of my current location of Vero Beach Fl and checking out these guys who build class B, Sprinter specialists

    You may want to look at having one build to fit your dreams…Terry

  • Don VantZelfde

    Just in time because we are starting to shop for our new one, so i know this will help weed out several. And of cource i love all your videos.

  • Jamminalong

    Do you have a schedule of when these videos will be released? Looking forward to watching them! Cheers! ~Merri

  • I saw someone else post a reference to RV Consumer Group and I’d like to strongly encourage utilizing their data and analysis as part of the decision-making process.

    I have no direct connection or benefit mentioning them. I recommend them because I found their information helpful when my family was researching travel trailers.

    They have decades of experience with the manufacturing process and actual testing.

    For example, they are able to tell how an RV drives (safe handling) based on where the holding tanks are located and if there is a difference between empty and full.

    • Susan and Richard

      We completely agree with Brad. I balked a little at the cost of the subscription, but Richard was right and the information has more than paid for itself by saving us from some bad purchase decisions Not only does the RV Consumer Group database include handling and safety characteristics, it also provides charts for depreciation and what you should expect to pay for a particular used RV, comments from other owners, and reviews of the manufacturers company history and practices.

      We are currently shopping for a Class A and have looked at a wide range of options from a 35-ft Vesta (learned about Vestas from you two and we still think it has one of the best interior layouts) to several Newmars, Winnebagos, Tiffens, and Foretravels. The research provided in the RV Consumer Group reports has been spot on.

      Like Brad, we have no connection or benefit with RV Consumer Group other than being a very satisfied customer, something we wanted to share with others.

      Thanks, Jason and Nikki, for your good information. It has been inspiring us to keep moving ahead with our transition to full-timing!


  • mike laudenslager

    Very excited about this series!

  • John

    She got new hair! Red looks good on ya…

  • RicknDebMalone

    Can’t wait to watch the new series. Miss you guys.

  • This video is on fiyaaaaaaaa! 😛


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