Let’s all go RV Shopping Together!

Let’s all go RV Shopping Together!

This is a series that has been in the works for years, 5 to be exact, and it feels so good to get it all off our chest.  
You see, we don’t want you to go through the pain that we endured back in late 2009 when we purchased our first RV.  So, we are sharing all of our hard earned experiential knowledge.

Since this is just the introduction to our RV Shopper Series we’ll keep it simple and light, but we want to let you know how this all came about.

We’ve received loads of questions from buyers over the years such as “Which RV brand is best”, “What size RV is the best”, “How much should I pay for a new RV”; you get the point.  It wasn’t until our time at the California RV Show after meeting so many people with the same questions, that we realized we had to do something about it. It’s really a set of difficult-to-tackle questions, with a never-ending variety of answers, it’s overwhelming for us and even more so the person looking to purchase a new RV!

That’s when we got to thinking…it may be impossible to tell each person what the perfect RV is for their needs, but what we can do is take you all RV shopping with us!

So we decided to put together this shopper series as a way to bring you along on our RV shopping experiences to (hopefully) help improve your RV shopping/buying/owning experience.

rv shopping with the wynns

We’ve broken the series into 4 main shopping videos along with some additional pre and post purchase info (aka shady truths).  The stuff most people don’t like to write down or talk about; like dealing with RV salespeople, understanding the RV Sales “Games” and we’re ending with the not so talked about breakdowns and service issues during RV ownership. I’m sure we’ll get our fair share of flack but we sincerely hope this makes your RV buying experience go much more smoothly that our first go at it.

So hop in that virtual passenger seat, fasten your seat belt and let’s go RV shopping together! To receive notifications when we publish these articles make sure you’re subscribed to our mailing list: https://www.gonewiththewynns.com/join-us

The BIG disclaimer – Remember this entire series is all based on our opinions, we cannot tell you what RV is best for you, that’s something you’ll need to figure out on you own.  We do have lots of experience traveling in different RVs and spend a lot of time drilling RV manufactures, service technicians, salespeople and dealerships for ‘real information’ and not their standard sales pitch.