Overloaded Sailboat & The Anti RV Treaty

Overloaded Sailboat & The Anti RV Treaty

“We can’t keep the RV here” Jason said to me as he flew through the door. “You have got to be kidding me, why do marinas hate RV’s?” I asked, knowing he didn’t have an answer.

The only thing I can figure is that somewhere along the line, some RV’er really pissed off a dock master. News of this horrible discretion slowly traveled the waterways and much like an 18th century treaty, Floridian dock masters made a pact that all RV’s would be henceforth banned.

Needless to say, transitioning from the RV to the sailboat has proven to be more of a challenge than we anticipated with the anti-RV treaty.

We had already moved most everything out of the RV and onto the boat in Vero (where we had our first no RV’s allowed experience).   However, we still had a few things left in the outside bays, the refrigerator and the daunting task of removing all of our technology upgrades.

Why remove the technology you ask?  The short answer is because the technology is ours and the RV belongs to Fleetwood.  You can see the long answer to that question here: Virtual RV Yard Sale – Our Technology & Lifestyle Gear

We had planned to park the RV at the Harbor Towne Marina in Ft. Lauderdale over the weekend so we could take our time, clean up along the way and say goodbye to the RV on Monday morning.  As you may have guessed, things didn’t exactly work out that way.  But rather than tell you how the day went, why not experience the silliness and chaos with us?  You may want to grab a cold beverage before hitting the play button, things are about to get sweaty.

For the boat we will be keeping the All-Electric Solar Kit, the iSUP, our Folding Bikes and of course our Composting Toilet.  That same toilet has been with us through 3 RVs and now we’re planning to find it a new home on our sailboat.  Obviously we’re keeping all the cameras and computer gear along with our two travelling kitties (even though you didn’t see them in this video).

The bright side of being forced to complete in one day what we had planned to do in three…is that it was complete in a day.  Well, almost, now we’re stuck lookin’ like the Clampetts while we’re surrounded by all these other fancy yachts.

The downside is we had to say bye a little faster than we’d of liked.  The Bounder was our first gas powered RV and we took that thing all the way to Alaska trying to beat it up.  Even though we never gave it a proper name like our other motorhomes we still felt a tad sentimental as it drove off…of course in between our violent swats at the no-see-ums.

moving onto a sailboat

We have some major organizing, cleaning, and minimizing to do in the days ahead. It’s been a great run we’ve had on the road and we wouldn’t change it for the world.  However, there is a new adventure on the horizon.  We’re looking forward to new surroundings in new countries as we set sail across the ocean in our new home.  But I don’t think we’re getting outta here that quick, there’s a ton of service to be done, we have sailing classes and of course we have to do a proper renaming ceremony to make happen first.

See ya on the water!

Do you happen to know why marinas are anti-RV?  Do you have a crazy moving story you want to share? Have any tip on how to make our Sea Frost Fridge/Freezer work better?  Tell us all about it in the comments below!