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Resorty…In A Good Way – Sailing Hope Town

It’s winter here and considered to be the tourist off-season.  The population is less than 500 and golf carts are the main source of transportation, but not even the golf carts are allowed in the main part of town (unless you have a special permit).  One look at the narrow roads and it’s a wonder they allow bicycles.  Thankfully, they do allow bicycles and its hands down the best way to explore this picture-perfect island.

Hope town feels resorty, but in a good way. It looks like a Carolina’s seaside community with its pastel colored houses and white picket fences but its distinctly Bahamian. Not just because of the towns strict Bahamian Architecture standards either. But, I’d rather show you around versus letting my words fail to describe this charming little island.  Grab your sunglasses, click the play button and let’s go for a ride.

What did you think of that cute little town?  We had a good feeling about this town right from the get go.  We sailed in and dropped the anchor just shy of the lighthouse in perfect time for sunset.  We sat in our folding chairs on the trampolines, admired the scenery and thought to ourselves we’re gonna like this place!  As I’m sure you saw in the video, we were sad to say goodbye to this little slice of small town paradise.

hope town anchorage

The Lighthouse

The Elbow Cay lighthouse is or at least should be a must see.  It’s not that it’s going to blow your mind but it is one of the only manual lighthouses left in the world.  It has a kerosene lamp and a weight mechanism that must be hand cranked every couple of hours.  There are two lighthouse keepers that share the duty…every damn day, 24 hours a day.  Can you imagine committing to that job?  We can’t even commit to staying in one city!

Lighthouses are always alluring and steeped in maritime history but this is the first truly interesting piece of history we’ve seen in the Abacos.  It’s also oh so photogenic! I had an incredibly hard time choosing which images to share and felt the classic black and white presentation was best.

elbow cay lighthouse bahamas

sv curiosity off in the distance

elbow cay lighthouse

exploring the hope town lighthouse

elbow cay lighthouse bahamas

a little elbow grease

I always wonder what it’s like to live in each new place we visit.  I imagine what is it like to run a business, be a student at the school, mow the lawn, pay the utility bill, buy groceries, and all the other day to day necessary life stuff.

I think it’s because a city isn’t a city without people.  If I can manage to get a glimpse into what it’s like to live in a place, I leave feeling I have a greater understanding of the place itself.  We only spent a few days in Hope Town, Abaco but it was enough to know it’s a town worth getting to know.

hope town beach

Sips and Bites

  • Firefly – It was moderately priced (especially for the Bahamas) good food and a nice view.  It is owned by Firefly (the people that make sweet tea vodka) which is a South Carolina company, and the area was settled by British loyalists from the Carolina’s…so it’s like six degrees of separation kind of local.
  • Hope Town Coffee – Only open until noon so get there early!  I was almost fooled by their Gevalia cups but they do roast their own beans.  The quiche was legit and wifi is fast, what’s not to love.
  • Captain Jacks – Seemed to be a favorite hangout spot so we couldn’t resist.  Wifi worked well and the food is decent (nothing to write home about).  They do have some good happy hours on food and drinks that make it worth a stop.

Sailing Report

To see our full map with interactive pins, click here:

sailing mapNautical Miles Sailed: It was a whopping 7.3 NM from Marsh Harbour to Hope Town
Dates: November 28- December 1, 2016
Anchorage: We anchored directly out in front of the lighthouse and it was a great location.  Not too much wake from the ferries and quiet. There is still some boat traffic coming and going so we use the rechargeable Mantus snap-on lights on the bow and stern to light up the boat and help us be seen. There are Lots of free dinghy docks in town. Stern anchors are required at the public docks so be prepared for a “Bahamian mooring”.
Cell & WiFi: Our BTC signal was good and even better with our booster on.  However, the wifi in town is good so why not sip on a cup of joe while you get some work done.

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  • Great tour of the Lighthouse. What fun. Glad you found your glasses.
    We hear you talk when you eat so if you think of it, just say what you ordered so we know what’s inside the blob of fried goodness.

  • Jayme costa

    Dear Jason
    My name is jayme, I am a Brazilian
    I read and see all you post and videos and is interesting because is possible see you no have experience with sail but like leaner Ann no said excuse and no afraid to do mistakes
    I love this
    I sailing until my 15 year old today I have 56
    I love Your photos and fanny videos
    My wife and me retired next year and have idea go to caribe Bahamas Mexico and USA for a 3 year trip
    I read all about catamaram but don’t have experience because we have a 45 feet monohull sailboat
    I know the boat is a choice and a necessities for your owner on this way I have 2 questions
    1 – catamaram vs monohull
    2 – sail boat vs trawler included catamaram

    Congratulation for you videos
    Go on

  • Linda

    Love your videos! You guys make the Bahamas so inviting! Love your resorty clothes. Where did you get them?

  • Mike Ross

    Love your Sailing Life !! You Make it Look Easy !! Keep Going !! See you guys on the Hook Soon !! Their are not to many good Vids of the Abacos , your guys are the Best !! Thanks Mike Ross

  • Marsha

    Just binge watched your last 6 videos, what a blessed life. So much beauty!. I always learn something new. Thank you for letting us travel along.

  • Pamela & Victoria Mederos-Streetz

    Hey Nikki and Jason!
    Watching you two romp through the Bahamas is helping us survive the bleak winter months in the Northeast! Thanx.
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    Continue to thrive!
    Pamela & Victoria

  • David McGinty

    Hello to you Dow North Eleuthera. One of our favorite places. I wanted to tell you about the Island Farm in Central Eleuthera. Here is the link: There is a public dock at Palmetto Point and then is 1/2 mile south on Queens hwy. Clyde and Ann Bethal are owners. Big grocery stores in Spanish Wells, Rock Sound and Gov. Harbour. If you are headed to Gov. Harbour, please let me know. May be able to help…


      • David McGinty

        Cool trip. Ok. Please send me a direct email. I would love to hook you up with a car rental for the day. Lots to see. If you can give me an estimated day at Gov HARBOUR I will make arrangements. All the best

  • Helen Russo

    Ha, I see Michael beat me to it, but yes, those hands, er knobs, on the lighthouse door were fascinating. I told my husband, I wonder if they noticed? The door was so hard to open… Hope Town was sweet, and you showed it in a very good way – especially the drone shots. Thank you for pausing LONG ENOUGH for us to enjoy the view, my pet peeve is when filmmakers fail to do so. Loving the videos, and maybe some day we will make it there, or, if you come to the Monterey Bay, we can share a meal 🙂 but we are just a bit far for you. Going to make the cookies today, craving a good cookie, which means I must be over all the Christmas goodies! Ha.

  • Olpiana Bola

    Happy birthday Nikki???
    Thanks for sharing your life to us through your videos in you tube and updates in FB. You are an inspiration?

  • Nancy Fernandez

    Awww what a quaint little town. Water is so pretty. I have a hard time saying Arnold Palmer too, it’s such a tongue twister. Another great to video 🙂

  • Pamela & Victoria Mederos-Streetz

    As always your video puts a smile on our faces!
    Both Victoria and I get excited as soon as the email notification drops into our inbox. At the first opportunity I “cast” the video onto the big screen and allow ourselves to be transported.


  • Deborah Kerr

    Wow, that’s my idea of paradise!! Turquoise blue water, white sands, an awesome cool lighthouse, stepping into the lives of the locals, the architecture of houses, and a bike ride!! All without an Applebees or IHOP!! Thank you for taking me to places I will never go, but had the pleasure to visit through your awesome photography, videography, and communication skills 🙂 The sailing vs. Rving…..I think you got it right…. these are places you just can’t RV to…… 🙂

  • Peter Cooney, Perth, Australia.

    Never see Nikki in the same outfit more than once! Where on earth (or on water!) does she store all her clothes?????
    The vids are amazing, thanks!!

  • Paul W Myatt

    I enjoy the fact that both of you are living it up….and I can see how no one can tell you not to do something….as a photographer I enjoy the photos that you seem to enjoy taking…great eye….btw: Enjoy your Birthday, Nikki. from one of your many Patreon’s.

  • Michael

    You guys did it again! What a beautiful little place. Thanks for sharing with us.

    What gets me about these places is trying to figure out what the people do all day to make money, and what the people are like.

    By the way, I really liked the little hands that were the lighthouse door knobs.

  • Jenna

    How long did you stay, and do you have plans to stay somewhere for a couple of weeks

  • frans v.

    thank you, the videos are wonderful! You took me away away for a few minutes. love that.

  • Robert Dawson

    Hope town beautiful pics,your Rv travels were wonderful ,but this is so different, really enjoy traveling along.Stay happy and healthy. God bless for sharing. Bob near Annapolis, md

  • Man…. I keep wondering why do I keep clicking on your videos since you left the RV world. CAUSE there good!!! Thank you so much for taking me places I will never visit or go. I like these better than the RV ones.
    I just don’t understand how you make enough money to keep living the good life. Who cares? Just keep enjoying it. One thing however, I know it takes up data space but get your drone out and use it more please.
    Be careful and enjoy every day.

    • Hey Tom, how are you. I am living vicariously through this couple. It is great that Jason is a photographer like us! I love their movies!

  • George Hofmann

    Great video, again. Thank you for sharing your adventure. I love to hear how you two think, communicate with each other and are genuinely “in love”! My bright spot in the week.

  • Annie Connally

    As soon as I saw you heading out the tiny door at the top of the lighthouse, I remarked to my hubby “they are gonna loose their sunglasses like I did the last time we were there.” Ha! (Unfortunately, mine flew further and I was unable to find them.)
    Of all the sailing videos we watch, I really enjoy y’alls the most because of how well they are done. The sound is good–no wind in the mics and the sound is modulated so I don’t feel I have to constantly turn my volume up and then down, and the video clips are just right in length and from different viewpoints.
    Fair winds! S/V Kokopelli

  • June Wonder

    I spent a lot of time in Hope Town over the years and I’m so glad to see it hasn’t changed very much, its one of my favorite places. I’m also glad to see the lighthouse is still manually operated, a rarity these days. We once went aground going into the harbor at Hopetown, a day I’ll never forget!

  • Jim Deatsch

    Hey you two, check out ‘Anchor Sail’ or ‘Riding Sail’. It will calm the boat down when you’re at anchor.
    Keep on with the videos, it’s a cause for celebration at our house when a new one comes out.
    Jim and Judy.

  • John Schretlen

    “What’s not to love?” Nikki.

    Yes, I can see why you feel that way. It is so good to be along as you explore new old worlds.


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