the wynns midlife crisis

It’s a big week.

There are different seasons of life.  And for whatever reason, it feels like this is the season where life is hurling at us like a wrecking ball (cue Miley Cyrus).  Maybe it’s a midlife crisis.  Or maybe it’s just life.

A huge thanks for hanging out and celebrating life with us week after week, year after year.  It’s been a wild ride and apparently, we’re not even halfway there yet.  😉




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Hello there! I honestly don’t know what to say, so I am going to tell you a bunch of random facts instead. I'm a fish eating vegetarian who hates spiders and loves snakes. I almost never took vacations growing up. I wanted to be Pippi Longstocking (still do). I misspell about every other word I write and still struggle with grammar. I love splurging on a good high tea (which is really hard to find these days). And whatever you do, don’t tell me I can’t do something, because then I'll HAVE to do it!

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  • Grace

    Happy Birthday, Jason! Really enjoyed this video.

  • Keith Braun

    You guys look great! Living the life that I can only dream of.

  • Alan Solomon

    Hi there.
    Happy Birthday Jason. Many more Happy and Healthy years to come. You sure don’t look 42. Nikki too. Something has preserved both of you. It might be the salt water? Oh, and Happy 17-year Anniversary. Enjoy life as much as you can which is what you both do but, when you are busy like you are, life flies by.
    What a city and region you are in. I never expected what I saw in this video. Clean city. No trash or graffiti. I like the electric car reality you spoke of. As you said there is no sound of cars. It is noticeable once mentioned. They respect their city and others. They are responsible and keep city streets clean and in order. It really is a vibrant city. I really like the natural theme with wild natural attributes all over the buildings. Another thing is there are so many people out at night. Obviously, there is no crime. From the sexy snails to the cicadas to the fuzzy caterpillar. A lot of insects among other things supports a healthy natural environment. I think the hummingbird or butterfly is a large moth which is amazing again. Great place for a boat factory and for where your boat is being created.

  • Ellis Kitchen

    Thanks! A very different perspective on China. Have not been there for 25+ years. What a change.

  • Florence

    Enjoyed this video the most, what a beautiful city. I love that I get to travel with you to exotic places, looking forward to when you get the boat and the adventures you will take us on.

  • Ray Bishop

    Congratulations to both of you, Xiamen is a beautiful island city l have been there twice now few years ago now we had a great time, we stayed on Gulangyu the island in the three dragons river, you can walk right around this lovely island it has lots of oldy worldy shop and as there are no cars, just hand carts it is so quite. As you know there are some beautiful parks, we visited the Yuanlin Botanical Garden there a small tea houses scatter around the gardens, have you seen the squadrons of electric blue and green dragonfly’s.
    I bet you both are longing for your Cat to be finished to continue your travels, we watch every week to see if you have been to the same places as us.

  • Alan Solomon

    Thank you so much for this video. I need to go back and watch this video again so I can comment like I enjoy commenting.
    There is so much to comment on.

    I am 61 and like you both taking care of myself is on my mind. One thing I do not do when I am supposed to is sleep. I am working hard on taking care of myself these days. I am trying to recognize where I cut corners and stop that old behavior in my life and do the right thing for me! So, I need to go to bed and sleep. I hope to comment tomorrow.

  • Jesse

    Phuket – I beg you to do a collaboration video with Paddy Doyle from YouTube! In fact, I beg you 10,000 times! Paddy can teach you so much about Thailand and you can share ideas for his next adventures… it is a win, winn!

  • Mike

    I know about chicken feet…ate them by accident.. (had sense enough not to ask what I was eating) they taste good…(ignorance helps) so now I eat them….

  • Bobaloo

    I found this video really educating. I’ve never seen a video like that of a Chinese town or city. Maybe it was my eyes but is there a haze in the background looking at some sights. I’ve heard there is noticeable air pollution often over there. But it does look like a nice location and as folks have said, it looks like the US in the 60s. Clean well kept park! Cheers to you Jason. Aging can be sobering. I hit 63 on my last, and I’m still stunned! You’re looking good, the both of you.. can’t wait to see you under sail again soon.

  • Ed

    Dude! Congratulations on turning 42. And you’re right. Everything changes. Physically, and otherwise. The bad news is that changes keep coming, but at an accelerated rate. Before you realize it, God willing, you’re in your 70s. Where did it all go? My wife and I are so grateful, as we look back, that we were able to enjoy so many things early in our lives. Because later in life it gets ever so more difficult. We don’t know what tomorrow brings. Even at 42. So, grab all that life has to offer NOW. And eat desert first.

  • Sarah (Purifoy) Harrison

    Happy Birthday dear Jason, It is so great to see you and Nikki in this format. I always look lovingly on our Harold’s memories and me pretending to be your mom. I think you two are magical. Thank you for sharing your lives with us.
    Sarah Harrison (Purifoy)
    Come visit Colorado someday.
    Remember my daughter Haley? she and her husband have become sailors- We just went to the BVI’s with them in March. We LOVED it.

  • Gary Warren

    Love your travel. Have lived in Germany Japan been to Holland Switzerland Lived in Hawaii. Been to Mexico more times than I can count. Family was from Texas. Your birthday struck a chord as I turn 77 this year. Enjoy and try to understand life in general. Also if you get tired of sailing for a while take a 1000 mile hike on the Pacific Crest trail.(did when I was 54).With my wife, son and Daughter . Gary

  • Mary Van

    It is such a beautiful city! That’s not at all how I imagined it.

    I’m glad you’re finding time to get out and explore and take care of yourselves. It gets harder as you get older, so don’t let that slip by.

    I remember the red truck and I remember the gray nose hair. Ha ha.

  • Sandra & The 2 Spaniels

    Very interesting; the Chinese seem to live like we used to in this country. The streets are clean, the parks are safe at all hours, and everyone appears to live normally. Wow-I’m impressed!! The restaurant and tea house experiences were just amazing. I’d like to know what that tea is since it doesn’t need sugar or cream and is good straight from the pot.

  • Rob

    Great video. Happy Birthday Jason.

  • Tom

    Happy birthday, Jason! Thanks for sharing your life/lifestyle with us!

  • Doug Hughes

    Happy birthday Jason. 🍷🎂🍷

  • Dan

    We were patrons untill Ian destroyed everything we had just as i retired. I could write an Encyclopedia length response to this comment of yours but no matter what stage of life your in it all adds up to. 1. Always keep a pool of loved ones. 2. Keep a pool of those you trust. 3. Problems and decisions never go away and your platow of comfort is always out of reach so use 1 and 2 to keep moving forward up down or sideways doesn’t matter. Happiness comes from within .

    • Mary Van

      Well said!


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