nikki wynn drinking kava in fiji

Drinking Dirty Water In Fiji?

This is a story about water, a basic resource we can’t survive without.  It’s also a story about Fijian hospitality, culture and kava.  Lots and lots of kava.

Fiji is now coronavirus free, local restrictions have eased and we’re taking a journey to the remote village of Nambu.

It only takes one friendly BULA to like the Fijian people and less than a day to fall in love with them.

We’re learning a lot from them when it comes to the power of attitude.  They really might be the friendliest, happiest people we’ve ever known.

kava with fijians

Life here isn’t perfect and as you’ve seen, basics like clean water and sanitation can be an issue. The average daily wage is less than what the typical American spends on lunch.  A good chunk of the population relies on tourism and because of the pandemic, most have lost their jobs.  Yet, their spirits are far from broken.  They do not complain.  Really…not even when prompted.

Me: Has life been difficult because of the pandemic and no tourists?

Fijian:  Oh, we’re enjoying the extra family time.

The only semi-irritated Fijian we have encountered was a mother.  Which, wait for it…was because the kids didn’t greet us and she thought they weren’t being friendly enough.  So, there ya go.  Bula spirit training clearly starts at a young age.

fiji village kids

And speaking of the Bula spirit, this is only the start of our Fiji adventures.  We have so much more to discover together!

The Good News About Water

Progress on both sanitation and water is being made in Fiji through nonprofits like Give Clean Water and the Fijian government.

UNICEF reported, “The Government’s commitment is also reflected in the National Development Plan targeting 100% access to safe drinking water by 2030 and 70% access to improved sanitation systems by 2021.”

Which is good news!  Seeing progress and change is inspiring us to keep working, donating, and volunteering.

Give Clean Water Website:

Sawyer Water Filters:


Not all charities are created equal and we have to make sure our time, money, and efforts aren’t wasted.

We’re still learning and don’t have it all figured out, but we have found some great resources.  (I’m currently reading and re-reading The Life You Can Save and I highly recommend it.)

We use the following third-party organizations to find effective, impactful charities.

The Bad News

All that garbage we pick up on the beach…it is a serious problem that is only increasing.  And not just in Fiji, it’s everywhere we have sailed!  Even the most remote islands in the world!  The whole world is suffering from a massive pollution problem.  I’m not talking politics or conspiracy theories, just in our face, undeniable facts.  We see rivers of trash floating in the sea, we pick up plastic bags 100 feet below the sea and pick up endless trails of garbage off the beaches.

And then, of course, there is that single-use, plastic Fiji water bottle. It will take 450 years to breakdown and is produced and packaged on an island where there are no recycling facilities.

Then, the water is shipped thousands of miles to the richest developed countries in the world where high-quality water already exists. 🤔 And yet, here in Fiji, 25% of the population doesn’t have access to clean water.

We’re far, far from perfect ourselves, but we know our planet needs BIG changes.  We use the following websites for education, information, volunteering, and donating.


Ups, downs and all around, we share it all.  We’re able to do so because people like you show up each week, read, watch, comment, share, shop our gear store, and toss a tip in our production jar.  If you like what you see, there are lots of FREE ways you can show your support.


💧Water Filters Used



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  • Gus Lopez

    Been following you guys since your landlocked day in your RV. Christmas is coming and I remember that really cool and helpful water purifier that the Fijians used. So, just by chance, I thought I would go to y’alls (Yes I’m from Texas) Website, and OMG! WoW! You have documented your travels so well down to all the specific gear listed in your episodes. It made finding what I was looking for a snap and then linking that to Amazon even easier. Just want to share some ❤️ with you guys. This may be your full-time job but you put a lot of passion, care, and love into it and it shows. Thank you from a long time follower

  • Jenn

    This is one of my favorite episodes…it truly touched my heart and I have shared this video with lots of ppl who were likewise affected…I do have some questions about donating and would love it if you, Nikki or Jason, could spare a few minutes to email me…I was unsure how to contact you and I’m hoping this works. Again thank you for even reading this…

    Love all that you both do ❤

    • Curious Minion

      Hey Jenn! The link to Give Clean Water is in the blog post & I’ll paste it here for you as well: There’s a donate button right in the header. Also in the post, Nikki and Jason give some guidance on how to find a highly rated/effective charity if you’d like to expand your giving outside Fiji. Thanks for reaching out and making a difference!
      Curious Minion

  • Michaei

    Bless you for bringing this charity to our attention. It is a good work and one that is so needed. It is sometimes so simple what can impact the health and well-being of others. And thanks for the link so we can make our contributions.


    The most friendliest and beautiful people on earth ..

  • Brad Scott

    Fellow Texan here! I donated to sponsor a family and am buying a set to take cruising with me. Just think, if these could filter salt water… At least gathering water in sketchy places won’t be near as disconcerting. You two inspire. Keep it up!

  • Susan Crawford

    What an amazing, simple solution to a dreadful issue. Just thrilled that you shared your involvement. It was a moving, wonderful vlog!
    We’ll share the video and the link (to give clean water) with friends who, I’m sure will be willing to support the project.

  • alex

    Thanks for the amazing video! One of your best yet. We just made a give to Give Clean Water.

  • Tammy Bjugson

    Thank you for sharing your adventures with us. This one was so heart warming. What a blessing you were to that village! It was such an eye opener to see what we take for granted, they did not have. What beautiful people you got to encounter. You guys are awesome and spreading the light. Saying prayers that you will get back to your boat soon but in the meantime you certainly are being a blessing to everyone you encounter along the way. Safe travels!

  • Glenn Adams

    This video is very heart warming and shows how easily you two adapt to different cultures. I think maybe you missed your calling… you should have been ambassadors of peace. Keep the videos coming…

  • Richard Fenters

    Thanks again for another wonderful and educational video!! Keep them coming!!!

  • Beth

    Happy , happy, happy tears. My husband thinks I’m nuts sitting here with tears streaming down my face smiling like a goof. 😅
    Once again, thank you so much for sharing and showing how bright your light and positive influence shines around the world. What an amazing gift you both have!
    Thank you and blessings to you all. 🙂

  • Davy Boggs

    Would you post a direct link to the bucket water filtration system? The people I love in Abeokuta, Nigeria would benefit tremendously from that.


    • Curious Minion

      There’s a video on on how to set them up and they are sold on Amazon: If you’re interested in purchasing multiple bucket systems for a charity you might contact Sawyer directly. Good luck with it!
      Curious Minion

      • Davy Boggs

        Thank you for your kindness and information.

  • Steve G

    Bula Guys, Love the way your bringing real issues to the table and creating a great awareness. We are Aussies and have taken our children to Fiji many times. In fact our eldest 2 were ” christened” in the chapel at the Shangrila Resort. Some many beautiful people and so many beautiful places like the Yasawa’s and more. If your worried about plastic pollution you better start to prepare going West. The amount of rubbish streaming down onto Australia from up Nth is scary crazy!!!!! I recently saw a new design for a propeller that included a cutting device for plastic…… Couldn’t believe that’s a thing. So happy travels and wonder if Australia is on for 2021?

  • Alan Solomon

    Another awesome video. Thank you Wynns.
    After finding out you are on another adventure helping others what popped into my head was maybe there was an alternative reason you became stranded here. Just like Mary said.
    Another thing that popped into my head was the Fijian water company you mentioned. It just seems odd that there is this international water company 2 miles from where you are and 2 miles from the Fijian water company is this village and possibly more villages that have one problem, no clean drinking water. It seems obvious that the company should intervene in some positive way? I don’t know. In any case the filters they have now, are a blessing. Thank you so much for bringing us along. Best. Safe & Well..

  • Pam McClure

    I’m not sure why I’m kind of weeping here but probably because this was so beautiful. Thank you.

  • Steve Nicholls

    Awesome, Wynns! Just awesome.

  • Roger B

    Thank you for the very interesting and informative video. We keep learning so much from you.

  • Deborah Kerr

    Very heart-warming story!! BULA ❤️

  • Icarus

    I would second the comment about trash in the ocean being a huge problem. It really is unbelievable what you see mile after mile. 90% of the trash comes from 4 countries: Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, and China. All very populated, poor countries. When you are poor, using the oceans as a trash dump is the cheapest way to live, and really the only way you can survive (without financial help). So sad. The world definitely needs to figure out some way of addressing this pressing issue.
    Fijians are very warm welcoming people. I’m so happy you focused in on that aspect. In my opinion, they are among the top 3 friendly cultures in the world, up there with the Nepalese and New Zealanders……

  • Bob S

    Who is leaving all that litter on the beaches… locals, tourists, or both?

    • nikki wynn

      Sadly, rubbish is a real issue here…like every island we have been to. Locals, tourists and the companies who make the packaging are all part of the problem. There are no recycling facilities and not enough in the way of government sanitation/waste management. Most trash gets burned on islands, all of it, including plastic, batteries, shoes, toothpaste tubes and so on. Some trash is dumped in rivers and some is simply tossed on the ground. We see how bad the problem is first hand, which is why we are so passionate about creating change. Check out the websites I listed in the post. They provide a lot of information on ways to help.

  • Cathy

    Great episode. Just made our donation to Give Clean Water.

  • mary

    We don’t always know why we are put in situations. Many of us get frustrated, some get depressed and some make the world a better place. 🙂 🙂

    I have wondered many times why you missed Tonga by 1 day. It made me sad for you knowing you needed that time to fix your boat. I knew there was a reason. The work you are doing in Fiji has brought joy to so many people. I’m so proud of you and Nikki! Your work load has been huge, trying to catch up for so long. Being stuck has allowed you to get to real time, catch your breath and even exercise again! You saved a kitten as well as Animals Fiji (in my eyes). Now you are helping small villages learn about clean water and filtration.

    Like Nikki, I am still smiling. I’m smiling because the work you are doing there is important. You continue to touch others lives in ways that you wouldn’t have had you been on the water. Don’t get me wrong, I can’t wait for more adventures down the road but for nor now, keep up the great work! Is there a place to donate so that more villages have safe drinking water?

    We take so many things for granted. Love you. Safe travels. Mom

  • Bill

    Such a fantastic way to be using your time. I sincerely hope to see you get back to the boat soon, but, you are doing great things in Fiji. Hope to have Veterinary tech Lic. soon. Was seriously thinking about working in Fiji, as I hear they are in need of Vet hands. My goal is to sail there, then work. You folks moved up a few notches on my sailing channel ladder. i hope your kindness and willingness to help communities along the way rub off on a few other channels/people. During this whole covid era, Americans have been digging themselves into a bit of a pit. The response of the sailing community (like yours) can actually change and help world view. What you have done here is extremely visible and important. 3 cheers for you guys, hope to see you in your travels. I’m older, and retired from a life of Graphic communications, folks like you inspire me to jump up and take action. Thanks for EVERYTHING!!

  • Mark Simmons

    Nikki potters for Peace is another good source for clean water. Look them up at

  • Annelise Dubose

    Some people make you tube videos where everything revolves around themselves, you have the ability to always make it about others. If more people used their platforms to show such kindness and love without a political agenda then this world surely would be a better place.❤️

  • Kelsey

    Such a great video, I really enjoyed watching! I think it’s easy to take the little things, like clean drinking water, for granted. Thank you for sharing your journey, it brings me so much joy 🙂

  • Pat

    That was amazing and a real eye opener to what we have here in North America. Thanks for sharing your adventures with us.

  • Deb

    What a moving story! Thank you for sharing this important story. They were so humble and grateful that you helped them. I have full confidence they will use this to their benefit. I’m definitely going to make a donation so more can have safe water.



    • mary

      One of my friends was binge watching and she told me every other commercial on the channel was Nikki early on when they were in their RV. I will take a look at the GAC channel. I don’t think Nikki and Jason earned any money early on. They followed their hearts and their own agenda. Still do, that’s what is so great about what they do.

  • John Richards

    Such excellent content. You’re both warriors for positive change. Thanks for introducing us to the beautiful people of Fiji.

  • Margaret Chapman

    This episode brought happy tears to my eyes. You guys are amazing, thank you for diving in to help make positive changes to the Fijian community.

  • Michele

    Fiji will never be the same! Well done Wynns!

  • Donna Stevens

    I am blessed by you guys doing what you do. You take a quarantine situation and make a wonderful document of a country who needs help. How can we do more for them????

  • Emma

    What an amazing impact you are having on their lives! I am so inspired by you.

  • Dennis

    Love how You two think outside the box and take action.
    Keep on and stay healthy.
    Btw. Nikki whats Your PPL doing? 😉

  • Jana

    Very interesting and informative. I posted a link to your video on my FB page and hope my family will watch it. My social footprint is tiny, so tiny that my nephew was messaged by FB to try and get me more “friends.” I had 22 at the time LOL. But I like to post what inspires me and your videos surely do.

  • Marge Nehlsen

    Thank you for taking us on this journey

  • Kimberly Watwood

    All of your videos are great but the one about Pip and this video about the dirty water has to be most heart warming. Although I miss seeing your adventures on Curiosity the videos on Figi are memorable!

  • About Creativity

    With your new-found level of a ´´platform´´ , what do you think about fundraising to the plastic on the planet. Example: and on YouTube link:

    Note: the best part of your sail and the oceans you all see this first hand and by pardonering with this would take there all ready-made platform and lift it to a new level….. What do you all think?

    • About Creativity

      Please, you could have a whole team of volunteers for this kind of project and just keep doing what you do already.

  • Chuck Carpenter

    It is great that you have posted this video. You are a super couple to show everyone that a lot of people don’t have what I have had for almost 80 year. Being behind the times on even not having clean water is a tragedy. More groups need to be established that will take our taxes & use the money to get every part of the world up to date on the simplest things,

  • Joyce

    You two are just amazing that was just beautiful to watch. I love seeing your videos every week.

  • David Hobson

    I so enjoyed watching the video presentation of y’all taking the filtration systems to the village. At the end you made the comment that your face hurt from smiling. I must say I feel you. It made me so proud that I am from a town 60 miles north of you in the great state of Texas. (I am from Killeen, Tx.) The people you helped were so grateful and the video really showed it. I can’t say enough of how much I was touched by the kindness and generosity of you and your husband. I am very thankful for your safety during these difficult times and very happy you are now at a point y’all can explore more and spread your love. May God Bless you both and Safe Travels!

  • jim ege


  • Israel Katz

    Hi you. I like your view and efforts on behalf of us all. Seeing people of your age as involved as you are heartens me a little. I say a little not to minimize your efforts but because I see so little of it in people in general. For every bottle delivered to our local recycling center. There are at least ten just thrown out even thou there is a deposit payed. I live in south west Newfoundland, Canada. I’m not saying it only happens here. I’ve lived elsewhere in my 69 years and everywhere its the same story. Its a real shame recycling is really effective only under legislation. Thank you for putting it out there. I was born and raised in Israel in the 50’s and believe me I know how precious water is. You guys deserve a medal for putting it out there. Thank you.

  • Norma Flores

    Thank you so much for sharing. The Fijians are wonderful hospitable people. I had no idea they didn’t have clean water. How much does that filter cost? My mind is blown! BULA!

  • Louis Miller

    I’d have to pass on drinking that stuff 😷 but you just keep on having fun 😇


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