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Sunken Ships and Friendships – Sailing Munjack Cay

Other than our friends that sailed across the Gulf Stream to the Bahamas with us, we haven’t met any other cruisers yet.  It’s just been the two of us and the blissfully quiet, uninhabited islands of the Abacos.

So, sailing up to Munjack Cay and seeing a handful of boats all bobbing about was a welcome sight.  Little did we know, this is a serious cruising hangout hotspot!

To say that we enjoyed getting to know the fellow boaters at Munjack would be an understatement.  Between the hospitality of our neighbors and the beauty of our neighborhood, it felt like paradise.  Beautiful sunsets, shipwrecks to explore and a bounty of lobster to be found.

sunset at munjack cay bahamas

snorkeling wrecks at munjack cay bahamas

snorkeling wrecks at munjack cay bahamas

snorkeling wrecks at munjack cay bahamas

Getting to Know Our Fellow Cruisers

Our first encounter was with Philip and Theresa of s/v Sea Ya who we had seen briefly in passing at Powell Cay.  But it wasn’t until here that we finally got to know them.  Their story in a nut shell is one where the sweet Georgia school teacher meets a nice South African man…only to learn they both had dreams of being live-aboard sailors.  They are two years in and loving the lifestyle. Their only debacle…Theresa misses her family a little more than expected while Philip is itching to sail around the world to visit his homeland.

Then there was Nancy of s/v Innovation who we were very excited to see flying towards us in her Dinghy like a gladiator in a chariot.  She had sent us a Facebook message saying she was in the area and excited to meet us.  She asked us to hail her on the radio as we sailed closer to Green Turtle.  Naturally, as soon as she noticed us dropping the hook, she buzzed right over announcing that she was the “island welcome committee” and she left us with fresh Key Limes and Starfruit from the island.  Nancy is one crazy solo sailing mama jamma.  We instantly fell in love with her exuberant personality.  If Nancy is around, you best believe you are in for a good time.  She is from Georgia, currently building a house on Manjack and living on her sailboat while she works.

Gee (nickname Scotch) was our next introduction.  He is a lovely French Canadian man who has what can only be described as the camper van of the sea (you’ll see it in the next video).  He retired from the military and now spends a few weeks here and there enjoying the beauty of the Bahamas working on his little lady m/v Tonka.  I don’t know what it is about people from the north, but we’ve never met a Canadian we didn’t like.

There are a few other characters that have popped in here and there and others we haven’t gotten the chance to know yet.  But the sense of community here is undeniable.  I didn’t realize I was missing human interaction and that sense of community until we came here.  There were daily radio calls and knocks on the side of the boat.

“Going into Green Turtle, got any trash you want me to take?  Need anything from the store?”  “There’s a blow coming, we’re all tucking into the north if you want to come, there’s plenty of room?”  “Going for a swim along the rocks if you want to join in.”  “Lobster hunting at 2pm on the Atlantic side.”  “Sundowners on the beach today.”

The generosity is indescribable and seems like humanity at its best.  You don’t need to know each other.  You are in a boat, which means you have similarities.  Period.  It doesn’t matter what kind of boat, you are a peer, therefore a part of the group.  Included and looked after by those surrounding you.  It’s a beautiful thing.

cruising friends manjack cay bahamas

We certainly felt there was a community with RVing as well and loved being a part of it.  However, there is something slightly different about the cruising community on the water.  The need for genuine interaction seems greater…therefore the effort invested by our sailing peers feels greater.

Maybe it’s my newbie sailor that’s busting at the seems for all these beautiful people who so quickly call me friend.  Maybe this is the way it really is all the time.  I don’t know yet but for now, I’m taking it for what it is and hoping I am being half as kind to my neighbors as they are to me.

anchoring at munjack cay bahamas


Sailing Report

To see our full map with interactive pins, click here:

Nautical Miles Sailed: 11 miles from Powell Cay to Munjack Cay
Dates: November 17 – 23, 2016
Anchorage: If you’re searching the charts it’s listed as Manjack, Munjack and Nunjack.
Cell & WiFi: Our BTC signal was in and out here but worked most of the time, especially with our booster on.

Gear Used In This Video

Cameras Used to Capture This Video:

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  • Martha Ray

    So very appreciative of you mentioning your vegetarian diet and the double edged sword of killing and consuming what you kill! I am vegan and that must have been the best part of this video for me! It’s so rare to see that kind of gratitude for another life (for food) even though it would not have been an option for me to kill for food. Thank you for that! We love the Abacos! Your journeys look like so much fun! I have sailed/visited many of the Bahama islands and hope to reside on a little piece of that Bahamian paradise one day! Most likely Munjack….yay! Sail on!

  • Brad Brenner

    I am late to the party but I watch a video in chronological order just about every day. Love your videos and how fun and honest they are. You are both so inspiring. I had a question from this video – How do you get your iSup boards to stay in place while you are snorkeling? Is that a dumb question.

    • Curious Minion

      I believe they have a tiny anchor (they make them for kayaks & such) so one is anchored and then Jason tied the paddle boards together. Easy peasy!
      Curious Minion

  • Doug

    Wow! That last shot of the nighttime sky, shooting stars and the boat lights was amazing!!

  • Lisa Dick

    Absolutely beautiful video ! We love sharing your adventure…until we pick one of our own! it is very inspiring;-)

  • Reading all the posts I to agree I can not wait for the next post. I love to watch them and I read all the information you write as well. It is so much fun watching you both. And I love the cats. Have the cats ever went overboard? Can you please post your cookie recipe and any other you would like to share. I did make the coffee cake and it was very good and froze well. Hope your Christmas with family was wonderful. Have a safe and happy sailing New Year.

    • Curious Minion

      More recipes are coming soon! Singa went overboard trying to catch a fish and climbed right back up on the sugar scoop.

  • Don Capellani

    So here’s a dumb question Just where do you dump your composting toilet. You can’t just dump overboard can you?????

    • Curious Minion

      Don Capellani If you’re more than 3 miles out any boat can dump the black tank, so yes, it can go overboard. Within the 3 mile limit it has to be taken to shore and either added to a compost pile or garden or it goes in the dumpster with the other garbage.

  • Pam Williamson

    We’ve been following your adventures since the HGTV program first aired. We loved all of your RV cruises and we are now enjoying your boating experiences as well. We will be heading to the Abacos in February and hope we are lucky enough to catch our own lobsters. Once you prepared the lobsters to cook, did you boil them and then season or did you add any seasoning after? Just curious and thanks for continuing to share your adventures with the rest of us. Safe travels…. Pam & Rick

  • Jan

    Great pics! Glad you are enjoying the salt life.

  • Well, I totally understand the inner conflict about hunting your own food. I grew up on boats and lakes (so thankful!), but I hated fishing, and I’ve not like eating fish in a very long time. But now, I have a husband and a little 16′ runabout boat, and he likes to fish, and it gets us out on the lakes, and I am apologizing to the worms, and the fish, and then I am honoring their lives by being thankful for their sustenance. And, suddenly, I enjoy fishing and eating the fish. So thankful! Safe travels you two!

  • Katherine

    I am guessing “Gee” is actually Guy?

  • Carri Garbus

    So entertaining.Great job! Thanks for the updates. You’re doing great on the water now!

  • I got one of those Sony 300 action cams for Christmas from my
    lovely wife. Bought a DJI drone nearly a year ago that I’ve never flown.i want to learn how to make those great videos you do. What do you suggest for nerdy easy to use post production video software. I wish you would teach a class on it at some point in time. Thanks

  • Greg

    “Gunkholing”…I think….is the mystery cruiser term.

  • Arnie

    I have been following you two for 3 years now and this last video is one of the best. So heartening to see the happiness and rewards from all the effort you put into the sailing lifestyle change. I really appreciated Nikki sharing her moral conflicts with catching lobster. We have backyard chickens. Now on our second group. When the first ones quite laying, we found a farm that allowed us to process our hens ourselves. Since we had raised them from chicks, we felt it was a matter of integrity to complete their cycle of life. It was hard but spiritual in a way. If one honors ones live food with an open heart, and respect, one lives a more integrated life in my opinion.

    Oh, and that final time-laps shot with the stars and the boats in the harbor?!? Fantastic! Perfect ending to a great video.


  • Roger

    Maybe GAC Channel will expand their programming from “Going RV” and add Going Catamaran so we all can enjoy your fun lifestyle on using an added media.

  • randomnameoftheday

    Out of everything there is to watch these days, I only eagerly anticipate GWTW videos. (And maybe the Good Place). Your videos make me want to buy a cat (boat, not feline) and learn to catch Lobster.

    On the other hand, as capable as I consider myself, I really feel like learning to sail / live-aboard safely is beyond our reach. It scares me a little past that good kind of scared, you know?

    Notice I said Cat. This particular video really sealed the deal for me, If we ever get a boat, it will be a 43+ foot Cat.

    Thanks for that.

  • Len Strozier

    Another (very) nice video…love me some fresh lobster, too. Thanks for sharing your Adventures…

  • Bahamamama penny

    When you getting to Thompson Bay Long Island? Our son n daugther in law Zac n Melanie Novak- 5 Novsls and a bus are here till Mon. So cool following you too. Hope we czn hook up! Hail Fairhaven on 16 when you reach Thompson Bay. That’s me!! I do the morning net st 8:15. Fair winds!!!

  • Great video guys!! Thanks for sharing! Be safe out there. Bernard (Mallorca, Spain)

  • Nancy Fernandez

    This was so exciting to watch. New friends, beautiful underwater shots and yummy lobster. I can’t tell you how much I Love watching you two and your videos. Sail on and have fun. Next video please 🙂

  • Another great adventure. Loved the underwater shots and of course the story. Can’t wait for the next post. Be safe.

  • Boyd Smith

    Good to see you settling in to your new life style. Great video.

  • That is just great, guys. Happy New Year.

  • Tim

    Great video thank you to you both

    Happy and safe NewYear

  • Mark Tiberio

    Happy sailing you did a lot of work to get where you are today with the sailing experience

  • Krislee

    Loved the end of the video with the night sky – AMAZING! Great video. Thanks for sharing!

  • Jeff

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  • Manhattan Dave

    Sorry Nikki I misspelled your name in my posts.
    I just wanted you and Jason to know that you have followers that do not do Facebook or twitter or some of the high tech stuff out there but still love what you share with us.

    I am happy that I get your emails and can turn on my computer to be able to follow you and Jason on your adventures, on your YouTube postings.

    So when I want to donate a few bucks from my pension to you two, make your web site easier for us retired baby boomers to give you a tip or buy you a drink.
    Still love to watch all you send all these years of you being on the road and sharing with us.
    Can you make your posts and website easier for people like me to give you a few bucks in your travels by credit card?
    Happy New Year to you both and the kitty’s.

    Manhattan Dave

  • Joanie

    I feel like I was on vacation watching your video. You two make life fun. Looking forward to the next adventure. Happy new year.

  • Manhattan Dave

    Love you two and your sharing your travels Nicki & Jason. Look so forward to your posts, and I do not do well in water above my head, so am so happy you share with me on your you tube posts.
    I am so glad you two are living your dream together!
    Love your cats also!

    happy new year and safe sailing in your ventures. Keep posting

  • Jeff & Jeanette Egan

    Thank YOU for sharing your sailing experiences. We always enjoy reading your blog and watching your videos.

    Have a GREAT YEAR!!!

  • Brian

    Still batting a thousand, you haven’t made a bad video yet. Love them all. Really like the the drone shots at the end. Have you had to go looking for the drone yet? What kind are you using? Thanks for sharing.

  • Jim Bolling

    Love, Love, Love your videos.

  • Jim and Jon Hamilton

    Living here in San Diego, it’s hard to make me wish I was somewhere else….this video definitely managed to do to me! An enjoyable way to spend 16 minutes!!!

    I think it’s awesome that you’re diving into this adventure with the open mindedness that you are. Being open to anyone and anything that comes along is a rare way to tackle life. You both are doing it right…’s hard work, sometimes expensive, but you’re leaving a wake through life that is undeniably admirable. And really, isn’t that all we can ask of anyone? Proof of this are all the positive, good people you’re meeting along the way.

    Ok, enough deep-thoughts. Enjoy the warm (?) seas and cool breezes. Thanks for another awesome video!!

    Jim and Jon

  • Sid

    Did you email notice of your last video? I you did I did not receive the notice. I was lucky and saw it in face book. Am I still subscribed to your channel?

  • Joe the Computer Guy

    That ending with the time lapse sky was cool. More more more.
    And as always Nikki you look fabulous. Oh yeah, you too Jason 😉
    On another note, just ordered up my 600Ah lithium for my Bounder. I’m installing them in the inverter compartment. Any reason why you decided way back when to install it under the steps out in the weather?

  • Funny, I just had a thought, “Haven’t heard from Nikki and Jason lately. I hope they’re ok.” I had not received an email update. So I go to your website and find a new video ~ Yay! Fantastic to see you are having a great time and enjoying the wonderful camaraderie of the boating community. Hugs to crew and kitties of SV Curiosity.

  • Wylie Elson

    Congratulations! You guys are doing it – manifesting the sailing cruisers life. And your documentation is superb (of course). So, glad you have each other to make this possible and clearly enjoyable for one another. I hope I’ll get invited to join you for a bit. 😉

  • Welcome back Guys you’ve been missed? Another great vid. Loved the closing night shot of the firmament, beautiful. Hope you manifest all your dreams in 2017 – sure looks like you made a great start!

  • John Schretlen

    “Flying along at eight knots, we’ll be there in no time!”
    Nikki, showing signs that the conversion from RV’er to sailer is coming along nicely.

    Remember how you commented on sailing speed/expectations on your first few days?

    Well done and I especially liked the drone shots those with the guests on board.

  • Incredible pictures and video! I’ve been following you guys for years, and it’s been neat to see the adventure change from RV’ing to sailing. Have you had a favorite spot that you’ve sailed to yet? Or a spot you’re really looking forward to visiting?

  • Ann Nida

    Thoroughly enjoyed the video. The clarity of the water is amazing. Keep on enjoying life. Happy sailing.

  • David

    Hope you guys had a great Christmas and New Year.
    Just wanted to say that this episode was fantastic, you seem to be going from strength to strength now that you have left Florida and are cruising full-time. Every episode is a real joy to watch.
    I’ll watch this episode for a second time in a couple of hours.

    • Thanks David! We are loving (almost) every minute of it! Happy New Year.

  • Chuck Ross

    Great video!! Loved all the underwater footage! Curiosity always looks so immaculate and clean in the videos.

    • haha, looks can be deceiving 🙂 We are always trying to clean her but it seems like a never ending battle against mother nature.


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