learning to sail

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first year as sailors

Not Just A Dream – Reflecting on Our First Year As Sailors

April 30, 2017 66

It’s been one year since we signed on the dotted line, hit the transfer funds button and purchased our first sailboat…

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jason wynn sailing

Bahamas Bound! Sailing Across The Gulf Stream

November 27, 2016 59

It’s 2:30am.  The power cord is being pulled, the fenders are being stowed away and the sails are going up. We…

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tiki party boat peanut island

S/V Curiosity – Our First Solo Sail Part 2

August 28, 2016 68

I’m going to come right out and say it:  Nikki is way cooler than me. I mean, did you see her…

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sailing our liveaboard catamaran

S/V Curiosity – Our First Solo Sail Part 1

August 21, 2016 162

It takes approximately five months to go from knowing very little about sailing to living aboard and solo sailing.  At least…

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docking a catamaran

Sailing Schooled Ep. 5 – Final Tests, Patience, and a Tight Spot

August 14, 2016 123

This is the end! Or is it just the beginning? Hmmmmm, how very meta.  Our Cruising Catamaran Sailing Classes are coming…

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learning to sail catamaran

Sailing Schooled Ep. 4 – Roving Fender & Bob Overboard

August 10, 2016 47

Repetition and routine can be a good thing.  Especially when it comes to learning.  It’s day four of catamaran sailing school…

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sailing in storms

Sailing Schooled Ep. 3 – Storms, Tests & Tacos

August 4, 2016 44

It’s day three of sailing school and mother nature decided to throw in some thunderstorm action for our learning hump day….

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live aboard sailor

Sailing Schooled Ep. 2 – Jibe Ho And Around We Go

July 24, 2016 68

It’s only day two of sailing school and my brain is ready to short circuit.  You know that blank stare you…

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learning to sail

Sailing Schooled Ep. 1 – Miami, The Crew & Scarface

July 17, 2016 50

Conventionally, the majority of people would learn how to sail and then eventually buy a sailboat.  But we’re not much on…

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abandoned refugee boat

Broken Block, Lost Fish & Refugees – Day 2 as Sailboat Owners

May 25, 2016 49

It’s only our second day sailing as the owners of this boat and here we are with a broken block, loosing…