Not everyone enjoys cooking but I don’t personally know anyone that doesn't enjoy eating good food.

I happen to enjoy both immensely and according to Jason, I’m pretty good at it.  But then again I practice a lot, and this often surprises people considering we live in a small RV.  I can't tell you how many people I've come across that assume RV kitchens are small, ill equipped and not made for real cooking. I say hogwash! I travel with a full array of kitchen gadgets that range from a bread maker to a food processor.  However, the beauty of most RV’s is they come standard with some pretty nifty gadgets that make cooking a snap…such as a convection oven.  If you don’t know what a convection oven is or how it works, watch this:I don't think I have used the microwave in our RV more than twice...but I use the convection oven all the time (when we're plugged in and not Wild Camping).  But this wasn't always the case.