full time travel

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Confessions At Sea: The Calm After The Crazy (Sailing Across The Pacific)

August 12, 2018 40

The sense of tranquility is palatable, as if the sea gods crafted the perfect opening passage to welcome us. I gaze…

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solo on a sailboat

All Alone & They Hit My Sailboat! This Is What Happens When We Separate

July 29, 2018 32

When Jason left me behind on the boat I envisioned daily trips to the ice cream stand, solo dance parties on…

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underwater sculpture Bahamas

Swimming With Mermaids & Racing to George Town

May 14, 2017 33

Our sailing exploration of the Exuma chain of islands is nearing an end, but not before we knock off another Bahamas…

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first year as sailors

Not Just A Dream – Reflecting on Our First Year As Sailors

April 30, 2017 66

It’s been one year since we signed on the dotted line, hit the transfer funds button and purchased our first sailboat…

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our story and life of travel

Our Story and Life of Travel – Q&A From College Students

April 11, 2017 19

Not long ago we started getting the sweetest tweets with #sayYES from Grand Valley State University students in Michigan. Apparently, we…

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the wynns pre and post sail checklist

Curiosity Pre & Post Sailing Checklists

March 23, 2017 22

If there were ever a time for using checklists, before taking off on a sailboat would be it.  We’ve never been…

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sailing with family

Sailing With Family – Learn From Our Mistakes

February 12, 2017 62

As soon as we purchased our sailboat Curiosity we had family and friends lining up to visit.  Considering we hadn’t completed…

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sailing the abacos

Sailing North, The End of The Abacos

February 5, 2017 25

Hope Town is the end of the Abacos for us or at least as far south as we are going to…

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sailing and fear

In The Moment – Sailing, Service & Fear

July 27, 2016 156

We’re all about living in the moment.  Sadly, we live a lot faster than we can film, edit and publish.  Which…

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live aboard sailor

Sailing Schooled Ep. 2 – Jibe Ho And Around We Go

July 24, 2016 68

It’s only day two of sailing school and my brain is ready to short circuit.  You know that blank stare you…