We have family in Cloudcroft New Mexico so we find ourselves out this way nearly every year to enjoy the peace, quiet and the afternoon happy hours on the deck.  When it comes to finding a place to stay we always end up at Lazy Day Cabins and RV Hideaway. jason and nikki wynn If you haven’t visited Cloudcroft, NM it’s this tiny town that sits high above the deserts of Alamogordo, NM.  You drive 5,300 feet straight up the mountain as the surrounding terrain changes from hot desert to piney woods full of elk, wild turkeys and more deer than you can possibly count (and look out for the elk)!

Jumping Good Goat Farm is just shy of Buena Vista, Colorado and is a part of the Harvest Hosts program…which means FREE CAMPING, fresh cheese and plenty of goats to love up on! free camping colorado We were on our way from Breckenridge, CO to Taos, NM and this little goat farm was on our route and just what we needed to warm our souls in the middle of winter.

RV laundry is a dirty chore but unless you're going to become a nudist, it has to be done. From laundromats and hand washing, to no-electricity-required gizmos, to full on Washer/Dryer Combos, choosing a method for RV laundry while on the road can be a total pain in the rear!  I like clean clothes but I hate doing laundry (it’s a real conundrum, and I have the same issue with dishes), however I like doing laundry a lot more now than ever before! Why? Because #FleetwoodRoy came equipped with a washer-dryer combo!  Holy mother of laundry, what a discovery! If you have never used an RV washer and dryer combo before, watch this video (note, I had to curb my enthusiasm so I didn't seem like an appliance salesman): The best way to do laundry ever!(and that's the honest truth)  If you're interested in more details and tips on the washer-dryer combo, skip down.  For those that don’t have the space for one of these nifty little combos (our first few RV’s didn’t) here are some other RV laundry options:

When we moved RVs, from Windy to Roy, we only took one of our major mods with us: The Composting Toilet. When I told the service manager at Fleetwood Headquarters that I could install the toilet he said jokingly “I saw your last install video, I think we better do it for you!” Since you don’t get to see another one of my handy man videos I thought I should at least share how the composting toilet install in our Excursion turned out.

The greatest benefit of installing a composting toilet is not having to deal with a black tank; but what do you do with that unused tank that’s taking up valuable space in the RV? We thought about adding another freshwater tank, or removing the black tank and adding a larger grey water tank, or even adding a PVC pipe with a shut-off valve between the black and grey to combine the tanks; but the idea of me (Jason) removing or replacing anything of this magnitude in the RV sounds like a horrible idea.  So I gave up…until we were having dinner one night with our friends the RV Geeks and they recommended the most ridiculously simple, zero install idea of how we could combine the RV black and grey tanks.

Before attempting to combine your black and grey RV waste tanks It is important to understand the capacity of your specific RV tanks.