rv lifestyle

Any and all things about the RV lifestyle. What works in a home and what works in an RV are sometimes very different things. Plus there are all kinds of programs out there just for RV'ers.

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moving onto a sailboat

Overloaded Sailboat & The Anti RV Treaty

June 5, 2016 76

“We can’t keep the RV here” Jason said to me as he flew through the door. “You have got to be…

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moving from RV to Sailboat

From RV to Sailboat – Moving Day and our Last Road Trip

May 5, 2016 197

Moving is fun, exciting, stressful and exhausting all at the same time.  We’ve moved homes five times in the past six…

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how much power does it pull

RV Residential Refrigerator – How Much Power Does It Use

March 27, 2016 80

Deciding between a Residential Refrigerator or an RV “2-Way or 3-Way” Fridge in a motorhome is a no brainer…at first glance. But if you plan…

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solo rv travel as a woman

Nikki Goes Solo – RV Road Trip For One

January 17, 2016 235

I’m not afraid of much, and perhaps it’s because I read too much Pippi Longstocking and watched Annie growing up. I…

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holiday gift ideas

10 Brilliant Gifts You’ll Want to Keep for Yourself

November 19, 2015 52

The Holidays are upon us and we’re being inundated with pumpkin, spice and all things naughty and nice. It’s a time…

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RV boondocking

Boondocking Tips – the How to and Where to

October 28, 2015 133

Boondocking, Off the grid, Off the cord, Dispersed Camping, Dry Camping or Wild Camping are all names for camping or RV’ing without…

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Our Gas RV Experience

Our Gas RV Experience – Noise, Ride & Performance

September 20, 2015 141

Last year we created a video and wrote an article putting a Gas RV in a head-to-head smackdown with a Diesel…

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best road trip apps

Must Have Road Trip Apps

August 30, 2015 83

Shopping used to be one of my favorite pastimes and I was exceptionally good at!  So good, I got paid to…

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rv travel planning

Our RV Route & Travel Planning Tips

May 10, 2015 84

We don’t like planning…seriously we try to do as little of it as possible. It’s the freedom of not having to…

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camping in extreme temps

Keeping Cool In Extreme Heat – Ideas From Burning Man

March 22, 2015 52

Unfortunately there’s no secret remedy for keeping cool in extreme heat while camping in an RV, in fact the best option is…