Escondido California is just a small blip along the Avocado Highway in Southern California, but trust me this little blip is worth a major stop.  We were heading south from the Chino Hills area for a Date with San Diego this November, but we had a week to kill before our reservations, so we booked what we thought was a small campground in the middle of nowhere in order to get some work done. Escondido is a Spanish word meaning “hidden” so we weren't far off with our planned escape from connections.  The town is the oldest in San Diego County and is rich in Spanish and Mexican history before the United States took it over in 1850.  Now it’s famous for avocados and beer. California sunset

Last week we shared our Date Day in San Diego and we received several questions about our first Kamping Experience! It's hard to believe that in almost 5 years of camping around the country we had never stayed at a KOA, not even once. san diego KOA We’ve driven past hundreds of KOA’s over the years and we had this idea in our heads that all KOAs were on the highway, served up cheap box pancake breakfasts and they cost a small fortune.  After spending a week at the KOA Metro San Diego campground I can honestly say we were way off base.

We’ve been to San Diego, California many times, in fact my aunt used to live on Coronado Island, so needless to say we know the city pretty well.  That said it never ceases to amaze me, no matter how many times we’ve visited an area there’s always more to discover and explore. So, we gave ourselves the task this time around NOT to do anything we've done in the past.  Not only did we want new discoveries we wanted an experience with a romantic twist, we wanted a date with San Diego.

We’ve been scouring the California RV Show for the past week (yea, it’s a very long show) looking for the new, the noteworthy and the “Best Of” the 2015 RV selection.  Every year it seems the RV industry takes a step towards the 21st century and this year is no different; with transitional spaces, cabinets that cleverly turn into desks, skylights that open up to the stars and even high end luxury without looking like Vegas threw up (don't worry, they have that too)! We’ve handpicked 11 of the Best 2015 RVs that have loads of cool features and amenities worth checking out, but to keep the video from becoming a half hour snorefest we’ve selected only a few of our favorite items from each rig.  If you’re looking to upgrade, or buy your first RV, this is a good place to start your search.

Motoring along patchworks of vineyards, orchards and oak trees we naturally gravitated away from the typical hotspots of Sonoma County and found ourselves drawn to the not so obvious and slightly quirky. Sebastopol Napa put California on the world's viticulture map but its fame and fortune have made its upscale and somewhat ‘snobby tourist’ mark (of course with the exception of a few James Dean like characters).  Sonoma seems truer and filled with open minded traditions cultivated by people who appreciate the low-key charm.