Nikki Wynn, last sail and last days in the Tuamotus

Our First Time On Land In Weeks!

It’s hard to believe that our time aboard Ticket To Ride has come to an end. The Tuamotus are a magical place but as the saying goes, all good things must come to an end.  Oh, how we will miss marveling at the fifty shades of blue, vibrant coral, and the vast array of fishy friends.

Plus, there is something special about the relationships forged when sailing…or any big extended adventure.  We have deepened our connections with family and friends (old and new) while underway, at anchor, or toiling away at boat projects.  It can also be a fast track to the end of a relationship. 😬  Because it is a lot of togetherness.  We see each other in every light and in a variety of situations from relaxed to pumped up and stressed.  So, you know if you like each other at the end of a sailing adventure you really, really like each other.

While we may be leaving our new friends and Fakarava for now, the memories of this incredible trip will stay with us forever.

Join us for a beautiful downwind sail to Fakarava. We make our way to land for the first time in weeks, take a bike trip around the island, and have our first meal out.🤯



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Mary Grace wrote an interesting article from our time onboard and all our discussions about new tech on boats.  It’s great insight for anyone shopping or planning a refit!



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  • Joanna

    Thank you Frank and Mary Grace, Jason and Nikki!!! It’s so nice to relax while watching your video’s/ lives, during such stressful time in my life. Watching you all and the ocean life just melts my tension away. Again thanks to all of you!!! Love and Light Joanna

  • mary van

    Thanks Frank and Mary Grace. Your boat is amazing! Jason and Nikki are so fortunate to have had the opportunity to join you!

    Thank you for allowing us to see your home!


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