how a hybrid electric catamaran works


Having a self-sufficient boat isn’t negotiable for us.  Because we spend weeks and sometimes months away from civilization.  So, managing our resources is a must and we’re always looking for better ways to do so.  And that is exactly where Hybrid Electric comes in.

It’s all about drastically increasing our range, efficiency, redundancy and a whole lot more.  Any manufacturer who isn’t installing a similar system will.  Because Parallel Hybrid motors have all the benefits of both electric and diesel propulsion but with even more functionality…like hydrogeneration.

It’s a simple system but it has many modes and that is why we have dedicated an entire video to our hybrid electric set up.  So, if you’ve been curious about what it is, how it works or who it’s for…this one is for you.





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  • Chris A

    The hybrid approach is interesting. It’s very good to have a mechanical backup for propulsion. I’m trying to figure out how a folding prop will provide regeneration. Won’t it just fold up when you’re sailing and not spin the prop shaft?

  • Deane Bauman

    Just saw your video about hybrid sailing, Thanks! I am very interested in the solar panels, they look like flex panels. where can I get more info on these panels, I am curious about how long they last, and are they comparable to rigid panels etc. Who makes them, and how can I contact them?

    • Curious Minion

      Hey Deane,
      I don’t have the info on these specific panels yet but Nikki or Jason will see this and may chime in. I do know that HH contracted specifically with this company to have panels fit to the shape of the cabin roof in order to utilize every inch for solar. These days there are a lot of companies making flexible panels and their quality is much improved over the first generation of flexi panels and functionality is more in line with rigid panels. The internet & solar forums will have a wealth of info on real-world usage and things to look for or avoid. Good luck with the project!
      Curious Minion

  • Alan Solomon

    Really cool engine. Makes me think it is a smart engine like a smart phone but smarter.
    There are so many different ways to be efficient from your explanations.
    Simple but amazing technology. They seem to have thought of everything.

  • Michael Snyder

    Jason, How big are the diesel tanks on your new boat and what is the anticipated range?

  • Danny

    Have you got starlink sorted yet? Seems like it’s getting pretty popular now! Looking forward to seeing the new boat in action!

  • Joanna

    Thanks for explaining all that, makes it more understandable😀 Love your vlogs! Take care

  • Brian Fink

    The 88-01 had to have the keel with wings reshaped. Are you going to have the same done on your 44-03?

    • Curious Minion

      Completely different boats, completely different design. Just because one had issues doesn’t mean the other will.
      Curious Minion

  • Bill Berry

    Very interesting video. Now for the bizarre hypothetical. If you need to start the diesle engine/s and a power or starter failed could the Electrical Motor that is conntected to the shaft be used to start the diesle? The equal to say a push start to the diesle or a bump start? (Like putting it in second gear starting down an incline and popping the clutch)?

    • Lloyd Stanton

      DIESEL. I can see them now looking for a big wave to sail up, then coast down, throw it into gear and off they go. Except, where are you gonna find a big wave when you need one. AND aren’t there a bunch of other big waves waiting to give you a ride.
      I was in a 22′ outboard when the swells started picking up speed and I could no longer outrun them. they would pull me from the stern up into the wave then reverse into a push down the wave and start turning me sideways. OH $#!* I thought we are going to capsize if I don’t do something.
      I suddenly remembered we had a small parachute type of thing. I got it out of the storage, tied the rope to the stern and tossed it out. that helped to straighten out the boat so it wasn’t sideways anymore. And then a large school of dolphins started swimming alongside and that made us feel that the big guy was watching over us. We made it to the harbor finally safe and sound.


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