Jason and Nikki wynn and sailing Ruby Rose, the first Seawind 1370 passage

Sailing The NEW Seawind 1370 (owners review)

This is a big moment!  We are setting sail for the very first passage aboard the spanking new Seawind 1370 catamaran.  While this is hull #2, it is the first Seawind 1370 to be delivered to its owners.

It’s our long-time friends Nick and Terysa’s new boat Ruby Rose 2.  They have been documenting the build of this boat for the past 2 years (an extra-long wait thanks to covid) and naturally, their videos have created a lot of hype, buzz and anticipation.

But Nick and Terysa were monohull sailors, and this is their first Catamaran.  So, the burning question is, does the boat live up to the hype?  Does it meet the expectations they set?  We are super keen to find out!

Because there is the anticipation (something we are experiencing now) and then there is the reality of the completed vessel.  How does she sail?  How is the layout?  How are the systems?  Soooo many questions…and we get some brutally honest answers.  Because let’s face it, no boat is perfect.

Join us for the very first passage aboard Ruby Rose 2 in Thailand.

Congratulations Nick and Terysa, Ruby Rose 2 is a beautiful boat.  She will fit you like a glove in no time.  Thanks again for having us aboard for such a big adventure!  We are looking forward to sharing an anchorage one day very soon.

⛵ More on Nick, Terysa & Ruby Rose

🚁The New DJI AIR 3 Drone



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  • Richard D. Gamache

    I just viewed your first test/shake down run of the new trimaran, which I believe was filmed several months ago . I was going to recommend that you contact captain Igor Stopnik to review issues & fixes – because he was asked to captain the maiden voyage of the Neil 51 in the 200 boat regatta that left Europe/English Channel to the Caribbean earlyer this yr; and yr.
    as the trimaran’s maiden voyage, and had to cure all the first sale issues as he sailed in the regatta (and based on his history as a delivery captain of brand new Fontaine Peugeot in France thru the Bush channel w/ deliverys in Croatia through winter months between Nov -March; and also dealing with the weather conditions of the altimy weather & winds Assoc with sailing the upper reaches around Italy/ grace/ Chroacha’s waters impassable during that time of the season each yr.

    It’s Just a thought – by this time – I believe u must of completed all of ur test runs & have ur boat all set & in tip top shape for sail !!

    Best Reguards, Rick Gamache🍀👍👌😜

  • Alan Solomon

    Hey, 🖐,
    Thanks for this video. I am a few days late commenting but I cannot miss an episode.
    Ruby Rose is a really cool boat. I especially like the footage of the boat at 5:07. I like the lights, and everything is easily accessible and in its place.
    I keep thinking where are they in the construction of Curiosity II already? You guys must be anxious!
    Safe sailing and Happy times ahead,

  • Roger Cox

    I love Nick and his wife, Terysa. What a wonderful pair. They work together so nicely. No ridiculous fighting. But I am sure they have differences, that proves their love. The boat? It is a sailboat. I know that for the 4 of you a boat is a big deal. However, life is more about relationships and less about boats. My opinion. I also unlike most have validated facts and data about relationships. Normal for a man with my work focus. Physics and research. What is real?

  • MarkByron

    Fabulous video. Your Thai experience looks incredible. Learning about Ruby Rose II and the new drone was very interesting. Please tell us about their electric capabilities compared to your system (generation and storage) when you get a chance.

  • mary van

    Like the new drone!

    Ruby Rose is a beautiful boat. Hopefully, you got some great take away ideas from being on board such a lovely boat.

    Was Jason sick when he was taking the shots at the first of your video or was that before? The sea looked a little rough, I was thinking he might not stomach those waves.

    • Curious Minion

      Hey Mary! I think he was sick the day before he filmed all of those “woohoo’s!”
      Curious Minion

  • Jess

    We’re in the process of building a house.. but.. every time I’m watching one of your videos the husband watches over my shoulder and wants to abandon the house and buy a boat instead. …..Boys and their toys. 😂. (Our job is land-based and we have two 110lb dogs. Would that make them Freedom hounds?)

    Loved the video, as usual. So many ideas for a boat you never realized were a “thing”, add to that the things one would want to consider as far as a compromise in regards to a cat vs a mono hull.

    Keep sailing – keep posting! We live for these videos!


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