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Top 2’s of 2012 – Cities, Adventures and Booze

Another year has come, gone and left us with more video footage than we almost care to reflect on. We’re still editing adventures from 2012 (and even a few from 2011!) and while the year may be over, the adventures will still seem new.

It was our year to explore the Eastern coast of North America. We began in Texas and trekked all the way up through Canada crossing back into the states via Maine and coasted into New Mexico before ending the year in Arizona. After looking back at everything, everywhere and all of our 2012 experiences we came up with the top 2’s in cities, adventures and booze. Why the top 2’s you ask; because 1 is a lonely number (and we’re just too indecisive to narrow it down). So here is goes…

Top 2 Cites:

Charleston, South Carolina
Because it’s as close to Europe as you’re going to get and still be in the states (and lets face it, nothing beats good southern cooking).

St. Joseph Peninsula, Florida
Sometimes nothing beats basking in warm water and doing cart wheels on white beaches. Especially when it’s one of the top beaches in the world! (yes we said the world).


Top 2 Adventures:

Gator Sights and Bites in Alabama
You can go kayaking anywhere there is water, but only a few places in the states where you can kayak surrounded by alligators!

Gettin’ High- Acadia from Above
Because sometimes hiking just isn’t enough.  So, we gave our feet a break and sent our adventurous soles for an exploration from above!


Top 2 spots to Booze it up:

Pennsylvania Dutch Country
This place had a micro brew in every direction, and each brewery was as good, or at least as interesting as the next.

North Carolina Wine Country
This little valley is a kick your feet up and stay for a while kind of place and still a hidden secret, but not for long.

There you have it, our tops of 2012.

Do you know something that will knock these experiences out of the water?  We’re still making plans for 2013, so if you know the best of the best don’t be shy….share with the rest of us in the comments below (if it’s a super secret you can private IM us 🙂 )

Hello there! I honestly don’t know what to say, so I am going to tell you a bunch of random facts instead. I'm a fish eating vegetarian who hates spiders and loves snakes. I almost never took vacations growing up. I wanted to be Pippi Longstocking (still do). I misspell about every other word I write and still struggle with grammar. I love splurging on a good high tea (which is really hard to find these days). And whatever you do, don’t tell me I can’t do something, because then I'll HAVE to do it!

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  • Dad

    Here’s to more great adventures in 2013.

  • Messina

    My husband and I have enjoyed folllowing you two for the last year or so and we have set out on our own adventure with our two daughters a couple of months ago full time. Love the sense of adventure you both have and wish it had fallen on us sooner, non the less its awesome to see others closer to our age doing and experiencing life is great and uplifting.
    We wish you all the best in whatever you chose to do in the future, Aaron and Messina Jones

  • David

    I see in the comments that you’ll be heading for the Vancouver RV show. With the possiblility of cruising on your horizon might you be attending the Vancouver boat show in Febuary?

  • Hey Nikki and Jason. I see you are heading to Vegas. I hope the fur children are well. Just to let you know that Michael and I sold the yoga retreat in Prince Edward County and we are now wintering in Nelson BC . We start building our new home in Castlegar in the next couple of weeks. If you are wanting to see a beautiful part of the country (think Whitewater and Red Mountain for world class skiing) , then perhaps plan to visit us. We are just over 2 hours north of Spokane and we would love to have you stay with us again!!!!

  • Irene

    Thanks for that overview; those are all awesome adventures!

  • Joe McCauley

    Lynda and I lived some of your adventures, but I’m too ADD to sit still. You’re doing it right.

    • Joe, watch for a minute…then jump in the car and do it!!!! 🙂 Thanks for keeping in touch.

    • mary

      Jason and Nikki – you should hear some of their stories! Jacob and I went over there on Lana’s birthday. Joe was (and probably still is) a handful. The man shouldn’t be alive with the craziness he has told me about ; ) So glad he is still a little rowdy!

  • I love that you ate gater…you brave souls!!!!

  • Jim

    For experiencing different cultures, three places stand out for me. The Cajun country in Louisiana (Breau Bridge, Mamou, Eunice) is very french. The food, music, and people are all great and very different from any place. Spend a Sat night at the Liberty Theater in Eunice or go to Fred’s Lounge in Mamou on a Sat morning to see what I mean. Santa Fe and Taos are also very unique. The architecture and colors are so different from anything I’ve seen. And, the history and cultures of this area gave me a new perspective and appreciation for the people who were native to North America. And finally, Quebec City and the Gaspe peninsula. Quebec is a very french city and has a European feel. Be prepared to try and speak some french to get anything done. The Gaspe has some of the most dramatic scenery I’ve experienced. Love your posts and travel reports.

  • Diane Smith

    Our daughter went to the College of Charleston and thru her going to school there, we had 4 years to explore Charleston and sample some great cooking in many restaruants. We loved there. She worked in a law office there and made good friends and she still goes back to visit. One year she lived with 4 other girls in an old house with a fireplace in each room. It was so cool. I understand your picking this as the no. 1 place to visit.

    • One of the most fun cities, and the European influence is undeniable. Didn’t expect this from the South!

  • Amy

    Awesome adventures!!! This is my dream life, you are two very smart people living the dream!!!!!

    • Amy, keep in touch we’ll be sharing ways to make it a reality.

  • Margaret Gain

    No faves in Canada?

      • mary

        Nikki, I think you could say Canada was memorable. Taking the ferry across with the RV, the white water river – how is that tooth?


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