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Raw and remote.  That pretty much sums up the Tuamotu archipelago.  It’s easily one of our top 5 sailing destinations in the world.  Pristine waters, abundant marine life, and just outside of the hurricane zone.  Sailing here on our own boat was a dream (and one we hope to repeat).  But until then, we are doing the next best thing.  Sailing with friends!

But Fakarava is waaaaay out here, and it’s a coral atoll.  Meaning there isn’t much in the form of supplies, and fertile soil for growing food is minimal.  Locals have to be self-sufficient because survival this far from the mainland requires great planning and patience.  Today you’ll get a little taste of what it’s like to go on a supply mission to one of the most remote islands in the world.

Plus, we test some new cameras and have the most gorgeous champagne sail to our favorite dive spot of all time.  Sharks, sharks, and more sharks.  Hundreds of them!  So put on your flippers and jump in!


If you missed the introduction to Frank, Mary Grace, and Ticket To Ride, you can catch up here: 

And, they keep a blog of their travels aboard TTR if you want to learn more about them, their vessel, and where they have sailed:


📸DJI Osmo Action 3

What did you think of the Osmo Action 3?  We’ve had all the previous versions but this one really packs a solid punch that should stand the test of time.  It’s less expensive than a GoPro but just as pro…and has quick-release mounts (sooo handy).  You can read all the specs on the site, but as sailors, divers and hikers, our favorite features are the 4K/120fps, 160-minute battery, and waterproof up to 16m (52.4 feet).  There is a firmware update that should launch in late November adding 10-bit color, and a few other spankin’ new features that will make this little camera even more powerful.


The “Combo Kits” are the best bang for the buck.  We have the “Osmo Action 3 Diving Combo” (includes the Camera + Extreme Battery, Waterproof Case, Floating Handle, Anti-Fog Inserts, and accessories) and the “Osmo Action 3 Adventure Combo” (includes the Camera + Extreme Battery, 2 Additional Extreme Batteries, Battery Case, 1.5m Extension Rod, and accessories).

Other DJI Gear in this video

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  • Jeanette Brennan

    I loved the video – terrific to have you back at sea and under the sea. Amazing photography, and also amazing scenery! Really looking forward to more videos. What fun the four of you are having!! Fabulous, just fabulous. Stay safe, healthy and happy! 💖⛵️🙌🐠🦈🐬

  • Lee Nagy

    I am hooked on “Gone with the Wynns” It is fascinating to watch you two in your adventures. I’m now 77 but love to watch Nikki, and Jason’s fantastic photography. Nikki is my favorite (of course) but Jason grows on you. You really need “Ticket to Ride” by the Beatles like the HHCatamerans video showing “Ticket to Ride”. A beautiful boat, and can’t wait till you get Curiosity 2! Need more videos, I am addicted!!!

  • John S

    Good to see some clear underwater shots again. I can almost hear you saying “Here fishy, fishy, fishy.”

  • Alan Solomon

    Good day Nikki and Jason and Mary and Frank. I have never heard of Fakarava. Thank you for taking us there. It seems to be a laid-back town with a bustling port.
    There are some beautiful fish in the sea there. It seems the coral reef there has some color. I hope it continues to grow and thrive.
    I cannot imagine how long it would take to get to Fakarava from Los Angeles. Obviously, the best way is by boat or a plane to New Zealand and then on to Fakarava.
    Thanks again, Fair seas and best regards,

  • Theresa K

    I could write a hundred superlatives to describe your videos but I’m going with:
    I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS! I look forward to them every week!
    Theresa K.

  • Jonathan Veale

    Hi Guys. Really enjoyed your recent video! (all of them really…)
    Unless I’m missing it, you didn’t mention the filters you used on your new Action 3!
    I ‘had’ and Action 1 and the ND filters but I don’t see any ND filters for the Action 3, and no mention of a Polarizer anywhere!
    if you could expand on those, it would be much appreciated!
    Quandojon jonandmarliesonline

  • YDion

    Lovely images – thank you. The small qty of veggies (shortage?) was a surprise to me. Thanks for sharing what reality really looks like.

  • Lee Miller

    How do you find such comfort diving with sharks….so many sharks? Always love your videos. Can’t wait till you get you new catamaran. 🌺

  • mary van

    I cannot believe you had such clarity at 52ish feet!!! I do not think I have ever had clear seas after 26 feet. I have never dived anywhere as remote.

    Have fun and enjoy!

  • John Alex

    I posted before I watched it – I know shame on me – BUT! I want to reiterate that y’all need to put all of those sounds on a relax/spa/ambient noise CD (yes, I’m that old) or someplace where we can purchase on your site.

    • John Alex

      Sorry – again – I’m in between watching the video, the World Cup game, and a screaming sick infant: 1 hour of under-the-haul if you please, Mr Wynn.

      Oh! Halftime over…

    • mary van

      I was thinking the same thing!!!

  • John Alex

    I went back this week and watched y’all’s first episodes of sailing lessons with Captain Jenn. I am certain she is so proud of y’all!

    John Alex

  • Michael

    Sure nice to have a place for multiple furlers. How handy.

  • Diane

    Thank you for the glimpse of Frank Life!

    more please!

    fish look amazing.


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