why we want a performance catamaran

This Is Why We Want A Performance Catamaran!

Why let go of our perfectly good cruising catamaran to get a go-fast boat?  That is a question we have gotten a lot of since we sold Curiosity.  Spoiler alert, it has nothing to do with racing or going fast.  It’s all about maximizing the journey.

And the boat we’re on now, or more importantly, the captains, are all about the journey.  Sailors after our own hearts!

With Frank and Mary Grace, it’s all about having fun!  They cherry-pick their weather windows, anchorages, and gear to enhance the experience, not endure it.  It’s what most of us aim for but it seems they really have it dialed in.

When we woke up this morning there was barely a breath of wind…maybe 5 knots.  The sky is cloudy and the ever-present threat of rain is off in the distance.  We tried to tell Frank that maybe it was not the best day for Champagne Sailing.  But he said it’s gonna be a perfect day out there, trust me.  And we can still have fun, even if it’s raining!

By the time we got the Mainsail up, we had 7 knots of breeze and it slowly filled in 10+ knots.  Talk about perfect conditions for a test sail.  Last week s/v Ticket To Ride blew our minds with her upwind sailing and now she’s ready to flex with her light breeze performance reaching and running.  Because we’re on a mission today. We’re deep in research mode for our new boat and we need to place an order for the sails soon.  So, the goal is to head out to sea, try to hit all points of sail, and use some sails we haven’t seen flying yet.  It’s going to be a sleigh ride!



If you missed the introduction to Frank, Mary Grace, and Ticket To Ride, you can catch up here: 

You can learn even more over at the TTR Blog:

Mary Grace wrote an interesting article from our time onboard and all the discussions we had about new tech on boats.  It’s great insight for anyone shopping or planning a refit!



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Comments (14)

  • Jerry

    Just incredible. I can hardly wait for you to get your new boat. Any update on the delivery date?

    • Curious Minion

      Completion’s set for late June or early July of 2023. As we get closer to that date it may creep a little. We’ll see!
      Curious Minion


    How does livability compare to your previous cat?

  • Jeanette Brennan

    Wow!! What a great video! Looks like you guys had a fun day. Looking forward to next week’s video – stay safe, healthy and happy! 💓⛵️✨🙏

  • Alan Solomon

    Yes. Very interesting and another great video. I know very little about operating catamarans and boats but throughout this video frank works all the time! Once, Frank is preparing breakfast but other than that, work, work, work. Once you’re on the HH for a while that work is the love that creates the daily achievement you strive for like any catamaran or boat. I understand that.
    During that video those multiple sails, spinnaker, genoa and drifter must have been furled and unfurled numerous times it seems. A lot of wear and tear on those lines, equipment and machinery but, that is what they’re made for, to have fun. I remember a while back when you had to replace the lines on Curiosity. You had to find quality lines which don’t come cheap, and you had to make sure they worked correctly.
    This was an amazing video jammin on the open ocean with little wind. ⛵👍
    Happy sailing,

  • Mary Van

    Grandma wants to know if you got the headset dried and working.

    Looks like a fun sail!

    • Curious Minion

      Dried, yes. Working, not so much! Frank says you can only hear static. So they’ll go back to hand signals for now. And hey Mary!
      Curious Minion

  • John S.

    That looked like a stressless fun day.

    Swimming in the ocean when the water is warm and the rain is coming hard is a special treat.

  • Ed Grant

    Such an exciting way to travel, especially if you are on a long passage. So, they don’t really have or need a “balloon jib/ spinaker”? Love all of the powered winches too! Now then, about the lee boards, is there a manual backup system just in case they lose power? Jason’s “sound check” was very helpful when figuring out the noise levels down below while underway. Now of course this version of HH is about top of the line, so how will your new HH compare generally performance wise? How far along is your build?

  • Jeff Forgey

    Love swimming in the rain. Looked like fun.

  • Vern

    Thank you so much for this vid, tech from my sailing days to today have significantly changed. The new hull design married to new sail design & fabric, way cool.
    It is a joy to watch the owners work together in perfect harmony on an amazing boat.

  • paul

    I think Frank and Mary Grace have trained you well for a reason, they wish to pass there boat on to you ???

  • Michael

    What a great test of the sail options. You’ve shown us how a selection of sails helps maximize the energy capture from the wind. Very interesting. Thanks.


    Live your dream. I did. Came to USA as a young man have visited every state and a great number of other countries. Now approaching 80 I can sit back and relive my experiences rather than regret not having them. Go for it Guys and thanks for letting me relive some of my ‘adventures’ through yours.


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