Our South Island Road Trip continues, and we had some rare and unexpected bucket list adventures this week.  I say unexpected because we didn’t actually know they existed before.  But that’s what makes travel so exciting isn’t it…discovering something new?

Climbing the world’s steepest street and seeing the rarest penguins surf ashore to nest wasn’t on our New Zealand bucket list.  But they are now, complete with checkmarks and well-documented evidence.  As you can tell, it was a real cliffhanger.

If you’ve missed some episodes and didn’t know we sold our boat and have a new hybrid electric under construction, you can catch up here: 


Our South Island Interactive Road Trip Route

Our South Island Road Trip Route 


What’s With The MAP?

This is a free website and app from Roadtrippers. It’s been our go-to app for discovering weird roadside attractions (hello Cano’s Castle) and wild places to camp (Trona Pinnacles).  The free version is fantastic and packed with all the essential features.  But, we have the Plus account because it’s better for an extended trip (like this one).  Plus unlocks features like live traffic, notes for each stop, collaborating with friends, and offline maps (handy during the trip since the internet is intermittent).




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  • Steve

    Pam, I couldn’t have said it better I love these guys. Jason, on a motorcycle trip to W. Virginia, one of the guys’ solonoid went out at a pit stop. We were pushing him down a looong hill, to bump start the bike. I tripped, and would have rolled all the way to the bottom, if I hadn’t rolled into a parked car. Thanks for the memory. Good times.

  • Pam McClure

    This one touched me. I love your joy, your honesty, and just pretty everything about you all. Thank you for allowing me to see the world.

  • Ausbin Pippin

    Thanks for another great video, Be safe and enjoy yourselves,

  • Jeanette Brennan

    Excellent video! What a fabulous road trip you’re having. Love seeing sights I’ll never have the privilege of seeing for myself. Thank you for being the intrepid and extraordinary adventurers that you are!! Awesome rocks, incredible sights/towns, magnificent and majestic penguins, and crazy streets – what not to love! Thank you! See you next week!! Stay safe and happy! 💖🌟🐧🙌🙏💖

  • Alan Solomon

    Thanks for the video.
    A wonderful time here in southern Cal watching you guys on that mountainous Dunedin Street and in this video. This is one thing you guys have become famous for: Providing amazing and extraordinary adventure for people at home in their living rooms, kitchens and dens around the world.
    For a second, at the beginning of the Baldwin Street footage, I thought I was in San Francisco! Me personally, I would walk up or down a street like Baldwin Street but not ride or drive anything. That’s just me! 😀
    Those penguins were way cute. Watching them walk reminded me of how some of the “Little Rascals” if you are familiar, used to walk!
    Nikki and Jason, week after week, you guys have created a great anticipation in us all. Otherwise, you both have become an ongoing Gift of the Gods. Happiness abound.

  • Craig

    Best yet, you are great story tellers.

  • Pat

    Seeing the penguins brought tears to my eyes….what a special time for you both

  • John

    Two hours playing on a steep hill.

    Just like a couple of ten year olds.

    And it was fun to watch!

  • Fred Mertz

    Hello to The Wynns, again! Great videos and the penguins on the beach was a real treat. One thing crossed my mind while watching. When talking about steam punks, and steam power, its kinda enlightening to know we have yet to leave steam power. Many of our power plants are basically steam powered turbines. They may run from coal, gas, whatever, but they remain steam powered. So as we cruise around with our 21st century technology, its fun to realize its still powered by 19th century based power.
    Cant wait to see you on the HH
    Cheers, Fred

  • Roger Cox

    I love the penguins you found. They are special in that they form a pair and remain that way for life for the purpose of creating more of their kind. That arrangement has special strengths and weaknesses. You see that in human pairing as well. The human pairing has additional dimensions, but those differences are insightful. Thank you for reminding me of animals that pair for life. Thank you for reminding me that humans have that extra difference. I needed that reminder and encouragement today.

  • James Dillon

    Don’t sell yourself short!! Look in the mirror and repeat these words!! I am a talented, beautiful, progressive , adventurous , caring, giving individual who affects many lives with your wonderful adventures and your glowing personality!! Good luck and stay safe!! You are an AMAZING lady, wife and friend !! Greetings from Canada!! GIDDYUP!! Viewer from DAY ONE!!

  • Tom Fitch

    So what’s the deal with the wrap on that car? So what’s the deal with those round boulders? Don’t leave a bro hanging!

  • Lisa

    ¨`*•:★: Thank you for going there, doing that!! What a treat!! :★:•*`¨

  • Mary Van

    That was a fun video. It looks like you guys are getting to play a little and enjoy the moment!

    What a cool experience watching the penguins. That is probably right up there with swimming with the whales, the trifecta in Alaska and spending time with your mom. 🙂

    Can’t wait to have you back home and get in on some of those fun adventures!!!!

  • Bill Berry

    Great video a view of the world we never see from the States. Round Bolders on the beach. So is the Beach errosion uncovering the round bolders that were there first or are bolders being smoothed by the errosion? (Just wondering out loud) So the Penguins amazing and watching them climb the Sandy hillside was like watching the two of you climb Baldwin Street. Thank you both for sharing this wonderful adventure with us. Nikki thank you for sharing a part of your life that many people would suppress and try to hide from everyone. Your Info mercial regarding a way to get support was fantastic thanks for the share.

  • Jim

    Enjoy your free time…

  • Susan Goodwin

    Absolutely beautiful video.Thank you for sharing your adventures.

  • Michael

    You are so lucky to see those birds. Awesome! Thanks for sharing.

  • Sandra & the 2 Spaniels

    Great video! NO, I won’t be doing that street but it was interesting. It proves that bureaucrats are nitwits. No one even thought of telling London, “Uh-it won’t work here.” Sheesh! Love all the super different stuff you guys find.

    • Brenda

      YELLOW EYED PENGUINS!!! That was an extraordinary experience.. thank you for sharing it!

  • Thomas Conn

    I’ve been following you two since you were just ending your life in a RV. I’m 76 years old and have no one anymore, all my family have passed on. You two are the family I’ve never had, your my grandchildren.

    • Bill Neyer

      Thomas, if you want a pen pal, sign me up. I am blessed to have a lot of family and happy to share the ups and downs, ins and outs. If you reply to this, I will share my contact information. FYI, I m “only” 69, and live in the midwest, USA.

  • Lisa Albrecht

    Always enjoy your videos… Thank you! Your enthusiasm is contagious and your love of life evident. Seeing the penguins was very special. I hope to visit NZ one day and have some of the same wonderful experiences.

  • Pamela Waltz

    Thrilled with the penguin sighting, but baffled with the beach boulders! Hope you were able to find some ‘steeped ‘ tea to stay with the theme of the day and soothe your muscles after that cold, dreary day of steep climbs! Stay warm & happy!!

  • David Griffith

    The fastest Pinewood Derby cars on the planet are born on Baldwin Street.

    • Lemuhr

      Yip, and you loose skin by the meter every time you bounce. Going down Baldwin is not for the faint hearted.


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