gadgets & gear

There are a lot of gadgets and gear that improve our RV travels and traveling lifestyle. We share what we like, why and how it works.

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wild camping at mono lake

Favorite RV Kitchen Gadgets

June 15, 2014 61

I love to cook, bake, grill, blend and just about anything that has to do with food and drinks! I also…

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flex solar

Powerful and Flexible RV Solar Panels

June 11, 2014 128

If your RV plans include wild camping, or boondocking, then adding solar power to your rig is a must! With the…

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How To and How Not To Tow a Car Behind an RV

June 3, 2014 126

We honestly can’t imagine RVing without a tow car, it allows us to park the RV and explore with better fuel…

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rv vacuum

RV Vacuums – The Good, Bag and Under-Powered

April 30, 2014 41

After years of RV travel, constantly building up dirt and trying every machine powered device to suck it up, I have…

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composting toilet

Composting Toilet: What is it and Why you need one

March 20, 2014 161

We have owned our composting toilet since June 2013, and we think everyone with a boat, an RV or a Tiny…

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Best Converter Charger for an RV – Smart VS. Dumb

December 19, 2013 136

Before we had our new RV Solar installed I had never heard of a Converter Charger, and I surely wasn’t worried…

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singa santa

RV Holiday Gift Giving Guide 2013

November 26, 2013 18

I love the holidays!  I love the twinkle lights, the music, the gift giving, and of course receiving lots of gifts (wink wink)!  Holiday…

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Best Inverter for an RV – Pure vs Modified and Watts

November 12, 2013 265

When we first purchased an RV we didn’t really understand power inverters, we only knew what mattered: An inverter converts the…

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solio bolt

Thanks, Here’s Some Free Stuff

October 10, 2013 59

You (our loyal and awesome readers) are the reason we exist, continue to gather our thoughts and create fun (or at…

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A Day In The Life – Wild and Free Camping

September 25, 2013 108

This quote is from one of our favorite movies, Into the Wild, and was one source of inspiration that led us to sell…