Where The Wynns Blow

We’ve been traveling full time since February 2011 and WOW, we’ve had some amazing adventures! From RV'ing across North America to sailing about the world, we hope you'll find a little inspiration for your next adventure! Move about the map, zoom into a destination, click on a pin and let the adventure begin…

Where We’ve Sailed          Where We’re Sailing to Next  

Anchorage or Marina

Off the cord and on the hook or dwelling at a dock, we’ll let you know which ones to seek out and those to avoid.

Sailing the world


Exploring the world like its 1492. We’re out to sail across oceans, weather storms and discover adventures we don’t yet know exist.

National Park or Monument

Mother Nature creates the best eye candy and we love everything outdoors. For us, not much beats a day (or 12) in a National Park or Monument.

Scuba/Free Diving

Diving deep into the ocean our world slows down into a dreamlike state.  We enter a universe filled with alien like creatures and vegetation that sways with the pulsing of the tide. This is the worlds most unexplored place.

The Adventures

Who doesn’t dream about an Indiana Jones adventure? Instead of just day dreaming about it, use our interactive map to find and plan your own Indie adventures.

Sips and Bites

Each place we visit our goal is to support the local community. We avoid chains and seek out places that the typical traveler might not have time to find on their own.

Tell us where to go next

If you know of a festival, event, island or town that is not to be missed, we want to hear it! Leave us a comment, tweetfacebook, instagram us, send an owl or use your Jedi mind tricks and let us know what you’re thinking. We read every message and almost never turn down an invitation to go on an adventure.

Like our nifty map?

We created it using Mapify Pro and Prettty Routes. It is paid software but incredibly easy to use and a super fun way to map out your travels. Want it for yourself? Use the discount code: mapwiththewynns for 15% off.


  • Nancy Rautmann

    December 19, 2012 Reply

    The best beer in the world (Bell's) & best bluegrass band (Greensky Bluegrass) as well, in Kalamazoo, Mi .... Looks like you wont be far!

  • Churchie

    December 19, 2012 Reply

    Just saw your 2013 travel itinerary perhaps we might C U in the florida area in 2014 WE hope 2013 is good 2 U both :) C 10 - 7

  • Jeffery Strang

    December 19, 2012 Reply

    You have got to get to Cades Cove.... Your camera will thank you! God created the heavens and the earth then he went to Cades Cove!

    • Nikki Wynn

      December 19, 2012 Reply

      We have had sooo many people tell us that. I think it's a sign...

      • Cynthia Strang

        January 12, 2014 Reply

        We hope you make it to Cade's Cove this year. Asheville is not that far away. If you have a smaller vehicle with you go over the mountain to Cataloochee Valley right there is Maggie Valley, NC. Mtheyve elk are something to see, but don't think that Roy can make it on the rough roads over that mountain! Then come see us at Cade's Cove!

        • Nikki Wynn

          January 13, 2014 Reply

          Cynthia sounds like Cade's Cove is going to be a Smart Car adventure!

  • Churchie

    December 19, 2012 Reply

    to the Wynn's when will U B in SC. or Ga in 2013 ?
    or Have U done that and will not B back that way ?
    Churchie 10 - 7

    • Nikki Wynn

      December 19, 2012 Reply

      I don't know if we will make it in 2013 but we will probably do some sailing in that area in the spring of 2014. Feel like meeting us down by the water?

  • Sharon

    December 19, 2012 Reply

    Hey you two! Looking at your 2013 lineup, we see you have Santa Barbara then Santa Cruz on the list. Right in between is our tiny little berg, Cambria. You have GOT to stop here! We will take you to dinner at a really great place!

  • Churchie

    December 4, 2012 Reply

    Nikki, just saw your video on U tube. I am looking 4 ward 2 following U on your travels Sent U my e-mail should U like 2 converse :) Churchie 10- 7

  • Lewis Allen

    November 11, 2012 Reply

    We watched a special on travel channel and seen your profile so we thought we would check out your blog. What a beautiful and wonderful idea. I understand the sacrifices you guys made and all the hard work you did. That being said, I see that there are a handful of midwest states that you havent had any time in. I live in NE Iowa and I truly believe there are some really beautiful landscapes to see here, especially in the spring and fall months. Trust me when I tell you, while the snow in the winter and the sun in the simmer are great, they just aren't all that pleasant to RV in!

    If you ever have a spring of fall trip to Ne Iowa in mind my family and I would love to cookout for you some good old fashioned burgers and brats in one of the lovely campgrounds and natural parks here! We could always just send some nice suggestions to you otherwise :-)

    Take care, drive safe, and hope you travels inspire others the way they have us!

    • Jason Wynn

      November 24, 2012 Reply

      Thanks Lewis, the Midwest states are on our list for 2013. Sometimes opportunity arises and we have to switch our route, but do know its on the list! Hope to see you soon.

  • Tammie

    November 11, 2012 Reply

    *hired-- sorry for not cathing the typo

  • Tammie

    November 11, 2012 Reply

    Are you hiored to do this for a TV show or is this just what the two of you decided to do? How can such a young couple afford to travel for two or three years?

    • Nikki Wynn

      November 12, 2012 Reply

      Tammie, we were not hired for this. We knew we wanted to do something different so we worked hard and saved up and we sold everything! We also work from the road so we have income to help pay the bills and buy gas. Check out our FAQ page, it might give you a bit more insight.

  • Laurie

    November 8, 2012 Reply

    Dallas? Really? Blech. You'll have to put on pantyhose the minute you cross the county line!

    Not really, but as a native Texan, I highly recommend you consider Austin as your stop off - then, assuming you're headed West: Kerrville (get with me about RV parking on "the Ranch"), Marfa, Jerome, Sedona, etc.

    Want more info? Just give me a buzz.

    • Mary. Van

      January 27, 2013 Reply


      Not much here in Dallas besides concrete art and good food. Austin would be a much better place to visit!

  • ev

    November 2, 2012 Reply

    No New York State yet? Head for Lake George and the Lake George RV Park. Beautiful in the fall. Within driving distance of Gore Mt, lots of trails in the park along with shopping outlets, Great Escape Six Flags, and so much to do!! Off 87N, exit 20 and hang a left!!

    • Nikki Wynn

      November 3, 2012 Reply

      We have been and to those exact places! Here is the video and post: http://www.gonewiththewynns.com/camping-lake-george

  • [email protected]

    November 2, 2012 Reply

    And when you are in Cottonwood, AZ be sure to take a day trip to Jerrome, AZ. And also check out Tuzigoot Monument and Montezuma Castle. We live in Phoenix area and know that area well. Weather will be perfect during the day, cool at night. You might want to check out some of our travels at my website www.geographicwest.com. tnx, have fun

  • Janet

    November 2, 2012 Reply

    Why haven't you been to South Dakota? It's a beautiful state with lots of parks and monuments to see.

    • Nikki Wynn

      November 2, 2012 Reply

      Janet, we are making our way that direction...it seems everytime we get close, something comes up that we have to rush away to.

  • Bill Ault

    November 2, 2012 Reply

    When you are in the Lake Havasu area be sure to check out Desert Bar or also known as Nellie E Saloon, it is just outside Parker. This place is exactly the kind of place you like to explore. Don't try to take your motor home back there, drive the car.

    • Nikki Wynn

      November 2, 2012 Reply

      You are right Bill, it is the kind of place we like to explore! We went there last time and are planning on going back!

  • Lisa

    November 2, 2012 Reply

    When and where in Mesa Arizona do you have planned? Do you plan on taking a trip to Tortilla Flatts? You probably won't be able to take the RV there (the roads are a bit narrow), but it would be a real nice day trip in the car. The lakes are amazingly beautiful there (breathtaking)
    If you come in February you can also go to the Renaissance Festival :) ......(turkey leg here I come)
    I would love to know the dates and plans. Maybe we could hook up :-)
    Be safe,

    • Nikki Wynn

      November 2, 2012 Reply

      Hey Lisa, I am nailing down the dates and will post them soon. We would love to meet up!

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